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Rocky City Pink Breast Run

Rocky City is celebrating breasts.  And who doesn’t want to do that?
Date – Tuesday 14th May 2013
Venue – The Govener Rd Reserve Park, Rockingham Beach Rd. Rockingham.
.              (opposite the Grain Terminal)
Price – $15.00  Includes Meal & Badge

Now, if you want to catch a train to the run, there is a bus from the Train Station at 6.15 pm and another at 6.30pm.  Incidentally the train station is Rockingham.  Be careful, Trains leave Perth at 4:35, 4;45 and 4;55.  And there are trains in between that DON’T stop at Rockingham.  In a truly amazing feat of foresight, there are also buses BACK to the train station at 9:15 and 9:45.  Is this really a Hash gig?

Splash will be available.

The power of one

Hare: our most esteemed El Keeno
On On: Bentley St, Stoneville.

Here is the biased assessment of my run:
Walkers: walked around on the perfectly flat, perfectly marked walk of exactly the right length. They saw things, they experienced wonder (verging on nirvana).  It was all bloody good.
Runners: as above, only better.

I must admit that today’s run was a sadistic Hare’s dream come true.  Just about every runner took a turn down a false trail, most more than once. So I probably had a smug look on my face for most of the time. Surprise encounter of the day was long time Hasher, Two Stroke, jumping out from what I assume was his house.  Always good to see a familiar face. (Although I did complain that he hadn’t readied a nice BBQ and drinks for us.) The run itself did  a bit of a spiral shape from Norris park, taking advantage of the many pedestrian thoroughfares in the area (I think we did nearly all of them), ending up with  a long return down Riley Road.

Fines in circle included a first down down for Maurice, one for me for leaning, and then something about boobs and bums…I’d lost track by that point, busy leaning as I was.

That’s it.
On On,
El Keeno.

The pizza run

Hare: Madonna/Ripper
On On: Hills Forest Carpark, Mundaring Weir

Walkers were treated to a choice of longer or short walks (I believe most took the shorter) and historical items, such as old geological markers on the trees, were also pointed out in flour.

Runners had a meandering and quite scenic route through the forest.  There was quite a few steep hills hidden in those trees, and flour laying could perhaps be described as “novel” in places (I believe the letters were there to highlight items of interest along the way), but it was a solid run, coming in at about 6.5 kms, according to the hand GPS device secreted upon my person.

Madonna did have rather a nasty spill on the day, but word is so far he is recovering well.  I’ll leave it to him to give a blow by blow description upon his return.

On On,
El Keeno

Where horses dare

Hare: Redlight, Red Dwarf, Red Knight, and helper (sorry! forgot her name)
On On: Dampiera Ct, Forrestfield  (or, as it is sometimes known: “the place where the horse always does a wee”)

There was little forewarning as to what was in store, apart from mention of a lack of checks and false trails–but we hear that every week, so it was taken with some suspicion.  But, lo, it turned out to be true, and we set out on a 10.25 km  trek of the highlands of Perth. (Actually, there were some nice houses along the ways, and some bloody nice vistas of Perth, if you’re into that kind of thing–which I sometimes am.)

I am always amazed at the agility of horses.  Yes, they have four legs, but they are rather skinny and the horse is way up there on top of them.  I’d almost expect the poor animal to get dizzy from the view.  So it was a surprise to me to see Redlight’s beast scale those treacherous inclines, and (presumably, as I didn’t see it) descend the equally-dangerous downward slopes.  I’m talking bloody steep…as in on-all-fours steep ups, and slide-on-my-bum steep downs.  But anyway, maybe I’m just a wuss, and the horse is a better man than I (yes, there are all kinds of wrong in that sentence, but I stand by my words!).

Anyways…so run was good, long, steep, and ended at the eski–as all runs should.  So full points there.

Walkers were led on a bit of a goosechase at the start, but made it back in more-or-less the same state they left, so more gold stars there.

In the circle, we witnessed he presentation of the Sash of Shame, in all its sparkly glory.  Pinkbits had the dubious honour of being its first recipient … and look shamed she did. (She even did a “lap of shame” to rub it in to herself.) (I once knew a Santa who had a lap of shame, but that’s another story.)

Ok, I’m over my word quota for the week, so I’ll shut up now.
Until next week.
On On!


Hare: El Keeno
On On: Moola Rd, Glem Forrest

Yes, there were dogs aplenty.  More dogs than you could shake a stick at (and not have it wrenched out of your hand by one or more furry animals).

Due to some areas of bush deciding to burn down and the allocated Hare deciding to hinder that effort, I was last-minute Hare replacement.  Runners and walkers were forewarned about the gravel and gradient (although my first choice was some really nasty paths right at the end of the street!)

Runners ambled south, almost to the far end of Moola Road before climbing back up along the ridge overlooking Hardey Road and then playing catch-up with the walkers.  Here, the descent began, lurching around a bit before yet another steep climb beside Avalon Winery.  I thought runners might not be done by then, so we enjoyed a bit of a meander in the bush between Bailey Road and Moola Road, breaking out just beside Home.

Total time was around the 1 hr mark, about the same as the first of the walkers…with tail-enders continuing in for some time.

Vast supplies of cake (and the usual supply of booze) certainly helped to allay some of the soreness and ease some of the gravel from the wounds.

Presentations for the day included a new clipboard for me (hooray!) and a down-down tray handcrafted by Tickhead (double-hooray!).
There was a naming for Michael, however apart from something to do with a dog and some kind of noise, I can’t recall anything further than that.  (Yes, I conceded defeat in the memory department a long time ago.)

Maybe more happened.
On On
El Keeno