….And After The Wash-Up …!

Wet, wet, wet was the weather report but in lovely sunshine the Hare P. Merah said he set the long run as it was such a fine day. Runners and walkers set out onto a gorgeous trail through spring flowers springing up everywhere with what appeared to be clearing skies. WRONG…Not many looked back at the BLACKNESS looming ominously.

The intrepid runners could be heard in the distance with occasional horn blowing and shouting. Walkers and runners parted trails and wound their various ways to the start. There were some steep hills and true to form, P.M. set a long run for all. Just towards the end of run and walk, the heavens opened up and it got somewhat damp.

Early back at the start Baldrick (I walk fast)  decided to light the fire we had prepared  earlier which warmed the wet Hashers. We debated the prospect of eating at the bush venue or moving to more shelter so had a quick circle while the hailstones hammered us relentlessly ( joking… there were only a few !) There were lots of SCB’s etc then off we fled to the shelter of the Train Park. After a bit of a nervous wait (surely the Nosh will arrive here soon …lets have another port/drink ?) we were beautifully fed-up with Red Dwarf’s magnificent Chilli con Carne….in 3 very distinctly different levels of heat….Mild, Medium and….I Dare You ! Fabulous delicious and warming to the cockles of the heart…

Till the next adventure…



Pink Bits   ?

Net flat

Hare: Traiwreck
On On: Darlington oval

Darlington, renown for its vast open spaces and complete lack of undulation, provided us with a pleasant environment to walk, wander, occasionally run, and watch the death throes of a flattened duck. It was my first run back for 6 months, and Nameless also made an appearance after 2 or 3 years of not appearing. The run was without incident and reasonably inoffensive, for those not offended by knee destroying hills, will conquering loops, and numerous little spots of plain (or self raising!) flour.

So we ran around Darlington. Walkers walked around Darlington. Someone was temporarily lost, then found again (but aren’t we all???). Beers were drinked…

After 6 months I am glad and also horrified to see the circle behaviour hasn’t changed. Pink Bits meandered. Skippy displayed no semblance of control. The crowd was ugly and defiant.  All was at it should be in a perfect Hash world.

On On,
El Keeno


Skippy’s Avon Stuff-up !

So, in the words of our illustrious GM, there are 52 weeks in the year and the Avon descent is only on one of them and he chose Fishmarket Reserve, Guildford  ON THAT DAY  and it would be packed with cars and sightseers !

After hasty emails, texts and Facebook entries, everyone was notified of the change of place…..(not too far from original)  so it was still busy but nevertheless we assembled, got instructions and set of with a blackening sky


The run and walk were criss-crossing a fair bit and included some great bushland around Kings Meadow Polo fields. Sadly, the skies opened up and had walkers (wimps) dashing off for tree shelter. It didn’t last long though, so everyone eventually got back, somewhat damp, but relieved to find the splash was in place. There was a bit of a debate about the fact that a bazillion footy fans (it was a derby match !) would be getting off the train in Guildford and attacking Alfred’s Kitchen, where we too were going to partake of the delicacies. Some of us dashed off to order food but already, we had to wait a while.


Imagine our shock and surprise when we got back, the circle was over (What….without us ! ?)  and many Hashers had gone home…well…really !!! I gather there are fines and down-downs being kept over to next week ??? (Is that legal…will anyone remember ?….Does anyone care…?)

So with full belly’s and damp heads (and socks !) we left Guildford to its influx of footy fans…..Eagles won…. Whoopee Do !



Pink Bits     x

Dripper’s Really Good Run (Pink Bits…are you running out of catchy names for run reports? :P )

So, it was a great run from the car park of a PUB ! ! ! Forget the run  ( well not totally as it was very good… BUT…) ….the entertainment came afterwards as a bloke…? …  came to say things to us that may have made others pack up and RUN…RUN…AWAY… but not us so we stayed… We smiled and went for curry.. It was goodly as usual…

Till next week


Pink Bits ( You just had to be there)

The Short-cut Flour Run

After some traffic control directions from Little Weed, a jolly big group of Hashers gathered under the magnificent oak tree at Jacoby Park on a most perfect afternoon. The Hare gave some obscure details for the runners who set off and disappeared. The walkers were kept back to be given alternative instructions but this was all to no avail. Runners soon mingled with walkers, who knew where they were going  (for the moment) as the trail stopped or went round in circles ! This confusion really upset Franger who just wanted to get away from the walkers but the whole jumble was watched on by the Hare and his hench-woman with great big smiles on their faces. (Shame on you)   ?

As t turned out, the trail for everyone was very low on flour so walkers felt unsure where they were going and thought potentially they were on the runners trail. The runners were everywhere including, possibly, on the trail Skippy set some time ago ? ? ?

Despite everything, it was a lovely run and had a spectacular outlook along the way. As a bonus (and extra points…) there was a smashing drinks stop  ?

After a long time we got back, some of us a bit later but all safe and sound. Due to Hash On-Sec  AND Hash Hacker error there was some confusion around dates, venues  and BBQ opportunity….but this will be sorted… Won’t it ?

The down-downs went down very well but the dark started to come so the really keen stayed for the BBQ while others went for a curry or a movie !



Pink Bits     ?


The run of 17/7 was set from Leapfrog and Passiona’s Sawyers estate and (almost) marked the latter’s birthday. An unusually large mob of Hashers assembled, albeit not very punctually. There seemed to be a rolling state of chaos and disorder before the start. Just as the GM was finally asserting some authority, Catwalk arrived driving a red tractor. The rationale for this was not entirely clear but it had something to do with a ute full of cement. The briefing was further interrupted whilst everyone checked out the tractor.  Leapfrog took masses of photo’s.

Dosh and daughters turned up with a greyhound. Apparently this is not a refugee from NSW but is a long term pet.

Eventually the runners and walkers headed off in separate direction. The last (walking) arrivals turned up at 4.15. This was trumped by Double D who avoided all that exercise business by turning up when the run was over, just in time for food.

The walk was good. Apparently the run was also. Leapfrog dispensed sweets to junior Hashers who were able to correctly answer run related questions.

Passiona’s birthday was marked with various goodies and an astonishingly dirge like rendition of “Happy Birthday”

Unlabelled tins were mixed together for the mystery soup. The cooks/stirrers did check that no one had included a can of Pal. Happily, it all seemed kosher. Surprisingly, this turned out really well-much better than the “singing”.


As we congregated at the scheduled venue, it started to become apparent that we were rather short on Hashers ! Not too unusual as the night before had been the AGPU so maybe a few sore heads but …really…only so few ? The GM blew his horn but there was no answer. We then trotted off around the place and Lo ! and Behold !…there were two venues. We quickly amalgamated but we started off a bit late and with a bit of consternation as Hash Splash had not arrived….GULP!… With the prospect of a thirsty run, walkers and runners set off in opposite directions and really never saw each other until the end. The walk was a pleasant saunter through leafy streets and Effluent suburb ! The run went somewhere else and was L O N G Thanks to P.M. for setting a great challenge for runners. They came back from all sorts of directions !

Back at the circle, the Splash had arrived (some useless excuse about having another life …) so there was no shortage of down-downs and some yummy cake and snacks.

Hope everyone enjoyed the dinner the night before and managed to get enough T/A food for a few more nights ! ? !

Till next week


Pink Bits    xxx

P.S.    A naming occurred this week which was so very special……*SPOT ON* got her name as she was so …err…spot on…in finding trail for a long time now… Well done Miss and we hope you enjoy your new Hash name !

The Run That Was The Last One For This Year !

What a jolly turn out…! We were all crammed in the Helena Valley PS carpark in anticipation of a great run. The weather was fine, the Hare was with-it with instructions so what could go wrong ?  🙂 Obviously everything….but to begin with……we went off in opposite directions which pleased us walkers as we went downhill a fair way before walking up into the glorious up-hill bit that gave us views and broken ankles with all the rocks ! Hey wasn’t that bad…we had a lovely there and back walk without incidents. (if you don’t count Lady Gaga and Pick Up Chick jumping out of the bushes to scare us ! BLAH !)  Of course, the runners came back with a bit of a mutter about stuff I really can’t remember, but in-tact and enjoying a beverage or 10. THEN the poop hit the fan as out expectant Mum was missing…With visions of “giving birth in the bush naturally” GULP ! yours truly and Dad-to-be, took off in the car to search for her ! Two other Hashers sauntered down the lane in a casual way (DID YOU THINK TO TAKE TOWELS, HOT WATER AND FLUFFY BUNNY RUGS ? HUH ?)   but all ended well as there she was having done the whole run in a slow and steady way ! (PHEW !)

Back in the circle, we were entertained by the GM and Monk at their last HURRAH ! Down-downs were plenty and charges were all over the place.

Looking forward to the dinner on Saturday night and ON-ON next Sunday with a brand new (old) Committee ! Could be some surprises….. !


Pink Bits   xxx    ?    ?    ?    ?    ? (not specifically in that order)

Franger…..the Great….. Run !

Starting out from Glen Forrest Train Park,  the pack split into 2 and went in opposite directions. Franger (run) and Pink Bits (walk) went to lots of trouble to arrange this week’s run and it was a perfect day for it too !  Sadly, many regular runners were not there but the few, committed, conscientious and cunning runners were there to participate with gusto !

Walkers had a pleasant ramble through the bush, bridle trail and leafy streets but runners were …..well…..on a long road to oblivion. Pink Bits knowing that Franger would have set a…..err…lengthy run…… timed the walk to be of a reasonable length but apparently it was not long enough. The run was of about 10 km (sweat….sweat…!)  and involved crossing the busy highway and braving the ravages of the JF National Park (with creepy animals and wiggly thing……..No……wait…that was the runners !)

Needless to say, it was a long wait for the walkers before the runners returned, a bit hot and bothered but seemingly, very happy with a G R E A T run !

In the circle, the down-downs flowed for quite a while for so many reasons that are too many to mention. Franger had many as did Trainwreck and his entourage ! The circle eventually fell into complete chaos, with neither direction or control from the *stand-in GM* or the *Monk* and ably interrupted by Skimpy (what’s new ?)

ON-ON to next week’s run which may have more discipline ???


Pink Bits xxx


REMINDER      AGM (amazing thingy) 9th July at Chatters 6.30    BYO wine only     Buy beer there    $10 per adult   ?   ?   ?  ?

GPS Was Not Disappointed !

In true form it bucketed it down during the course of the run this week ! GPS has a run from his place, in the flats, once a year and in the last 3 we have had substantial rain….. this was no exception !

We were given some chalk (flour) talk and runners set off with a blackening sky. Walkers, only a few of us, marched with umbrellas and raincoats at the ready. The trail was well marked, so well marked that even walkers having a *pod picking stop* were able to keep on trail. Again, sadly, it was a bit of a “round the burbs” meander and nothing more challenging than crossing very busy roads. Just as the walkers were within sight of on-home, the heavens opened and with a quick sprint we were undercover. Not so for a few of the runners though ! Obviously it was the blinding rain that obscured vision and so stragglers came in somewhat drenched but with mutterings of trail going off here there and everywhere except here ! Still, we thought we were all back but …no…one Hasher was prominent by missing. Being a good Hasher GPS said he was going to look for him after a few beverages !!! (and by then the rain might have stopped) Actually one community minded Hasher did go off in a car to look for him….found him…but…wouldn’t let him in the car ‘cos he was TOO WET !  HA HA HA

Eventually back at the venue, we had lots of clothes swapping, which was funny as it just goes to show that our names on jumpers is how we know who we are talking to ! ? ! There were bra’s flying and t-shirts being wrung out so really just a normal Hash run ! The circle was difficult for both the GM and Monk to keep control of the mob but the stand-out moment came when GPS (Monk) named Malany   ***  THUMPER *** So welcome to Hills Hash Thumper!

GPS cooked a lovely beef rendang which was tasty and spicy ! Thanks mate ! We all had a great night !

Till next week


Pink Bits  xxx  ?