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Mountain Quarry

Hare: El Keeno
On On: Mountain Quarry, Coulston Rd, Boya

As I was hare, I’ll leave this one open for comments from you lot. Let us know your highs and lows. (Keep it clean!)

It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times.

On On: 29 Hubert Street, Darlington
Hare: P Merah

It was good thing I didn’t wear high heels on today’s run.  Given the area, there was a fair chance we’d encounter the odd hill or two.  Encounter is perhaps not the word for it.  “Traumatised by” is perhaps more apt.

We welcomed new runner Rick, and visitor C Logger in the opening circle.

Just getting up the driveway was sufficient for warning, and off we went. Runners started off downhill and headed into bush, with the bulk of the run following firebreaks. Gravel slopes were the theme of the day, and thankfully no one went bum up this time round (as I just recalled P. Merah’s mis-adventures on one other occasion in the district).  Front runners took turns finding the false trails, as tends to happen, and we finally came back to bitumen where the pace slowed for a while (while Scarlett RB, Passiona and I discussed the rules of “What’s the time Mr Wolf?”–as you sometimes do.)(And I’m still not sure how they go.)

Walkers returned with a manky pink slipper (at first I thought it was roadkill) and tales of intriguing flora.

Anyway, as usual highlight of the run was what followed, with hijinks for all in the circle and a brilliant nosh-up, laid out by the Hare himself, after.  It was one of those occasions where my mouth dearly wanted to go back for another helping, but my bulging stomach said otherwise. (I always picture one of those Monty Python “just one more bean” moments)

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On On
El Keeno

P.S. I forget now why I had the Simpsons inspired title. It was something to do with “What’s the time, Mr Wolf”…but now remains completely random.  Oh well.

I’m melting I’m melting! Park Road Glen Forrest

No it wasn’t hot …it was raining!  So anyone who is a witch of course would have been melting – didn’t spot any, so thats probably good for all concerned.  El Keeno has set a beautiful run through the national park – lakes, streams, little paths.  The false trails worked a treat at keeping the pack together.  There was a little leading of the pack by the hare.  I was a bit slow in doing the write up so most of teh run has faded into obscurity in my mind…however the food afterwards has remained very clear! There was cake for Pink Bits birthday and Tickhead (booze-loaded mmm!)  also home made biccies from Hot Mama and liquorice allsorts to name but a few. The total number of calories used up in exercise by the runners and walkers was 20,000  and the food consumed added up to 33,000 even not counting beer.  So – thats about right for a hash run i think.  We also had some excellent awards in the circle including a water bottle for Frodo and a fabulous crown fashioned by DOSH for El Keeno 200 runs which i am sure he would have worn to work all week.

Thats it from me…time to set off for today’s run….

Oh, the grand old Duke of York…

Hare: GPS
On On: Peace Park, Swan View

Peace Park is a beautiful little grassy spot with a playground (featuring a rather fast slide, as I discovered personally), nestled ominously in the shadow of Greenmount…and up it we did climb. It felt like a bit of a roller coaster ride, with so many ups and downs–most of them bloody steep in both directions (yet somehow feeling like more ups than downs).  Flour was a bit light due to the morning showers, but it stayed fine throughout the first 5 pm run of the summer.  Not much of note for the run, except the sporadic walking as we met those mentioned hills.  The homeward bound run came mighty close to the outbound one–so close we were on it for a spell until the Hare called us back. I suppose luckily for us, as we were heading in the wrong direction anyway (ie, not towards Home).

The farthest point of the run was just before the tunnel, and the Hare reneged on taking us through it due to the impending sunset (I don’t think anyone was too upset by that). And that left a leisurely jog home along the bridle trail.

Walkers were a bit light on events (at least I didn’t overhear of any) except that Tumbletoes kept all within earshot entertained with news of the week.

Until next week.
On On
El Keeno

The Parky Run

On On: Outside the Parkerville Tavern, Parkerville
Hare: Effigy

The hare opened with some excuse that he hadn’t gone to much effort. What followed was a torturous, agonising near-hour-long ordeal across most of the Perth scarp. (Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating, but it felt like it!)

Walkers initially touched upon a bit of the runners trail, then skirted down to the bridle path (old train line, gravelly trail, what-have-you) and headed back up to Home.  Kids had a bit of a play in the puddles (probably the last puddles we’ll see for the year) and Tumbletoes managed to wangle a few minutes of play on the playground out of Mrs Wobbly.

Runners did some introductory skirting around the Parky area, then skipped up around the primary school and over Brooking Road into the public forest.  We broke out on the far side (Oxley Road, perhaps) and the hare did a marvellous job of confounding the pack, who were continually turning for home, only to be thwarted and forced further and further westwards. At last we found the telltale stretch for home, bulleting down a steep gravel accessway and reaching the railway reserve. (Actually, now I think about it, the trail actually followed the road for quite a while, but Yowie and and I had found ourselves on the bridle trail, and we stuck to it.)

Walkers ahead was a sure sign we were on the right track, and sure enough Home was not far off.

A few fines were given out in the circle, nothing contentious or scandalous.

That’s it. All photos (and several now added to “the hobbit run”) thanks to Tickhead.

On On,
El Keeno