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A camel run

On On: Mills Road, Glen Forrest
Hare: Pie Eyed

Theme was camels, in memory of another Pie Eyed run where we descended a “magic carpet” (long story). Some came with tiny camels, some came with camel-related signs affixed to their persons … some came with bones from camels now deceased, but the camel theme was strong (there were even camel shaped treats after the run!)

So: rather strangely we had to climb over a fence to begin, but the experience was enjoyed. For the runners, the large amount ¬†“downness”was a sign of things to come. False trails were aplenty, and so we made it to the pipeline on the Helena River(?) there and came back up, almost requiring those spiky clamp-on shoe things that climbers wear when they climb steep things…
Oh! I nearly forget the 3 K’s I spotted during the run, which highlighted local features of interest. Being vague as I am, I can’t remember what those things were, but I did spot some rocks!

We made it back Home, some sooner than others. Yowie being one who made it back soonest. GPS not quite so soon. (And to my embarrassment I went out to find him, only to get myself lost…but made it back in time for the circle)

So, a good time was had by all.

On On
El Keeno

On On: Their place
Hare: Passiona/Leapfrog

I had a dig at Passiona, that it would be hard to find some new territory for us to pound in this very familiar location…but I was not disappointed! There wasn’t a whole lot, but enough new turf to keep me satisfied. So job well done. Run came in at about 1 hr, although some of us were pretty slack for the latter half. Young Frodo was running, and did a pretty decent job of keeping his little legs going for as long as he did.

That’s about it on the run side. The highlight was the soup! Pea and ham, and a super-mix of whatever everyone put in. Both were beaut, and there was lots of bread, and even a special dessert birthday cake for Passiona –with a cheer for Frodo added in, thanks ūüėČ There were of course lots of other treats brought by all and sundry, so thanks to all.

The fire was warm and the massive bonfire was also quite the spectacle. I jumped over it a few time, but I don’t think anyone noticed. Actually, I was waiting for the bloke on his quad-bike to come flying through the flames. But, alas…disappointment.

Ah….that’s it.
El Keeno.


AGM Report Roundup

Date: 20 July 2013
Venue: Cafe Mueller, Midland

It was a very business like affair. We got straight to business, with very little messing around.

2013-2014 positions:
(In order of me remembering them)

Grand Master: GPS
Vice: Dripper
On Sec: Pink Bits
Hash Nosh: Red Light
Hash Cash/Historian/Flash and more: Leap Frog
Hash Horn: Passiona
Hash Hacker: El Keeno
Hash Mash: I forget…whoever has bandaids at the time.
Any more?
OH! The Monk (Religious Advisor): Tickhead

Awards: (Again, from memory)
Hare of the Year: Dripper
Hound of the Year: El Keeno
Run of the Year: Madonna
Horn’s Award (or whatever it’s called): Tickhead/PickupChick Family
umm…any more?

Special…And a special new award was created: someone might have to correct me on this: “Madonna’s Special Falling Down Award” (or something to that effect)
It was a nice red brassiere, the idea being if one fall’s over, one’s fall is cushion by the cushions, so to speak.

Ah…what else. We have soup, food and dessert. A few drinks were had, but we were utterly well behaved. There was some talk of blowing off, but I cast that from my mind.

Yep….add more below if ye dare:

Car in Bush

Hares: Dripper/Pink Bits
On On: opposite the Parky, Parkerville.

No power all day and some juicy toys just arrived in the mail. Therefore:
It was a good run. We saw a car in the bush.
Add your own details.

[update] Yes, I admit to being slack, but it was worth it as the below comments are much better than my usual half-arsed attempts.  Also, I am now over my Oculus Rift (a fancy VR computer gizmo) induced motion sickness and can move/speak/type again without feeling ill.

On On
El Keeno

Guy Fawkes of July

On On: DOSH’s place, Bickley
Hare: DOSH/El Keeno

Best. Bonfire. Ever.
That’s all I need to say.

Well, the run and walk were well received. I heard some muttering about “cheating hare” and “scoundrel”, but paid it no mind, knowing myself to be perfect in most respects.

Kerbside pickups seemed primarily parts of a car…down-downs were downed. Usual stuff.

But, cutting to the chase, the best bits are usually after the run/walk anyway. It was a cold night, so the fire in DOSH/Just Fig’s backyard was a godsend. Marshmallows were toasted (and sometimes annihilated), children screamed and bounced on the trampoline, we had sausages, chips, pie and cake. A great start to the hashing year.

On On
El Keeno

Details for AGM

The AGMCM is on JULY 20 at 6.40PM (note change in time!) ¬†at….Cafe Mueller…12 William St Midland

The meal is a set menu of……Beef and veg soup with home baked German style bread¬† $10
Chicken Snitzel with potatoes and lettuce leaves with a gentle dressing $15
Baked cheesecake (freshly baked at the same time as the bread )
or Black forrest ice cream  $6 I think or $8
Tea and coffee available (bottomless cup )
Eftpos available
There will be a separate price for the kids but not sure what it is yet.

You only order the bits you want and if there are any dietry requirements PLEASE LET PINK BITS KNOW ASAP !

Oh What a Lovely Firefighter !!!

Hare: Dripper
On On: Zy..Zan..that nursery  in Maida Vale

The Hare was Redlight but she wasn’t available to set the run so Dripper did it ! I’m not sure what happened but the runners ran about and around somewhere with or without trail and the walkers followed flour and W’s and got back WELL before the runners.( Dripper did say it was a looooooooooong run !)¬† At the circle it was the usual suspects being fined or getting down downs and of course the birthday peoples being congratulated !!!!

It was a good turn out but only a paltry number of Hashers dressed up ! The theme was ” Firefighters ” and those who did dress up put on a fine show particularily the Tickhead family of course ! ¬†¬†¬†¬† Photos to follow.
The stars of the day were Redknight and Redlight with Redknight resplendent in an IRON MAN outfit. Well it was red anyway !!!

– Pink Bits