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Bloody legs!

Hare: Red Light/Victoria
On On: Dampiera Court, Maida Vale

Yes, we were warned the going was rough, both verbally and by evidence of the blood running down Vicky’s legs. True to her word, runners were soon pushing thigh-deep through the best scratchy bushes the scarp has to offer. Flour was perhaps a but lighter than it could have been, but for the most part we found our way (except where we didn’t, and just made it up as we went along…but this is Hash, and making stuff up is what we do best). We headed up to the top roads that overlook the city, and then went down again into the next valley.  From there, we hit the On Home…miles from anywhere…nowhere near home. From that, we took the hint that we turn around and make our way all the way back…which we did. Sadly, I missed the eagle’s nest that was above our heads at the time. Maybe next time. I’d like to see one (anyone have pics?) and maybe climb up and caress a baby one. I’m sure they’d like it.

Walkers walked. I saw them heading along the main road, but not sure where they went after that. Ya buggers.

Circle highlights: ah…forget. Cake and bikkies and dip. (especially the cake…my throat remembers that dry, coarse treat fondly)

Go back and check the Hashaway report…I’ve added photos in there.

On On!
El Keeno.

DOSH’s pride mammalian run (now I’m just confused)

Hare: Dripper
On On: top of the zig zag.

I was confused by a lot of what was said by various personages before the run (as indicated by the title), but I did know one thing…the ghost of Dosh’s scarp-based half-marathon still lingers in these hills. It’s almost like our pipeline runs, where year by year we hope to trek over just a portion of that epic length.

Anyway, enough guff. Two runners and a hare ventured forth. Dripper teased us like worms on a hook, sometimes letting us wander astray to discover false trails on our own, other times mercifully reeling us back in and pointing (or at least hinting) the way. We managed to get down to the pipe-head, logger-head, turtle-head dam (choose one only….I forget) and rounded back along Helena Valley Road. The bloody rocks on some of those hills are unforgiving, and we did take our good time on a portion, ensuring our ankles, knees and other bits remained intact. We came over just over an hour mark or thereabouts.

Walkers returned home just before and after us…the circle included cakes for Lady Gaga’s birthday and some left-over spongey cake thing from me. Being Hash Nosh, pea and ham soup awaited at another venue, but I cannot comment on that as I had to rush home to help Hot Mamma mind the kids.

All good.
On On
El Keeno

Hash Away – the report [updated again with photos!]

Where: Dryandra
Hare: Leapfrog/Passiona

Just the bare run report first:
The flour was laid during the rain of the prior day, so there was some speculation that  it might have been washed away or possibly even devoured by local marsupials, leaving only their droppings as thanks for a free meal. Turns out, the trail was fine, and we started across a bit of open space behind our chalets. There we met one of the local walking trails. We did meet a perplexing arrow pointing a hard left from the trail into the bush, and we very sensibly waited for the hare to catch up and confirm/deny if we should follow such directions. Luckily, we did not, for said arrow was actually indicating a point of natural interest, that being a tree. You might think one tree amongst many in a woodland would not stick out, and you might be right, but ther was something very special about this tree. It looked like a cat had scratched it. Maybe there was something even more special than that, but when I’m running my brain doesn’t have a lot of oxygen to spare for absorbing useful trivia…so I pushed on.

The next arrow we came to (also pointing directly left) was far more entertaining, as Passiona saw fit to throw himself on the ground for our viewing pleasure. Thankfully, he was not too worse for ware, and then pointed out a tiny shrub that was our spectacle of the moment.  I did come to one more arrow during the run, but I was alone at that point, and a quick inspection told me it was some sort of novelty toilet-resembling stump? Not sure.

We came home after about 30 mins, so a run of just the right length for the context (of being in the morning, of being after a night of grog).

So the bush trails of Dryandra were a nice and scenic spot for the run. We didn’t spot any critters, but someone did find the tail of some small, deceased beasty, so that was near enough.

On On
El Keeno

Here are some of the impromptu workshops we enjoyed:

  • Pinkbits: How to deliver a humorous story 101
  • Dripper: The woodcutter’s guide to self-rhinoplasty.
  • Just Fig (Dosh’s Sig other): Introduction to  just getting beer and petrol in 10 minutes
  • Hot mamma and Mad Muffin: 10 ways to remove the skin from your tongue using chilli, and other home-based remedies for being comfortable.
  • Passiona: The fundamentals of gravity (and how to resist tripping over anthills)
  • El Keeno: 6 bloody times!
  • Tickhead: What he did in the night–a guide to El Keeno’s bladder function.
  • Little Weed: A scenic guide of Perth to Dryandra, via Kwinana.

I forget much of what else went on….comment away! And please send me some photos to upload.

Hash Away (or, “Read this to know what is going on”)

Hash for the weekend of 12-14 April will be held out of the metro area, at the lovely (it better be!) Dryandra.

Bookings should have been made with Leapfrog (9295 2238). Contact her if you’ve not, and need to.

Here is the link to their website:

When: Friday April 12 (after 2pm) to Sunday April 14 (leaving by 10am)
The run will most-likely be held on the Saturday.

Bring: sleeping bag/bedding + pillow. Clothes for outdoors (could be cold). Hash gear. Bring your own Booze and drinks. All your food, inc. BBQ for Sat night. (It looks like the cottages have all the modern conveniences, such as fridge/stove/loo.)

Hash will supply brunch after the run (I think…not sure now the run is moved from Sunday to Saturday, but just be prepared for anything).

Cost: $20 for adults, kids free. No dogs. Bring yer cash with ya.

Directions: (from their website)
Dryandra Woodland is situated 164km south-east of Perth and 26 km north-west of Narrogin. Signposts are located on Albany Hwy at North Banister and Albany Hwy just north-west of Willams. Sign posts are also found on Great Southern Hwy at Cuballing and at Narrogin. It usually takes less than two hours to travel from Perth.

If travelling from Perth on Albany Hwy, turn left at North Banister, just after the roadhouse (Wandering Rd). Continue for 72 kms until the see the main entrance. Then follow the signs on the unsealed road for 3 kms, until you reach the caretakers cottage.

Entry sign

See you there.


Back at the shoe graveyard…

Hare: P Merah
On On: Victor Rd Power Station, Darlington

There are two ways to go from Victor Rd power station.  One way leads to sheer, treacherous hills, where every footfall could result in a tumbling calamity, a twisted ankle, or broken bumbone.  The other way … is worse.

And today we went the other way. Well, walkers went northwards and did whatever they do (I tend not to pay attention in the circle), but they didn’t bring back any treats or pickups that caught my attention, so I’ll assume it was dull! (Not to say that pickups weren’t picked up, but they cam after the walk…more later)

Runners went forebodingly south. The climb down into the gully was pretty death-defying, and all the while my hashers-intuition told me what was coming.  Our greatest fear.  That two lettered demon. UP!

Actually, it wasn’t too bad. We run around towards the loggerhead dam or whatever it is called, then started winding up towards the top of Glen Road. I lost track of the pack at some stage, and came out somewhat disoriented and confused, somehow in front of everyone and not full of prickles…so I was quite pleased about that. From there, it was an elementary jog (except for those bloody stones that always nearly twist my ankles) down the hill and up onto Victor Road and home. It was a shortish run, especially by P Merah standards, but it was a perfect length for the unseasonably hot weather (and our first 4pm run).

So…all good.

As I hinted at, walkers sighted some roadside pickup and came back with a mood heart thing…and a stool. Mozzies were eating me alive during the circle (and not in a good way) so I was paying attention less than ever. It was something like “Hashers hashing blah blah…Dryandra…down down…Hash.”

But seriously, we’re off to Dryanda next week, so see all the info on the front page about that.

That’s it.
On On,
El Keeno

The Bunny Run

On On: Parkerville Primary
Hare: Effigy/Mrs Wobbly

A beautiful Easter Sunday afternoon with only a handful of hashers the run was from Parkerville primary school set by Effigy. I have unofficially been told that Effigy sets very long runs though all four runners including effigy looked like they enjoyed it (they were some what late in returning – maybe there is some truth to the rumour after all). The walk was through some beautiful bush with some amazing old trees. After the run / walk those that were there enjoyed Easter chocolate (yes, several bunnies were slaughtered and eaten by all), bickies, cheeses and beautiful hummus dip Thanks Red Night and Mrs Wobbly. Best dressed Bunnies went to Lady GAGA and Piping Hot( no surprises there!!) I was given a down down for some unlady like language on a previous run (apologies to everyone except the crank caller)  and I think everybody will be relieved to hear that this time I didn’t choke!! the next run starts at 4pm at Victor Road power station, Darlington

Pickup Chick