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Trek the Trail

I did not actually participate in the trek (being up to my armpits in furniture and boxes of all and sundry), but feel free to add comments, photos or what-have-you’s.

‘Twas Brown

Hare: Dripper
On On: Brown Park, Swan View

Having just moved house I am now two weeks behind in all things…not just run reports, but suffice to say it was a good run.  Only a small pack, but a decent length for what was a warmish day. I suppose the highlight of the day was the dinner afterwards at the Indian restaurant. Anyway, apologies for a lack-lustre report.  Feel free to add more details of your own in the comments etc.

There and Back…a Hobbit’s Tale..El Keeno’s Run 9 Sept

On On: Pechey Road Jane Brook

So, for anyone who thinks Mount Doom is a long way away, they clearly have not experienced the search for ‘On Home’ on one of El Keeno’s runs!  It was a glorious spring day as we all gathered on El Keeno’s brother’s front verge en masse.  A few latecomers raced in…Passiona and Leapfrog, the Tickhead family, and very last Skimpy, Free Beer and Mum. Apparently Skimpy then spent 20 minutes changing before setting off.  Suprisingly we headed off uphill, and were soon embarrassed by El Keeno’s nephew racing past us at a great speed….well i was anyway.  It was a fast run and we headed miles across John Forrest national park, with glorious views.  About 40 minutes in GPS got disorientated (its the lay lines you know) and once found, was attached to the walkers for safe keeping.  Apparently there was a flurry of concern with Lady Gaga missing in action. I didn’t quite get the full story but all ended well, as she was in the closing circle (unless the family had a spare to hand of course i hadn’t thought of that).  Yowie tried to interrogate Cameron for local info on how to get back (he was posessed by the ring at the time) but to no avail. We were already mostly knackered (except perhaps Skippy…and to be fair Dripper and Passiona didn;t look tired) when we found ourselves in Stratton. This was the point when the Nazgul almost got us but we cut across a building site and gave them the slip. The only casualty being Skippy’s one extremely muddy shoe. After a tortuous  lap of a snake infested swamp (into which we threw the gold ring at last) we finally started heading for home. HEY i just realised i forgot to fine GPS for splashing the monk as we crossed a stream!! I will pick that up next week GPS do not fear 🙂   …  Anyway we did finally make it back, as did the walkers. The Monk was carried piggyback the last 40 metres in order to wipe out a pending fine (no names mentioned)

In the circle, The Monk revealed her gentle side with “The Thingy of Niceness” which resulted in some choc freddos being awarded. There was however several requests for “The Bucket of Shame” …so watch out next week.

The Camel Run

Hare: Pie-eyed
On On: Ryecroft Road, Glen Forrest

The Hare warned us this run might contain some humps, and indeed it did.  Flour was a little light to start and there was a fair bit of meandering at the start while we stumbled around rather lost.  Eventually, the trail was found (I’m not sure where or how, as I was off busy short-cutting in some other direction, but I managed to join back up with the back about 5 minutes in).  A bit of zig zagging was done on the southern side of Ryecroft Road and the real adventure began once we hit the superblock.  Cunningly, the trail jumped off the tracks and cut through the bush, coming out down towards the creek (stream/river?) and crossing it at the bottom of Tillbrook Street. From there we were faced with the imposing sight of Bilgoman Road (very much the largest hump!).  Quite a hesitant mob idled at the base of it, perhaps hoping the run would choose not to go in that particular steepish direction.  When met with no other choice…up we went.  No sooner had we reached the top, than we descended again, cheered on by some of the locals.

From there, it was rather a lively trot home. Overall, a very excellent run. As Effigy was heard to say: “A thinking man’s run.  Too bad Hash has no thinking men” (or thereabouts).  I must agree.  A thoroughly enjoyed run, well set.

Once again (I must happily say!) we were greeted with scrumptious yums at Home.  Scones! (pronounce “skohn” for you barbarians!  😉  ) And apple strudel thingy.  Also a side of corn chip and other bits…but I paid little attention to that when faced with cream covered delight (and my cream covered children). Anyway, I think you get the sense I liked them scones. Thanks to Pickup Chick for the treats (and anyone else…apologies if I failed to mention you).

Bloody Madonna–who was literally bloody–looked well deserving of the Lame Duck award.  (which he received, judging from the pics!)

Unfortunately, I missed the Circle, having to nick off, so perhaps someone might post the further happenings in the comments?

That’s it. No more to see here. On On.
El Keeno