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Dodging Traffic & Star Gazing …….

Sunny autumn days has Hashers venturing out to remote and distant lands. This promised to be a short run/walk and virtually flat ! Guess what, …?   It was ….. The joint Hares had devised a great traverse across roads (bad) and low bush land (good) that had us following random trail across vast vistas (lucky to find the trail sometimes …) Runners and walkers were on the same track for quite a while (saved on flour …) and then walkers veered off (I believe …) to later come across the walkers at the On Home. Of course, there was another dash across 6 lanes of fast moving traffic (no collisions !) and back to the start.
Circle called, we welcomed back the long-time-no-sees with a down-downs and a few charges were administered to the Hares plus sundry others !
As it was Hash Nosh, Red Dwarf arrived with another winter warmer of chilli to die for … some nearly did due to adding hotter pixoflexles to their repast !
As the sun set and the slight darkness moved in, we found an excellent viewing spot for viewing stars and consternation’s …. Ah …! … the wonders of the sky !
Pink Bits xxx

Back To Skool ….!

So it came to pass that the Hills HHH met up at school on Mothers Day. There were no pinny’s to be seen, nor scones and cups of tea but there was a bunch of raring-to-go Hashers. The weather was very mild and pleasant (again … yawn … where is the rain ?) & we were regaled by El Keeno’s wit and wisdom about the run. Runners and walkers had separately and well marked trail that crossed every now and then. The biggest challenge was a steep gully with a fallen tree (“it just fell” said the Hare … ?) and an equally steep ascent. Walkers went through it carefully but the (younger) runners took it in their stride -as in a hop skip(py) & jump !
We all returned safely (always good…) and found a substantial snack station at which we re-fuelled!  Once the circle was called, the Hare had a few down-downs as did the show-off (I can leap buildings …) and a few other trivial charges…..The run was voted good by everyone so that made for a happy El K.
As the sun started to set, we wandered off home or to curry favour elsewhere.
Pink Bits x

…. And The Run Goes On & On & On…..

The rain kept off and we had a good turnout for the run. We slithered into Skimpy and Free Beer’s property hoping not to get bogged or slip into the dam.
The Hare gave vague instructions (what would you expect  >>>?) and sent us on our way through the ups and downs of this flat area !
From what I could see as well as later hear, there was total confusion among the runners and we all looked liked ants milling about all over the place. Walkers were led astray by the Hare’s offsider (not actually a Hasher ….who assisted in setting a run ….I mean …..I ask you … !!!) and we all kind of … just went round in circles. However, HOORAH ! … we actually found the promised drink stop with a safety port and quizzical looks !
Back in the circle, the true massive length of the run was hot gossip ….  Yes fellow Hashers …. we probably went about 3.5 km in all …just over and over and over ! (sort of …)
So, the GM welcomed yet another ‘VIRGIN’ into the fold. (Good to see so many coming out …!) and there were charges for the Hare (you think … ?) as well as others. Can’t think of the others …. sorry…  but the Hare was charged numerous times. A significant moment was a naming –  of young “Snake Charmer” who will truly appreciate his name as he gets older !
We then had some cake to celebrate Down-Hills b’day (in January …. we keep up to date !) and Free Beer said there were lots of tarts in the back of the van ! All male Hashers rushed over ….. (sweet tooth ….what were you thinking ?)
The BBQ had been on for ages so a select few cooked some stuff and settled down to re-hash (oh I’m good !) the days event ! We kept the home fire burning too !!! It was hot …..
On – On
Pink Bits xxx

The Long & The Short & The Bandicoot !

Hills Hash gathered on the flats of South Guildford on a particularly hot 30+ degree day. There were promises of ‘no hills, water, flour and watch out for low flying aircraft’ and, due to circumstances beyond their control, the Hares were not having a drink stop midway !
Runners and walkers were sent in the same direction, runners quickly losing their way (although clearly marked …) at the start. It was evident from the beginning that this was not a street run as we emerged into some lovely bushland/parkland along the Helena river.
 Walkers had one ‘mini’ hill and a moment to ponder what exactly Ewing VDM meant on a sign. (Very Disorganised Man …. Leapfrog thought ! …) the walk was quite short (thankfully as it was hot)
Runners had to contend with some streets and railway crossings … but made it back alright, even though it was a good 7.5 km run.
Once we were all back, the Hares surprised everyone with some rather nice creamy drinks as ‘drink stop’ along with chips and lollies. The younger Hashers were amused for some time by the appearance of a bandicoot (the Hares had arranged Horace the Bandicoot to perform some cute and cuddly moves ….)
In the circle, run by Vice GM and stand-in RA,(groan)  we had 2 …YES 2 VIRGINS who were initiated to Hash goings on and may even come again !
Otherwise, the Hares were charged and there were a few ridiculous other charges from the floor. We had fun and as the sun set on our Common, we ventured into the darkness and a pub dinner.(As the Dockers lost there was misery among some patrons and mirth and silliness from the Eagles lot)
On – On
Pink Bits   x

The Two ridges of Piesse Brook with a wet dream ending

After a weekend of rain and the possibility of a weather window brought out the Hash crowd raring to have a go at a virgin Hare’s run; Self Naming Bastard (with a little help from his friend) did not disappoint. It was On Out and On Up and Up and Up but only gently at first. Eventually we got high  enough on the ridge for the wind to add a wind chill factor for the FRB’s  who definitely found a few checks. Down, Down, Down into the valley to a nice drink stop at the bridge over Piesse Brook. For those who were foolish enough not to take the short cut home, on the road, it was On Up and Up and then steep Up to a view of Piesse brook from the opposite ridge. Finally back at the start for a well earned beer. The RA mysteriously disappeared, obviously to a private raindance which sent a downpour to cool off the hashers. The rain stopped in time for the circle which was notable for a few On Downs to reward Scarlet Runabee for 300 runs, someone had new shoes and of course the hare for getting lost at his own check. On On till next week…..P. Merah

Total Disappointment But Not That Bad !

Well, the Hills Hash House Harriers were really disappointed as there was no rain (as is usual …) on the Canning Vale run !
However, we had a lovely turn out which included a few Freo friends and other hangers-on ! We were really happy with the weather as it was glorious !
We were not so happy with the run instructions though … there were various chalk-talk descriptions that were vague or  … really vague but nevertheless, we were instructed to watch out for    ->   or    W    or other stuff and sent on our way ! Remember, this is Canning Vale and not many Hills folk had EVER seen the terrain without rain ! It is also FLAT, so flat that we were in awe of the ease of the run. !
Runners were gone for a long time … walkers not so bad … still it was good !
Back in the circle, with no losses, we had to have a stand-in RA, (again !) & young Skippy managed to don the brown garb and perform his duty ! (horn n’all)  No many real down-downs but a single VIRGIN (Immobilise Her … from Freo) and a few visitors and LONG-TIME NO-SEES ! Oh ! and a Burpday Cellerbration for Lady GaGa !  X
After the formalities, we had a smashing meal of chilli stuff that was delish ! Thanks …. Yummy … Yummy !
Pink Bits x x x

PM’s Poll Much Better Than PM’s Poll !

My goodness, after 30 bad results, (PM of OZ, I mean) he was totally out done by our very own PM. The general consensus was that albeit a long run of over 7 km’s the run was excellent. As was the walk, with a few ups and downs but nothing too drastic … as is usual … !
Gosh, such good comments had me wishing I had gone for the normal walk instead of the Leapfrog doggie trail (due to Nat. Park)
Still, as the first 4 pm start for the year, amazingly no-one forgot, we had a good turnout and no losses. We are on a roll !
The circle was short and sweet with a birthday celebration (Spitfire … 🙂 but no cake … 🙁
Otherwise …
Pink Bits x

Skippy’s Skippyfull Skillfull Skirmish !

In view of it being Easter Sunday, most Hashers donned their bunny ears to celebrate the day. Those who didn’t, had many options from Leapfrogs bargain bag ! (Best bring your own …)  We had the obligatory *photo-shoot* and once satisfying Leapfrog we got our run instructions.
Young Skippy informed us that he had set a great shortish trail (minus drink stop, which was to be held back at the circle …)
We all headed off in the same direction, runners jumped off like the wind, walkers hopped a little more sedately …
We crossed over into some most pleasant bushland that was just great to walk in … It was fairly flat and the day had been gorgeous. No real dramas to report on trail, just great !
Back in the circle we complemented ourselves on not having lost anyone, no bloodletting and managing to see some roos as a bonus.
The RA was quick with her sharp tongue to inflict lashings to the talkers (of which there were many …) but, due to the tasty down-downs provided by Mr Bailey we were not surprised ! It was a real treat ….
After the circle, we had a BBQ and socialised as the sun went down.
REMEMBER *** 4PM *** starts from now on …
Next week NO DOGS as we will be in National Park.
Pink Bits x x x

Keen El Keeno’s Kaper !

Magnificent drizzly weather was the setting for the Hare’s run this week. We had a decent turnout and the instructions were clear as mud (for some !) Runners and walkers set off in the same direction but never seen …. together … only a horny sound now and then !
The walk started off well with good trail marked in flour W’s. Of course, as it was in GreenMOUNT … we expected a hill or two and were not disappointed. It was up n’down all the way but relatively gentle terrain. It was a longish walk and after the designated 1 hour the stragglers returned. Runners were back already scoffing the snacks on offer (greedy guts …) so circle was called and the visitor (Chicken man …. ?) was welcomed. Down-downs were far and few as the RA was not aware of any serious miscreants (other than phones in the circle !) but it seems that Dripper will have his name emblazoned on the Lame Duck hat as he scores it regularly. As the drizzle continued we packed up the pack, on instruction from the Hare, quick smart and some of us (crazy …. ) went to the outdoor cinema to sit through the drizzle and watch a movie ….
(Hm …. has me thinking it was a clever ploy by the RA to inflict unusual pain on some unsuspecting Hashers. ?)
On – On

Pink Bits x x x

Turtles, Art & Train-Lines …..

It was a bit of an unusual venue this week as it was in Midland which is a townie type place without bush, hills or water BUT it was a surprisingly interesting run. The Hares, Pink Bits & Dripper had checked this area out and deemed it good ! We gathered in a car park and wandered over to a hidden park that had railway history and heritage. Absolutely amazingly well constructed seating resembling cabooses/train carriages with train tracks left as indication of the industrial activity in the area in the early 1900’s up to as late as the 1980’s.
Walkers and runners set off in opposite directions but soon criss-crossed on trail. The trail took in the Coal Dam park with a boardwalk circling the dam. Here we had a surprise spying a big mob of long neck turtles in the dam (great to see) as well as a fly past of aeronautic expertise by a mob of ducks (specially commissioned by Pink Bits !) Further on our trail we inspected the huge new development of impressive housing in the area. Absolutely a million miles removed from Midland so it seemed !
There was a lot of signs explaining the different areas in the Railway Workshops so good info for history buffs !
Once we got back and moved cars … (you had to be there …) as the GM was off having a trip visiting his off-shore accountant & Vice was starting his new career as kitchen fitter, yours truly tried to step in but to no avail ….lost all control quite quickly. Thank goodness that RA was in control. She fined those not wearing GREEN in the spirit of St Patrick’s Day …… Although the run/walk were deemed very good (run REALLY REALLY long) the Hares were also charged and … BLISS … to be sure …twas that dark liquid we love …
A few charges later, the circle endeth as the NOSH arrived (eventually after a few bog laps )…. Beef & Guinness stew with mash … yummy ! Thanks go to Red Dwarf as per usual …. !
After most Hashers left, we were enchanted by the blue light show running under the rail tracks … magical !
On – On
Pink Bits