Please Don’t let The Rain Come Down On Me ……

This was the catch-cry of our poor Hare Scooby Doo this week ! Alas, to no avail as the heavens opened up just as he was finishing setting the run. What to do ? Our intrepid Hare just turned around and started again … Talk about dedication.
Meanwhile at the start, replete with pre-run port, a committed (they should be …) bunch of Hashers waited for the Hare to show. However, just cos he wasn’t there did not mean he had not left strict instructions with Dripper ! Everyone was to go to the *falls* – no mention of which ones !
Getting underway before the next downpour was important so, we scattered in various directions … and there the trouble started.
The runners were back after 35 minutes (having missed a couple of k’s) and enjoyed refreshments whilst scratching their heads about the walkers. We had some messages (via jungle tom-toms) that the walkers were at a set of falls FAR, FAR AWAY ! Amusing when they came back after about 8 km’s !
Still, in the circle, the Hare got a down-down for sure … The RA was back, wielding lots of power (& gossip) and presented (half-heartedly) a roughly 100 run mug to Franger ! No-one cared …..
There were lots of *long time no see’s* – special mention goes to Yodeller who has been missing from Hills Hash for 20 or more years (don’t let that put you off joining us …. he was NOT lost on a run !)
Then, as the sky got decidedly blacker and a few drops fell from the heavens, we hurried up with the proceedings and ended the night with a smashing rendition of “I’m still standing” – (No No No … sorry that was from the Elton John movie – my ear worm !) I meant our great club song …..
Pink Bits xxx

Wandering In Wooloroo With Paper Feet !

Was it good ? …or .. was it good ! … It was ! A very good *virgin* run by Hare Choir Girl. So, there were not too many hills here, mostly paddocks and vista’s … Therefore, the runners just ran and ran …. trying to follow some teensy-weensy little paper feet attached to trees ! (we may have to use them on a future run ?) At least that was the intention as the weather forecast was wet and windy ! Well done Hare ….INNOVATION …
The walk was just as entertaining and we got to see a bit of another world ! Err … I mean part of the hills …
We eventually converged back at the start and had some snacks and refreshments .. Then on to the circle… We had a new runner … Love Tube (?) who hails from Pommie shores .. She has been in the Hills for ages but only just showed herself … Tsk …Tsk … The RA was ashamed of her recent performance so was missing … Stand-in this week SURPRISE was Sheep Shunter who instantly went into action dishing out charges to all and sundry …even Franga … and his mate GPS ! Talking of feet, there were a few new shoes this week but significantly Passiona had the honour of drinking from his …We then sang the song (Wolooroo will never be the same !!!) and trooped over to the kitchen for a myriad of soup, bread and general camaraderie. Then the magnificent bonfire was lit and we were delighted to watch the clever GM, find a very long stick, bung 10 or so marshmallows on it and toast them. Lots of fun …
Pink Bits x

P.S. Disregard any nice things said about the Hare -Choir Girl – ….she is a nasty piece of stuff who tried to trick Pink Bits.

We Beat The Rain !!!

In view of the inclement weather, we had a good turn-out at the first mentioned venue. The Hares, Made Muffin/GPS were confident we would avoid the rain so we gathered with only trees for shelter.
After some strange instructions about trail markings from GPS, Maid Muffin told the walkers that we would be on *W’s* but runners and walkers would converge and separate on the run.
It was a bit of road and bush, with some obstacles here and there, just to keep it interesting ! Many of us were amazed by the lovely bushy paths around the suburb. Most of the way, we only encountered a few light showers and eventually got to the drink stop under a convenient veranda. This was no ordinary drink stop …. oh no ! Liqueur port was handed out in celebration of Maid Muffin’s birthday. Woo Hoo !
Back in the circle, we had the usual charges for the Hares but also, as the RA had returned from her secret RA’s business in climes far and away, she was duly charged for bringing the rain ….. She then proceeded to dig deep and find charges for all and sundry ….
After another fine rendition of the club song, we had snacks and birthday cake …. thanks Maid Muffin ! The rain had held off and as it was time to depart, the sky looked ominously dark … Winter is coming …….
Pink Bits xxx

Rocky Road …. But Not A Good One ! ! !

We all love a tasty Rocky Road prepared by Leapfrog BUT THIS WAS NOT THAT SORT OF CHOCCY …
It was a very challenging run that even Franga rated as GOOD ! (Of course)
The Fit-Bit …. (known as Skippy) had the Hashers in his grasp as he set the run from a notoriously FLAT area in Darlington – nothing Darling about it folks !…
As soon as we had our instructions to set off, we were in for a torrid time ! Runners (all 5 of them – it was a long weekend) flew off .. silly them …
Walkers were told to wait a bit and then given “gentle” instructions about the trail … with a drink stop … so not all was lost ! Or was it ?
Oh Dear … ! One of those runs/walks with many, many ups/downs and with the added novelty of moving rocks to tread on … Lovely touch …
So, the pack were carefully making their way (some – not) to the drink stop …. It was worth it … a bit of an Everest climb (note – last week was only Annapurna !) but the bubbles, for some, made it all worth while ….. (Moan/Groan … Huff/Puff)
Eventually the pack made it back to base camp … not without a few scratches, bruises, lost arms and legs, (just flesh wounds) and glazed eyes !
Unfortunately only Wombat got the Lame Duck Award … should have been many others ! 2 Hashers got special FOOT Awards (Cant remember …was delirious !) and we did not scare any (many) children or passers-by. Gosh …it was a good run and hope to have more like that …. (I LIE)
Well done Skippy …. !
Pink Bits xxx

The “Not Suitable For Wheelchairs” Run …..

That’s what the Hare, (Sheep Shunter) said as we congregated at the start … !
Well, if that wasn’t a thrown gauntlet ….. ? We checked if the Zimmer-frame run would be arranged soon but that was scorned by the Hare who said it was just a feud between him and PM (or words to that effect)
Looking around there were no prams, walking frames or wheelchairs to be seen – and just as well … the run/walk was of mammoth proportions, (specially designed for Franga – who did not show …) possibly a half marathon, or something similar … Lets say the runners said it was L O N G !!
Again, we Hashers are very good at finding ALL the possible hills, slopes and elevations in any area … even on flat land ! So on and up we went, trailing past the river, (very pretty) and up sets of stairs, followed by Annapurna type embankments.
However, we did get a great drink stop and surveyed the land from the heights. On the way back, there was a special performance by the ” Hash Girls Elephant Walk” navigating the steep descent.
In the circle, the run/walk were rated well, (not sure if Sheep Shunter won the feud) and a few charges were dished out to un-wary Hashers.
Pink Bits x

Hash Down On The Flats ???

Well, yes, once in a while we do venture far and wide … We have to get an RAC weather report and take a packed lunch !
Still, this was a beautiful day and we gathered at the lovely McDougal Park. Scooby Doo was the Hare and he gave a few scant directions stating that runners and walkers were on the same trail for a while, then walkers would find a short cut to get to a (possible) joint drink stop !
So, although well marked, there were a few glitches on the trail … W’s becoming M’s – runners being miss-led on the long FT’s – distance running !
Seeing as it had been the “Run for a Reason” day, (with many of our athletic Hashers partaking in the marathon 🙂 we still had a good turn out
Back at the circle, there were just a few sparse charges and … SIGNIFICANTLY … a NAMING !
The person previously known as ‘Hubert” is now …. On Hold … Congratulations ! – Life’s like that  ??? !
Afterwards, we descended on a super little Indian restaurant that we have missed in the Hills area very much ….. Great curries and good company !
Curry On – On
Pink Bits  🙂

What A Day For A Daydream ?!

It was a good group of keen Hashers that came out on a sunny Sunday to enjoy the camaraderie and company of courageous folk !
The Hare, Downhill, gave some minimal instructions and the plethora of runners (just 3 I believe) took off at the rate of knots as the walkers, some super fast, some average & some slower, meandered off into the beautiful bushland.
It was a beaut run, with leafy glades and bushy bush. Not too many hills but, obviously, some of the trail was gently going up – and up – and – up, which was acceptable ! (Just) You truly could enjoy the bush !
Now at the drink stop, there was a bit of interest, as is usual, but it seemed that the runners had been and gone before the slower walkers arrived ! Still, we all enjoyed some refreshment before going the short – ish way back !
In the circle, we welcomed another *virgin* (they come out of the woodwork !) and an errant mother, who came very late and tried to sneak them both into the circle – as if ! – What are you teaching your offspring ?
There were presentations for numerous runs (*Get a life* song was sung, of course !) but not many charges – HOWEVER, of super significant note was our *** Cyborg Man*** None other than P M complete with leg iron ! Please get that knee well soon as we need our On Sec back !
The Hare had done a great job so the run was rated very well ! We all went home happy !
On – On
Pink Bits xxx

Not More Bloody Hills !

Well it seemed that the pack got a bit fed up of hills ! We gathered in the fertile valley of Helena Valley, in the new oval car park …
The Hares pointed walkers and runners is opposite directions with a cryptic message of drink stops/toilets/and secret locations !
The walk was quite civilized but …. yes ! … obviously …. the Hare deviously managed to include each and every hill in the area.
Runners were way over the hills and dales, as their run disappeared miles away but somehow, miraculously, the whole pack arrived together at the drink stop only to be confronted by one of the steepest driveways in the suburb.
Still, the view was worth the effort and the Pina Colada’s and other delicacies went down very well ! ! !
Back in the notorious car park, the circle agreed that this had been a great run and the Monk had very little to charge anyone. He opened up the charges to the pack but they were too tired after the run so that fizzled out too !
On – On (smiling a lot !)
Pink Bits xxx

Vying For Run Of The Year Eh ? ….. or No Chocolate Was Harmed On This Run

Well, well, well, – Was this a blatant attempt to get run of the year or what ?
The Hare chose a venue that was suitable for most (not all of course …) but somehow it didn’t matter … Up or down – it was all the same as the runners and walkers just loved it !
Not a tough run …. but not easy … not a difficult walk but not a walkover … Oh ! it just gets better and better !
Well, it did get better as the drink stop (at the end) was the icing on the cake ….. or is that the egg ? Come on …. so much effort went into creating gorgeous delicacies that cannot be described – YOU HAD TO BE THERE !
Well done Hare …
The charges seem quite trivial after all that but were dished out anyway …..
On – On
Pink Bits xxx

Short On Trail ……

A good pack gathered at the venue, somewhat swamped by the trail bike riders also gathered at the same spot ! This was the Easter weekend so to be expected !
The Hare set the pack off and soon had runners scratching heads due to minimal trail (scarcity of flour at the shops or Easter baking requirements ?)
Walkers enjoyed a shady bush saunter …
All returned safely ….
Charges in circle were minimal and the RA is off yet again to discuss matters with druids around the world … A stand-in has been chosen …
The BIG event was the birthday of the GM …. always a cake event and this was a stunning Rocky Road creation ! (Thanks Mum !)
GM got his new car covered in tape words (as opposed to tape worms …) embarrassing – (thanks Mum ???)
On – On
Pink Bits x