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The unbearable lightness of being (a Hasher)

Hare: Dripper
On On: Mountain Quarry

Mountains are rather scare in these whereabouts, even quarried ones, but I must say it certainly felt like we found one today…

Surprise of the day was the dog formerly looking like Xena…sporting a new sleek look.

Quite a decent clot of runners made an appearance on what was quite a hot an uncomfortable day. The start of the run was rather devious, curling and twirling about, making it difficult to guess which way we were going to settle upon. The final direction turned out to be “up”.

The run made it up to Darlington Road and down to the tennis courts, with the On Home revealed on the gravel track back to Boya, signalling a long and hot end to the run.

Not to worry, as cold drinks quickly dispel such discomforts, and cakes, pastries and other goodies also help.

Special thanks to Sirius Black for taking a break from his busy Hogwarts schedule to make an appearance. Neigh!

On On
El Keeno

Giant flying mutated ants

Hare: Scarlet Runnerbean
On On: somewhere near Sawyers valley primary school

There weren’t actually very many giant flying mutated ants to be experienced on the run, but taking tabloid sensationalism into account, there might have been, somewhere out of view.

Anyway, after significant and extensive instruction to the walkers we bolted away. The first false trail was a doosey (what does that even mean???), and after a while we had to run back to the highway and start afresh, barely a cat’s whisker from the start. The run then entered the south-of-the-highway bushland and hugged the roadside westwards. We must have been nearly to Mundaring before crossing the tarmac and heading back on the opposite side. There was an abundance of false trails, and they got us all in turn…the buggers!

The circle was a bit of rush as everyone was eyeing off the hamburgers,  deliciously provided by Red Light. Made Muffin took the role of run-quality-discerner (totally ignoring our cheers and jeers), and (for some reason) Dripper wad made to don a wig. I think it was a reminder of the olden days. Speaking of the olden days, some of us were born in them, and Dripper provided a birthday cake to mark the event. It was unanimously declared as “yum”.

A manky cat was present, but did not participate in the circle (and did not sign on).

That’s all.
On On!
El Keeno.

P.S. Pink run clipboard and the green bag it goes into went MIA during the run. Anyone have them? (The money tin and sign-in book are fine…just the other bits are lost.)

Another perfect run …

On On: Bilgoman pool carpark
Hare: me

Well, perhaps not a perfect run, but no one complained loud enough for me to hear, so I have to assume everyone was happy, or at least mildly content.

We welcomed new walkers Wendy and Michael, I gave everyone a brief warning about all the spiders, and off they went.

I have to admit setting walks is a mystery to me. Sometimes I feel like I’ve set a massive one, and walks tramp home after fifteen minutes. This one felt short, but took 40 to 60 minutes … but everyone made it back alive and with most of their internal organs still functioning, so that’s the main thing.

Runners started off with a visit to the historic convicts well just below the pool. Once they’d gotten over being impressed they ran around a bit more and then came Home at about 45 minutes (or thereabouts).  The day marked 7-year-old Frodo’s transition from being a walker to a runner, and I must say–as his father–I was both proud and humiliated that he could keep up with me so easily.

Circle highlights include 30 run mugs for the rest of the Tickhead family. Other stuff probably happened…but as usual 24hrs is a long time for my brain, so apologies for all the other stuff I’ve neglected to mention. That’s what comments are for.

— just note that you can now comment without needing to log in, remember a password, or anything pesky. (because no one has been commenting lately…lazy buggers)

Also, a week or so ago I added the photos to the Christmas run and Red Dress run, so look back there if you want to see some pics.

On On,
El Keeno

No more logging in

I’ve removed the need to log in before making comments…so now anyone can comment anytime.

If we get too much spam I’ll have to do something about it … but let’s see how it goes.

On On,
El Keeno

Channel # 5

Hare: DOSH
On On: Pomeroy Street, Bickley

I felt close to exhaustion on this run. It felt like a million miles. I complained audibly about the heat, the length … the ants in my water … then the lack of ants in my water. Then I remembered that shot of vodka and can of Guinness I’d consumed just before setting out, and the penny dropped. So mental note to self: avoid vodka and Guinness before running. Always. (just one or the other should suffice)

So it was a warm but normal afternoon for a run. Runners were treated to drinks at about the halfway point. After, I saw a fox emerge nervously from the bush, disturbed by the pack of Hashers stampeding towards it (I named him “Foxy”). The rest of the run was typical Hash affair–lots of panting and wheezing and shuffling across gravel.

Pole Dancer received her 100 run cup and today marked Dripper’s 400th.

Find of the day was a single crutch, in pretty good condition. Now I think we just need another one to match it.

On On!
El Keeno