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Run Report: Tanks for the memories

The Hash gathered at Tank Hill Road for the Father’s Day run. The challenge to dress like a Father was risen to by 3 brave hashers. Pink Bits was in flat hat and braces and Dad Shirt.  Passiona was resplendent in a brown cardigan ( needed a pipe really to complete the outfit) and Leapfrog went authentic with her Dad’s coat and historical hat.  The GM (me) picked the winner at the end. I will leave you in suspense. The Hare for the day (again, me) had set a fantabulous run and walk which went in completely the opposite direction that everyone expected.  One Hasher turned up on a pony (me …again).

The runners (and Binky the pony plus human attachment) headed back around the electricity substation and across the highway, striking East, hung a left at Old Sawyers Road, left back down the pipeline and then west, crossing back over the highway by Mundaring industrial estate. The walkers did similar but without the easterly diversion.  GPS had sore calves. Good to see Skippy in the pack. The person on the pony (still me) managed not to run anyone down so a good time was had by all.

We were all back just a shade over the hour. I arrived last having circled back to look for GPS who actually did not need looking for after all.

The circle was unusual.

It consisted of everyone standing in the back of GPS’s big van, and me sitting on Binky standing at the doors looking in.  Strictly speaking i should be fined for sitting in the circle i guess. Due to inclement weather and general laziness we did not have any down-down splash. But we did have a basket of apples, so Passiona ended up getting ‘the song’ – no idea what for now – and then had to speed eat an apple to a confused chorus of “down down’ and ‘nom nom’.

Binky got the apple cores.

Photographic evidence was taken.

On On ! SRB

I’m melting I’m melting! Park Road Glen Forrest

No it wasn’t hot …it was raining!  So anyone who is a witch of course would have been melting – didn’t spot any, so thats probably good for all concerned.  El Keeno has set a beautiful run through the national park – lakes, streams, little paths.  The false trails worked a treat at keeping the pack together.  There was a little leading of the pack by the hare.  I was a bit slow in doing the write up so most of teh run has faded into obscurity in my mind…however the food afterwards has remained very clear! There was cake for Pink Bits birthday and Tickhead (booze-loaded mmm!)  also home made biccies from Hot Mama and liquorice allsorts to name but a few. The total number of calories used up in exercise by the runners and walkers was 20,000  and the food consumed added up to 33,000 even not counting beer.  So – thats about right for a hash run i think.  We also had some excellent awards in the circle including a water bottle for Frodo and a fabulous crown fashioned by DOSH for El Keeno 200 runs which i am sure he would have worn to work all week.

Thats it from me…time to set off for today’s run….

There and Back…a Hobbit’s Tale..El Keeno’s Run 9 Sept

On On: Pechey Road Jane Brook

So, for anyone who thinks Mount Doom is a long way away, they clearly have not experienced the search for ‘On Home’ on one of El Keeno’s runs!  It was a glorious spring day as we all gathered on El Keeno’s brother’s front verge en masse.  A few latecomers raced in…Passiona and Leapfrog, the Tickhead family, and very last Skimpy, Free Beer and Mum. Apparently Skimpy then spent 20 minutes changing before setting off.  Suprisingly we headed off uphill, and were soon embarrassed by El Keeno’s nephew racing past us at a great speed….well i was anyway.  It was a fast run and we headed miles across John Forrest national park, with glorious views.  About 40 minutes in GPS got disorientated (its the lay lines you know) and once found, was attached to the walkers for safe keeping.  Apparently there was a flurry of concern with Lady Gaga missing in action. I didn’t quite get the full story but all ended well, as she was in the closing circle (unless the family had a spare to hand of course i hadn’t thought of that).  Yowie tried to interrogate Cameron for local info on how to get back (he was posessed by the ring at the time) but to no avail. We were already mostly knackered (except perhaps Skippy…and to be fair Dripper and Passiona didn;t look tired) when we found ourselves in Stratton. This was the point when the Nazgul almost got us but we cut across a building site and gave them the slip. The only casualty being Skippy’s one extremely muddy shoe. After a tortuous  lap of a snake infested swamp (into which we threw the gold ring at last) we finally started heading for home. HEY i just realised i forgot to fine GPS for splashing the monk as we crossed a stream!! I will pick that up next week GPS do not fear 🙂   …  Anyway we did finally make it back, as did the walkers. The Monk was carried piggyback the last 40 metres in order to wipe out a pending fine (no names mentioned)

In the circle, The Monk revealed her gentle side with “The Thingy of Niceness” which resulted in some choc freddos being awarded. There was however several requests for “The Bucket of Shame” …so watch out next week.