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Joint run with Bush Hash

Hare: Skimpy & Free Beer
On On: Helena Valley Rd

A semi-run report from me, as I had to leave straight after run to meet Hot Mamma…so I can do the run bits if others will post bits about the circle and other such adventures.

It was great to have a large group, and Hills Hash was well outnumbered by the Bush Hash mob. Good to see them again after a fair while. Runners started east, bounding (falling, tripping, evading, cursing) over the first obstacle–it being a barbed-wire fence. The trail turned out to be quite elusive from this point, but we picked it up along the roadside and then dug into some of the new developments, bits of suburbia, parkland and riverside. There was some confusion on all sides at one point where the trail apparently crossed a small bridge and then did some weird things… I won’t go into detail, but 10 minutes or so and some cursing later, we’d backtracked and re-encountered the trail some distance from where we thought it ought to be.  All the while, the omnipotent presence of the Hare accompanied us on his bike…not helping much, but keeping us comforted with his proximity.

That about marked the turn for home, and we crossed Helena Valley Road, charged south, and then made the north-westy turn for home. The trail did a rather good job of hiding itself at that point and I think most runners (after wandering around scouring the shrub) turned for home and stumbled on the final remnants of the run just before Home.  All in all, a good run. A tad hot for me, but it’s a good reminder of what running at 3pm feels like. The beer afterwards sure went down well.

I didn’t hear much from the walkers and didn’t see if or what they brought back with them, so feel free to add more detail in the comments. I hope Bush Hash enjoyed the occasion.

On On
El Keeno


The Passiona of Christ

Hare: Passiona
On On: Forsythe’s Mill, Chidlow

Whether you like upright snottygobbles or spreading snottygobbles, today’s run was for you. We had both kinds.

It was rather a nice jaunt through the bush. Some of the trails were a bit overgrown, but enjoyable (the spiders had been busy rebuilding their webs across many of them, and I copped quite a few in the face), with a nice long downhill (followed by an not-nice long uphill). Checks were few and far-between…T’s were well spaced (well…they were spaced far away, if that counts). Runners returned home after about 32-ish minutes, so it was a bit shorter than recent runs, but still got the blood running (out of all the scratches in my legs).

Anyway, walkers managed to find their way home, which was an extra-achievement considering the Hare forget to tell them how to get back home (turn right at the double-checks).

The RA was supported by a horse in the circle, who was very particular about who he chose for down-downs.

Bit of a rush tonight…please fill in the blanks below!

On On
El Keeno

Worst run ever

Hare: GPS
On On: Fish Market Reserve, Guildford

No, it was not the worst run ever, but there is nothing like making trouble to spark a bit of contention, is there?

Anyway, a slightly smaller crowd gathered today. After a minute’s silence (and I didn’t think hashers were capable of such until then) for Remembrance Day, GPS sent us on our respective merry ways.

Walkers did the opposite of runners, heading along the river towards the Guildford Road Bridge and doing a bit if a circuit around the township.

Runners headed due east and plodded the pavement around the Rose and Crown before scooting over the other side of the railway, heading along Helena Street, and then joining the Swan River and following it Home. (with a lot of unmentioned searching, running, puffing and shouting as they went)

The Hare must have been feeling generous today, because he made no comment in the circle about some obvious short cutting in the ranks…or perhaps he didn’t notice. Anyway, gains made by my own personal trail blazing were well and truly lost with some serious long-cutting towards the end. Zagged instead of zigged. Oh well.

Highlight of the circle was a name-giving to the runner now known as “Honey Bunny”. She’s obviously been paying close attention to how hashers throw back their drinks and did a brilliant job with her down-down.

Pink bits wore her strange hat.

So it was actually a good run and there is no worst about it. There. Contention over.

That’s it.
On On
El Keeno

Wet wet wet

Hare: Scarlett Runnerbean
On On:  Noble Falls

No, this is not a report on an 80s pop group… but it was indeed wet.

A remarkably brave mob showed up for today’s run, considering the day’s weather.There was some costumery to be beheld, to the them of Halloween/Melbourne Cup (both…not either). Well done to those who made an effort and actually remembered it.

We started in the dry, but it didn’t last long. The trail was a tad washed out, but we could hone in on it by looking for the clusters of black millipedes that were chomping on the flour spots. The cold rain pelted down shortly into the run, drained my spirits and did nothing to soothe the chaffing happening between my thighs (due to too short shorts, but I won’t delve further into that).

Flour was actually easy to follow despite the rain and we did our merry little thing. There was a fair bit of walking on the homeward run, perhaps a sign of the dampened spirits. Catwalk and Dark Horse defied all reason and jumped in the stream at the end for a quick dip.

I don’t think walkers reported anything unusual or amazing on their outing.  No awards given out in the circle…a few fines and dobs for the usual suspects.

Yeh…about sums it up. No tick bites so far (touch wood)…they were probably all too busy being drenched in rain to notice us running by.

[Did anyone get the foot sign after the run?]

On On
El Keeno