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Red Dress / Just Desserts

Hare: Passiona / Leapfrog
On On: Their place


Yes, the themes was red, and a very impressive number of Hashers went all-out and turned up in dress (or various states of undress). It was the annual Red Dress Run, also the Just Desserts run, also Leapfrog’s birthday run, also the unveiling of the phone box … so a lot of events in one.

First, the easy part: the run description. It was bloody hot and it was a good call by Passiona to keep the run short. Around we ran … no more comment than that. It was hot. We ran. We got back. All good.

Before that we unveiled the restored phone box. And quite majestic it was. Not sure if the phone actually works or not, but I might sneak around there midnight sometime when I need to make all my long distance calls and find out. Apparently a windmill is now required, so anyone with a spare windmill laying around that needs fixing up … perhaps contact Leapfrog.

Desserts followed the run, and many and varied desserts there were. I couldn’t go past the rocky road, as usual, but my young-uns were rather fond of the jelly.

Lots of photos were taken. If you have some, send them through to me and I will upload here. The pictures will tell more than my descriptions could ever attempt.

On On!
El Keeno.

A very Hashy Xmas


While Passiona was Hare for the run, I think thanks must be given to all those who helped, from bringing food (and drinks!) to organising canoes, to being Santa, and everything else that contributed to the afternoon at Lake Leschenaultia.

We had been forewarned we might get wet. Some of us did, more so than others. Names were pulled from a box and three canoe-loads of Hashers got the chance (i.e. were coerced)  to paddle out to the middle of the lake, around the marker (thanks for being the marker, Pickup Chick!) and back. Not all went to plan, as one boat (reportedly rammed!) tipped over. It was a long, slow slog to bring everyone back to shore. If not for the marker, they might be out there still.

The run and walk started immediately afterwards. Walkers either went along the trail and back, or around the lake. Coincidentally it was also Carols by Candlelight at the lake, so we also had music and singing to accompany us for much of the time.

Runners ran around for a bit. I have to admit I paid little attention to the trail as my mind was set on food and drink…but we did our usual thing.

Once back, Santa took special time out of his hectic schedule to make an appearance. He paddled to shore (presumably landing his sleigh somewhere out of sight) and plonked himself down to give out some prezzies. Santa was looking even more disshevelled this year than usual, and possessed one of the boniest knees (for Santa) I’ve ever parked my rear upon, but that’s Santa…always full of surprises. Gifts poured out of his sack in and almost endless torrent, and smiles abound.  Children ran on the grass and frolicked. It was a very happy scene, made happier (and harder to correctly recall) due to the number of  festive beverages I had consumed by that time…but you get the picture. Santa looked a treat in his stripper collar and cuffs. Tucking the beard into the collar was a nice touch, not seen on too many strippers I may have seen in the past (especially the female ones).

Dinner followed prezzies. I ate more in that afternoon than the rest of the week put together. The lasagna was especially good. Dessert followed. Kids were gobbling up jelly all over the place. I must admit to having a piece or two of rocky road.

But, as with all good things, they evening came to and end. It was dark, and even the march flies had gone to bed (all happy and with tummies full of blood from our legs).
And so ended another wonderful Hash Christmas … Only 364 more sleeps until the next one.

Can anyone with photos please email them to me to upload?
And please add you own bit n pieces in the comments if you wish.

On On
El Keeno

A sculptured run

Hare: Mrs Wobbly
On On: Sculpture Park, Mundaring

Another great run by Mrs Wobbly, scoring an all-time high on the RA’s cheer-o-meter thing0 (five greens!). I must say, and I mentioned in the circle, if you want to find a trail set by Mrs Wobbly, you aim for home, turn 180 degrees and look in that direction. I was about 40 minutes into the run, tempted to check in the direction of home, and followed my own advice by checking where I would otherwise think the trail could not possibly go!  Lo and behold, it was there. I was just  getting used to this, and then I was nixed by the trail actually heading home. Well, I suppose it had to eventually.

So, as said, a good run, good length. Very interesting to run. My only complaint was the few drops of rain we received. That aspect could have been improved upon slightly (a nice, light, cooling shower would be perfect).

Things found on the run: a tick (as expected), a newspaper, a shirt…and something else I have now forgotten.

Special thinks to out special guests in the circle: the horde of march flies. Thanks, guys. Nice to have you there. Sorry for slapping dozens of you to death, but I’m sure there are plenty more of you. Buggers.

Don’t forget to check all the info about next week’s Xmas run.

On On,
El Keeno

Just another run report

On On: Greenmount Library
Hare: Dripper

There was something about the first half of today’s run that I just couldn’t figure out. It just felt…easy. Then I figured it out. It was down hill. The second half, where we ran back up the hill, brought me firmly back to reality.

Anyway, that is the setting for today’s run. I must admit I was expecting to see more of the the “Goat Hill” side of the hill, as we often do when running around that area, so it was good to get into some new territory, heading down past the truck crash gravel thingo (I know there is a name for that thing, but it escapes me at present) and making the turn for home at about the Bellevue RSL, then zig-zagging back up towards Scott Street through a good portion of Koongamia. The smell of Fish and Chips on the air signalled we were nearly home….and that, as they say, was that. A perfect run for the day, getting home just on 45 minutes, and with a cool breeze at the end to offset the warm change.

Treats for the day were a bag of jelly lollies and some home made gingerbread feet.

On On
El Keeno