All That Is Lost Is Found Again Part 2

Oh dear…..we seem to be having a spate of *losing or mislaying* Hashers.

Gathering on a splendid Sunday afternoon, we were given vague and generic instructions by the Hares and set off. Moments later, runners and walkers criss-crossed and generally milled about until some trail was found and horn blowing commenced !

Walkers had a relatively pleasant and easy time of it until we nearly missed a poorly marked turn. Unfortunately, one Hasher was up ahead and did miss the turn……and so the saga unfurled.

Back on trail the runners enjoyed their torture and walkers were sauntering back as again we criss-crossed and joined up just in time to find On Home. As a fitting finale, we were directed through a lovely Community Garden to refreshing beverages and comparison of bloody wounds…..

All in all it was a great run but suddenly, yes….. someone (not GPS !) was missing…search parties were contemplated (just for a minute !) but eventually it became clear that a concerted effort had to be mounted and full scale search was co-ordinated….to no avail actually as while the searchers were off looking, the *lost* Hasher with little persons attached returned a bit puffed but valiantly had followed the runners trail. Well done all….A BBQ followed (or curry which was yum !)




P B xxx

All That Is Lost Is Found Again…….

By all accounts it was a L-O-N-G run. Just for once, GPS did not get lost this time…….Instead it was apparently Taz. However, for good measure he was given his Hash name …. He will now be known as *  NAVIGATOR  * and his son was named  * COMPASS  *  I’m sure we will have some amusing variations on these names in the future……

Also worth noting *** IT WAS SKIPPY’S 800 run ! ! ! ***  Well done  (but are you sure you counted correctly Oh dyslexic one …Eh ?)



PB xxx

The Long and Winding Road (Daa Daa Daa Daa !)

It was a very pleasant Sunday on which we congregated in the wilds of Mundaring Weir…. a good number of Hashers turned up on a beautiful day for Hashing !   Anticipation was high as the Hares were clear with instructions and we were directed to enjoy but beware of the bike track as we could be mowed down ! (Hashing is dangerous!)

Runners ran off somewhere and we heard sounds of anguish but walkers were fine to walk in a roundabout and round and round and round and….am dizzy !  fashion looking at weird signs and information for the mountain bikers track…lovely ! They were actually very clever signs that the remarkable Leapfrog had found (whilst setting the walk alone and without the help of Passiona  ” oh, you’ll be alright or come out  at South Ledge or something…. DoH !” )

Needless to say we all came back and had the circle with interesting down-downs of what looked like Cepacol or Harpic (Hashing is dangerous !)

Redlight arrived with Nosh so all was forgotten and another sun set on the Hills Hashing Fraternity…..

Doesn’t get much better than this…….



Pink Bits   xxx

The Trainwreck Good Event !

WOW … !  What a run this was … so exciting and fabulous…….with adventure at every turn….

NO ! wait… maybe I got that wrong….. Nah…just joking !

It was good…very good and everyone came back (eventually) but the Hare had set a challenging run.

He was adamant that runners and walkers would return pretty much at the same time and we did ! The trails were quite separate, winding through pretty bushland and crossing creeks.

At the circle it was clear that there had been some interesting false trails and checks for runners but despite that the Hare was commended for a goodly run…..and fined for it too !

We had a great BBQ afterwards……




P B xxx

Hunny Bunny’s Very First RUN ….. (not walk)… RUN !

It was a very auspicious occasion as Hunny Bunny, accompanied by Mum Dosh, ran this week for the first time and was back pretty much with everyone else. Well done Miss…….!  🙂


The location was a bit secret but we managed to find it ! Only a few Hashers convened to hear the Hare give some vague instructions and point in the direction of the bush… Being very brave we headed off.  Walkers were told there were a few W’s  to mark our trail. Little did we know they were far and few between and not that clearly marked. However, on the positive side we were spurred on by the prospect of a drinks stop..(and we found it !) as did the runners who were heard blowing their horn now and then while scratching through some rather nasty bush !


Back at the circle, the Lame Duck award was bestowed on Dripper, who seriously deserved it for 2 weeks worth of blood flow ! There were a couple of “long time no see’s ” so down-downs a plenty.

GPS didn’t get lost this week !


ON – ON till next week


P B   x  🙂

Victor Rd Victorious Notorious

In point form:

  • hills (mostly up)
  • not enough checks to appease my lack of fitness
  • rusty barbed wire
  • premium snake country
  • hidden holes in undergrowth
  • eye-height pointed branches
  • numerous water crossings
  • blackberry
  • I didn’t find even a single free beer
  • even my 6 year old returned wounded

So, par for the course for Hash.

Once again I split before the circle, so perhaps Pink Bits can add something about the walk and other shenanigans…
On On
El Keeno


And now over to PB:

The walkers trail, au contraire dear El K, was just that…..a very pleasant stroll on a branch, water, spiky bush and nasty stuff FREE trail. It was a wee bit hilly in parts so was slightly challenging in sections but over all very pleasant. We were offered a choice of going as far as we wished, there and back, but recommended to continue to the end point as it was by far the best view….so most walkers did there own thing and had a lovely time. Babies returned early…walkers were next and then…..much later the runners came back as scarred warriors from the battlefields……  There was enough blood to stock Dracula for a while, especially as it was on the eve of Halloween ! ! !

Just as we thought we were all safely back,…….GPS  was noted to be missing. After the usual drinks and chat, more chat and drinks and then a bit of a discussion, no-one in particular was keen to look for him, but we eventually persuaded young Skippy to run on his young legs to look for him. It was just a short wait before they both came back running. GPS yet again lives up to his name.

After usual charges and complaints including one for El Keeno for lousy directions and welcoming new Hashers, the circle wound up and we left the local residents to THEIR road ! ! !

(Hey did the Monk fine himself for getting lost….?)



Pink Bits x


***  NOTE  5PM runs from now on  ***

Sludge and Hill

We started from the scenic park in Jane Brook, circling around and running alongside the creek. After not crossing a small bridge I confidently announced there was no other crossing for 3km or so…only to come upon the next bridge in about 20 metres or so, thus proving I am still an ace when it comes to the lay of the land. Hearing the runners ahead crossing that bridge, I cleverly decided shortcutting across a very flimsy fallen tree would be a good idea–I barely made it, and trod through ankle deep sludge, pushed through billions (not exaggerating by any means) of spider webs (spending the remainder of the run plucking entombed fly carcasses from my shirt), and finally made it back on trail.

Then we run about a bit more, went up some huge evil hill, returned back down the same huge evil hill, and got back home. I had to race back to my restaurant, so I missed all the circle fun. 🙁

On On,
El Keeno

Boating & Burning Bonanza !

Smashing day for Hashing  yet only a select boutique group turned up ! Never mind, we had the usual milling about (some on a lake I believe ?) then the GM called the circle. The Co-Hare, baby Max (setting his first run !!! Yay !) and  Skimpy ( Ye Gods !) gave a few vague instructions with much elbow pointing into the bush. ON-On was somewhere over there so off went the pack together…

The run was marked in Skimpy’s special way so as usual there was confusion but walkers having had a nod and a wink from Mummy Free Beer knew who to keep up with… Along the way there were a few points at which runners and walkers conjoined, interleaved and had near misses ! ! ! Then a car appeared and proceeded to throw a number of small people out as it continued on the road. ( Well, not literally, …) We happily got the kids to join us but P B was worried that there is a bit of a Hash habit of this occurring……… isn’t there Pick Up Chick…?

All Hashers enjoyed the wonderful weather and returned to the venue with more boating (so I am told..)

The circle was enjoyable with the Co-Hare doing double duty Down-downs and complaints were not too bad.  We had a visitor from Freo Hash who we hope wasn’t too traumatized ? ! A Birthday was acknowledged and everyone was keen to get on with the bonfire and the Nosh – so we tucked into a lovely chilli and lots and lots of cake ! Thanks to the Red family..The night was lovely and a super special moon came up (in the sky that is….. 🙂


Till next week…



The GPS and Rambling Show !

Well, a very select, small and boutique group of Hashers assembled in Kalamunda on a cold and windy day.

Raring to go, GM and Franger were positively champing at the bit (or were they just scantily dressed ?) and wanting to warm up ?So after words of wisdom from GPS (oh dear…) off we went, running and walking in sort of the same direction ! Some confusion ensued when Rambling, the co-hare, seemed unsure if it was where the walkers had to veer right, left, up or down but as walkers could hear the music at the pub at all times, we would never had been lost….

Everyone re-assembled, with no escapees or lost souls, and a quick cold circle was called by GM. We had some ordinary down-downs for nothing REALLY bad, and so ended another wonderful run…Brave souls stayed on for a quick BBQ and then went somewhere much warmer…..Brrrrr…..


On-On till next week…It will be warmer too !


P B xxx

Chidlow Oktoberfest Ramble

Sadly no -one dressed in “Lederhosen” or other flouncy blouses etc. but Leapfrog still had us enjoy the moment…..

Magic setting and a really great run and walk and good weather…thanks yet again GPS……No-one was lost  and we had some lovely German delicacies (apart from the non-alcoholic German beer……..really El Keeno it was good you didn’t have to partake of this… as a down-down it was truly awful…..)

We had our usual warming fire at the circle and some of us went for  jolly good curry after….



P B x