Smoke Gets in Your Eyes … With Wet Feet !

Determined to have a warm welcome, the Hare had a few twigs going as the pack arrived. His chalk talk was brief (as opposed to the run …) and with a mere wave of hand we were directed out into the bush.
It was a very pleasant walk with masses of wildflowers starting to appear. At one point, in a photo opportunity, all the purple-clad Dockers supporters were lost in a sea of Hovea …. sadly it is not helping the team !
The Hare had planned a little wet diversion for us as we had to traverse a raging torrent (small trickle really …!) but no drama’s ensued. Runners horn was heard a few times and they eventually came in with the walkers.
Back in the circle, there had in fact been a bit of drama and one unlucky Hasher was fined for his slide. Another birthday was celebrated and a few more down-downs were dished out. As the GM and RA were present (but had no idea what’s been going on …! Ha Ha ) charges were mostly from the pack !
Weather is looking up so till next time …
Pink Bits   🙂
REMINDER: The AGPU will be on SATURDAY AUGUST 18th at 7PM   Venue – Please contact Committee or Pink Bits
Thanks to all who have already indicated their attendance  !

The ” YES, There Is A Drink Stop ” Run …..

On a very pleasant, slightly sunny afternoon, the pack gathered at the designated spot. It was quite a good turnout with a few returnees and long time no see’s
The joint Hares, Pink Bits & Dripper gave a quick chalk talk and set the pack off in the same direction, ….. with warnings of no hills, no water and A DRINK STOP !
The walk meandered through leafy tracks, was reasonably well marked and uneventful (always a good thing …!)
The run went off quite a long way but managed to keep the pack together. On the up-side, there was a quirky new firebreak that the Hares had discovered, so runners went into un-chartered territory. Eventually, converging on the drink stop (that they thought was a furphy) with the walkers well ensconced and having some refreshments. After a short social break, we hopped, skipped and jumped back to the start.
As the GM & RA were not present (OMG …!) we convened the circle with Deputy GM and a surprise RA in P. M.The usual charges were laid on the Hares, then the RA  opened the floor for charges from the pack. There were not many but there was a Birthday Down-Down for Up-Hill ! Woo Hoo !
We finished with some camaraderie and snacks and a curry to go to !
Pink Bits x
P.S. REMEMBER we need all trophies back as well as names for the AGPU on Aug 18th – See Pink Bits

The Run That Was 2 Weeks Ago & The Last One As Well ….. !

1.   Great run .. bit wet and some person without a parent had MOVED some of the trail so some confusion ensued. However, am assured the, when found, drink stop was FABULOUS and many, many drinks were consumed for absentees.
Of course there was the famous *lets keep together* group ! Leapfrog, GPS, et al who should all know better & not get lost together ..,. Still, as they were found, it was like the rescue of the guys in the Thai caves …. such cheers and backslapping ! (The movie comes out shortly !) A warm fire was FOUND as well to huddle the circle around … great find ! Not many charges and rain imminent so here endeth the circle !
2. Another great run and also a fabulous birthday event (Oh … not that fabulous really … ) Well, the weather was likely to be AWFUL … so the Hare’s Leapfrog & Passiona kept things to a minimum. Despite the inclement predictions, we had a relatively dry run and very well marked walk at least ! Once back, runners were not far behind (or was that in front ?) In the circle, charges were far and few as the RA was so tired from watching the losing Dockers. Oh … I actually meant SUPPORTING the losing Dockers !
There was a POT-LUCK dinner afterwards around the smokey fire & a slide show of the Karratha goings on !
(& a secret showing of Red Dog – True Blue ……. WOOOF !)
On – On
Pink Bits x
Please bring back your trophy’s from last year ASAP.
Also, see Pink Bits to register for this years AGPU … It will be the usual EXTRAVAGANZA !

NOT a Boutique Run … !

Well, it was really but am fed up of that statement …….

So, a small but sophisticated group of 4H banded together in wonderful weather (am a poet too …!)

We had some (as we now know …) vague and not complete instructions from the Hare – Downhill,- and set of at a cracking pace. We were warned that there was no water, but we could cross it without getting our socks wet … this was good news for Dripper …

Cherisse, our new walker, was a bit tardy in her appearance but managed to catch up. (Her limo driver was unavailable so she had to drive herself ….aaahhh !)

Despite all the worries or not, we all managed to converge back at the start eventually.

The Hare was duly charged for not being specific about his trail for walkers (WHERE HAD THE W’s GONE ?) and not much else happened …

or I forgot ! It was a very good run though and enjoyed by all …. Great to see a few returnee’s too !

We were a tad chilly as the sun set so the circle got smaller and smaller as we huddled around Skippy’s fire. He even managed to get his oldish sneakers a wee bit molten …. Watch out for new shoes !

Till next week

On On

Pink Bits x

The Post-Spinifex Run !


A small select boutique gaggle of Hashers congregated at the very tiny car park that young Skippy had chosen. We managed to cram ourselves in and, as the weather was kind, we waited in anticipation for run instructions. They were a bit vague with lots of hand waving and gesticulating ! However, runners and walkers set off in the same direction with lots of W’s veering off for walkers.

According to my inside information, the run was a bit lumpy, rocky and steep. The trail was well marked and the pack kept together. Also, Dripper did not come back with wet socks despite having to cross a few creeks ! The walk was really pleasant for all …

Once we had all returned safely, we convened the circle with the stand-in GM and stand-in RA …. we were surprised to see the RA, in full Monk attire, wearing the Lame-Duck hat ! Hmmm …. more to come …..

There was a virgin walker this week (with her limo driver) so welcome to Hills Hash …… Ha Ha Ha – was fun showing how to do a down-down !

Other charges were, of course, for the Hare and a few others who were not that significant, were you Skimpy ??? ! The Lame Duck wearer explained it was a gardening accident but, you know ….. well … !?

A significant mention needs to be made that THERE WAS NO SPINIFEX ON THIS RUN … OMG …. thank goodness ! Some of us have had enough of those needles ….


Pink Bits xxxxx

Priscilla Queen of the Desert …or … Frocks on Rocks !

This week, Hills Hash had a spectacular Hash-Away in the warm and sunny Nor’west ! We had a couple of visiting Hashers join us ! The theme was as above so, needless to say, there was a great deal of dress-up. We were fortunate to have semi-professional make-up artists (daughter and friend of hosts) who assisted in *glamming* us all up and did a fab job.
The Hares – Tickhead and Wacuda  – The terrain – up a dirty big hill the hard way through the famous Pilbara banded ironstone on rocky trails that were not for the faint-hearted. Lets say where there was a significant up, there was a significant down, as one of the visitor Hashers found out to her peril ! The climax and 1/2 way point, was to be on top of the rock to toast the sunset !!!  Lovely !
Runners had a tough time of it. The Hares made an unfortunate decision to run in DRAG through a North-west mining town that caused some consternation among the blokes ! They were back within the appointed time (unscathed !)  but, the walk was much longer than expected so we had a very quick photo shoot, sunset admire and then had to descend to the bottom (the quick way) before it got dark. (Some got a lift – Ha Ha !)
The circle was convened at the hosts home with great gusto and some robust charges were administered in the form of the marshmallow and Mr Bailey ! There was a bit of whingeing about inadequate flour marking trail, so the run must have been good. We continued celebrations late into the night.
There will be more stories and photographic evidence of the event for the rest of the Hills Hash shortly.
Huge thanks to Pick Up Chick, Tickhead and Family for their hospitality, friendship and fun time ! Also, for showing us the sights in the area. Was a really great experience.
On- On
Pink Bits xxx

Tunnel of Lurve ? … or …

Great turn out for the Hills Hash … weather was mild and sunny with a hint of summer !
There were 3 versions of the run this week – there were the runners, the walkers & the other walkers with 4 footed friends …! We are flexible …….
After the correct time apart – we all met up and had a gorgeous reunion !
So, there was a drink stop – tick
The runners liked the run – tick
The long walkers liked their walk – tick
The doggie-doo’s also liked their walk – tick
In all – this was a lovely run set by Sheep-Shunter
In the circle, the stand-in GM administered absolutely no control which had to be given to the stand-in RA who did a job lot of charges to move things along as NOSH was ready ! Lovely to meet *Son-of-Up-Hill* …..  ! Anyway, charges disposed off, we moved on to marvellous nosh by *Light My Fire* and as the sun set we thought …we are fortunate indeed to be here enjoying this afternoon !
Pink Bits xxx
P.S. Next week we are a in a Far, Far Galaxy, a LONG, LONG way away !

The Pirate Run (with Botanical Overtones)

Ahoy me Hearties ! Capt. P M  did a good job of making us walk the plank (numerous times !)
Hashers gathered at the appointed footy oval in the relatively flat lands of Maida Vale. I now understand the comments from P M that there were some “obstacles” to overcome on the run.
How right he was … Runners and walkers were directed on the same trail for much of the journey. The trail was very well marked and from the flats it went somewhat up and up with plenty of gravel. As all things that go up, so they must come down ! Down and down … so to the planks … at least 3 (Did the Hare carry them and plonk them down himself ?) It almost seemed like we were going round in circles, crossing and re-crossing a waterway … There were no bodies in the water so the assumption was that the runners had traversed with dry feet, we heard the horn a few times so maybe they were warning honks ! The runners had a bit more hills and bush to play in, and they seemed to surround us at times.
The fast walkers and runners had to wait for a few slower walkers who had some botanical adventures on the way back. It had been another long run !
In the circle (round the bonfire …) we had the Vice-GM welcome us back as well as introductions from 2 new runners. The “mystery” R A set to work and the Hare was charged for his great run (planks and all …) as well as other miscreants. We soon ran out of down-downs so had to wind up the night.
Pink Bits x
REMINDER – As the nights draw in, could Hares  be mindful of keeping the runs to 50-60 minutes (just in case we lose someone and have to search by torchlight !)

The Banyowla Big Bush Bash ….. or …. Marathon Run

What started off as a long way from home .. (Hills Hash do not stray far …) found a goodly pack of eager Hashers congregating at the gates of a lovely reserve. This totally surprised the Hares and therefore, caused some consternation as the ” not so substantial” drink stop supplies may be lacking !? …
We were given a few options for run and walks so each to their own, we set off into the rugged terrain (or not…)
After many gruelling hours, (or so it felt …) the slower, safer walkers arrived at the drink stop after about 45 minutes. MAGIC destination, gorgeous views and sunset about to happen but …. no other members of the pack ? There were a few random humans who were just taking photos of all aspects of the quarry so we sat about for a while, wondering if there was another quarry (with pool …) We searched and searched for any refreshments but to no avail, Just as we were about to give up, a few intrepid, parched runners arrived with Hare in tow (who unearthed the secret stash of refreshments …) and eventually, as most of the pack arrived, there was indeed enough to go around. The dogs entertained us with their version of synchronised swimming and we headed back to the start.
Let me just mention that this was indeed a MARATHON run as it was well and truly close to 1 & 3/4 hours …… before we got back.
After much needed munchies, we had a slightly accelerated circle as the clouds were ominous and the light had all but gone !
It was voted as a great run, well marked (with enough flour to feed a small country) so no one could get lost and quite a novel spot for most of the pack. In fact (hold on to your hats ….! ! ! )  the sage old Passiona was heard to say that it was the most difficult run he had EVER been on ! That’s saying something isn’t it ?
On-On, if we make it to the next run …,
Pink Bits x

Grey Sky Grooving …..

Well, you missed a great run ….. Believe it or not, it did not rain till the end ! (Thank you RA at the footy !)
The usual boutique group of stalwart Hashers gathered at the chosen venue and the valiant Hare had decided to not only mark 3 trails (brave)  but had a designated drink stop as well ! ! !
We set off in a few directions and the very well marked trails had us joining up at the DS. Well, a few walkers, being a bit deviant, decided to hide the refreshments in the bushes and wait with great mirth and amusement as the runners and fast walkers milled about, like ants, looking everywhere. Of course, we thought that SOPHIE the GIANT SAUSAGE DOG may give the game away by looking for the pack and barking ….. however, we were sprung by the Hashers sniffing out a good drink spot !
It was fun though …..
The On-Home was not far away so we sprinted off, some slowly, back to the snacks and nibbles on hand. In the circle, (with stand-in GM & RA) which started well, we were soon speeding through the proceedings as the heavens opened up (was that the gods crying over the Dockers game ?) and decided that there was no time for anything else. A few Hashers were very fearful of getting wet so sat in their cars …… WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE ! YOU WILL BE PUNISHED !
Pink Bits xxx