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Fun in the gravel

Run report for August 27, 2012
Hare: El Keeno
On On: Moola Rd, Mahogany Creek

The adventure began before the run had even started.  In my mind it  had seemed interesting to have everyone park quite a ways from the road in one of the many gravel clearings in the area.  I suppose it worked out okay after quite a bit of wheel spinning.  Ah, gravel…nature’s ball-bearings.

This was the week I went all-out for the walkers.  I set the walk FIRST, determined to give them a top-notch affair.  Typically, and just my luck, this was the week when most walkers were busy doing other things.  Not to worry, Frodo joined them and the three had quite a nice saunter around the bush.  (Well, they all made it back alive, which is what counts most.)

Runners started off downhill.  There was a wee bit of bush bashing where I’d lost myself while setting the trail, but not enough to draw too much blood.  Dripper did a good job of hunting out a few of the initial false trails, but overall it was a bit of a fast run, spreading out the pack. (Mental note…more and nastier false trails next time!) Skippy led much of the way until his sixth-sense abandoned him and he bolted in entirely the incorrect direction … giving me that slightly warm and fuzzy feeling that all (sadistic) Hares enjoy..

The run turned homewards once reaching O’Connor Road and then did a bit of twisty stuff on both sides of Moola.  Not nearly as long as I thought while setting it, I think we came home after about 45 minutes.

The Monks thingo of terror made no showing in the circle, but her head apparel more than made up for that.

Thing I learned for the day: there is more than one horse.

That’s it from me.
On On,
El Keeno

Run Report for 19 August

Hare: Passiona/Leapfrog
On On: Stevens Street, Sawyers.

We gathered at the familiar lair of our Hares, all excited and motivated for soup! Walkers had a choice of 40 min or 1 hr walk.  They had a snap quiz on some flower….Donkey Orchid was the answer, with Tickhead being the winner.  The prize was some … thing.  I couldn’t see quite what, but it must have been good because Pickup Chick had it out of his hands and seemed quite chuffed…so all good.

Runners had a new iteration of the much-tread locale, covering some new ground (for me anyway) south of the highway.  Not many false trails, but enough to catch the front runners.  Alas, Skippy knew most of the home territory too well and kept the pace cracking along.  Highlight of the run (again, for me) was bolting along through the bush thinking I was following Dripper, and he perhaps he was doing the same, with neither of us any longer on trail and finally only working it out once we stumbled out onto the pipeline miles from everyone else.  A quick about-face and some catching up soon saw us returning to the back of the pack, and much wiser for the experience was I.

I always find it quite surprising to see a horse actually running (except on the tele of course).  I have only ever seen them in real life standing around munching stuff and looking very sedentary (and I worked at a racetrack for several years!). To have a pony on the run was really very interesting. We were warned to avoid Velvet’s kicky end, and I took that advice to heart.

Soup was indeed available after the run, along with scrumptious bread.  Scarlett Runnerbean (aka The Monk)was targetting walkers who talk to much, and also short cutters, which just about includes everyone given we are hashers.  The bonfire and outdoor stove were a nice touch … warming us up just the right amount.

Yep.  That’s it for another week.
On On.
El Kenno



Run report for August 12 2012

Hare: Skippy
On on: The Dell

There seems to be a connection between Skippy’s runs and the weather.  I recall the last Dell run being very similar.
What a wet and weary day it was.  Skippy had loads of fun setting the trail at least twice due to the fierce downpours. (running out of lime near the end and resorting to ticks and scratches in the mud) Thankfully the rain eased as we gathered for the start and we set out in a light drizzle.

The run itself was very impressive, especially considering the rotten trail-laying weather.  I’m not sure if the pack was setting a cracking pace or if it just seemed that way because I was so cold.  Puddles abounded on the trail, which our Hash mutts seemed not to notice or care about.  Quite some tricky false trails had the front runners quickly becoming the tail end, and then back again several times.

Circle business was kept to a minimum due to the weather, with much hovering under umbrellas.  Some lovely leftover cake and a cheese platter was certainly welcome, thanks to Little Weed.

That’s about it.

On on
El keeno

Run Report for August 5th 2012

Run #1565
Hare: Pink Bits & Skimpy
On On: MJ Morgan Reserve, Glen Forrest

Unfortunately I’ve left it a few days so my memory of the run is now a bit vague, but here goes:

Quite a large gathering gathered for this run.  The day was fine and warm.  The opening circle was a mess … nothing out of the norm.  Anyway, off we trotted, uncertainly following a mysterious path of “W”s.  The trail was an enticing blend of said letters, dots and arrows.  At first I thought we might be making the long trek down to the river along Hardy Road, but after a few false trails we ended up cutting east into the bush block beside Avalon Wines.  We circled around it and returned westwards from there.  There were not too many false trails (or if there were we stumble upon the main trail before finding them), so the front-runners edged away from the pack.  From there, it was a free-for-all of homeward trail finding.  Some came out onto Casino Road and retraced the outward trail back in, others sprung out lower down on Hardy Road and followed it home.  Some ad-libbed completely and seemed to step from the wrong direction all together …

Unfortunately, that’s about where my run report ends, as I had to leave in a bit of a rush.  If anyone has any bits to add, please do so in the comments.

On on!
El Keeno