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All about Dryandra

Here’s some info fro Leapfrog’s Dryandra flyer for the upcoming Hash-away:

Fri April 12 (after 2pm) to Sun April 14

Dryandra Forest Village
Near Narrogin

What to bring:
sleeping bag + pillow
clothes for enjoying outdoors, warm top, Hash gear
booze + drinks
weekend food. BBQ + salad for Sat night.

$20 adults, kids free

Hash to supply:
Brunch after Sunday run

Bookings: Leapfrog 9295 2238

… and then there were none.

Hare: Dripper
On On: Victor Rd, Darlington

It felt like a B-grade movie.  There we were, a bunch of all-sorts from all walks of life, desperately finding our way through a hostile environment, and when we looked behind … one of us was missing.  Another quickly disappeared.  Then our faithful hound and protector, Chimbi, vanished as if made of smoke (albeit, smoke that is galloping away and barking).  Who would be next?

Well, turns out Madonna and GPS were safe and well, wandering around on their lonesome a fair way behind the pack, and Chimbi turned up at home later on.  But apart from losing two runners and a dog, the Hare did a fine job of keeping the rest together.  Numerous and devious false trails ensured the front runner became the back runner, and back  again throughout.  Even young Frodo enjoyed a short stint at the head of the pack, although I’m not sure if he’s summoned up the courage to holler “On On!” as yet.

Walkers were forewarned that the track resembled a figure 8, and not to get caught in an infinite loop.  Forewarned being forearmed, they managed to return safely, and at the same time as the runners.

Find of the day was a shoe graveyard (beware ye who enter the shoe graveyard in unsightly footware!) and an abandoned house design on a chock of wood. (It goes without saying that Darlington has better curbside goodies than most neighbouring suburbs.)

Hash Nosh was Shepherd’s Pie with carrots, broccoli and peas on the side, followed by apple rhubarb crumble.

Sexy stockings of the day award went to Dripper.

This was one of the those days where so much happened I probably needed to take notes…

Anyway, That’s all my brain can recall.
On On,
El Keeno.

Valentine’s run

Hares: Free Beer and Skimpy
On On: Padbury Rd, Darlington

There were some interesting and amusing undies on display for the Valentine’s Day run.  As usual, Leapfrog brought a bag of tricks to decorate those who forgot/couldn’t be bothered (of which I was one).  GPS was suitably fined at the end for driving in normal gear, unwilling to wear his getup in his car in case he was recognised.  (Well, perhaps fair enough.)

Walkers followed the runners, keeping up for the first part of the run due to to the devious nature of the trail and the many false trails (of which I found many!).  We reached Darlington Rd and then turned about to head back west at a lower altitude.  From here, we left the walkers behind.  Passiona and I stumbled upon Home after barely 30 minutes out and decided to head back into the bush for a bit more exercise–as it turned out we’d followed the walkers’ trail by mistake.  The rest of the trail soon made itself apparent and we were soon pushing through thick, leg-scratching, blood-letting scrub.  End of the run was a steep climb back up the side of Greenmount hill  to Padbury Rd.

Walkers beat the runners back, but there were still plenty of chocolate loveheart-shaped brownies available. (Thanks, Tickhead!)
We also got to s-ng happy birthday to Baby Dosh, who was 1 year old.  (She didn’t look a day over 11 and 3/4 months!)
A pat on the back went to Frodo for running about and calling back some wayward walkers. (Is there any other kind?)

On On,
El Keeno


Morgan J Morgan was reserved, but I sat on him anyway

On On: Morgan J Morgan Reserve, Glen Forrest
Hare: GPS

Another bloody hot day (I seem to be saying this too much, these days), another hot run. Flour was sparse, but tall. Steep hills and the weather spread out the pack. We did a bit of a meander around the district, heading up every rotten hill within range. The run was about perfect length for the day, in that it goes us back home in about 35 mins.  Courageous runners ran the full distance. Less valiant runners span tales about alternate routes.  Pffft.

Curbside pickup was a “cleavage frog”.

Disappointment of the day was lack of a Sash of Shame. Many heads hung low at this.

Tick score: 1 for Hot Mama (just  a little pepper tick, but enough to get her hopping).

On On
El Keeno


run in forrest

Hare: P Merah
On On: Park Rd, Glen Forrest


Once again, I was handed a witty title for today’s run, and forgot it within a stride or two. Oh well. (apologies, SRB. Did it go “na na na-na na, na-na na na na, hey hey?”)

We had the opportunity to trek some fresh ground, with the Hare managing to fit both a dam crossing and a tunnel … adventure (what is going through a tunnel called anyway?) in a single run. We had been promised some splash, and while I had pegged a slim chance for margaritas, water and ginger beer were a much-appreciated substitute considering the weather.

So, the run was good. I had been dreading the temperature for most of the day, but with a cool and unexpected breeze it turned out quite pleasant.

Curbside pickup for the circle was a manky blanket and a cocoon. The bucket of shame was semi-deployed, and the “sash of shame” shall soon be brought into existence. (We’ll have a full outfit soon.)

That’s it. I’m stuffed and in need of a shower (so I’m being told).
On On
El Keeno