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Sheer Awesomeness

Hare: El Keeno
On On: Stirk Park, Kalamunda

Being scribe has its advantages. Firstly, I get to write my own run reviews. Second…well, there is no second, so let’s get back to number 1.

An awesome bunch assembled in an awesome park, ready for the awesome run. There was awe everywhere. It was full of awe. Truly awful.

A small bunch started up towards the hospital before breaking left into bushland. There are some really very nice winding trails in that area. Unfortunately, not many of them were on the run or walk as I didn’t discover them until I’d already laid the flour, so consider them saved up for next time. I had been waiting all Sunday morning for the rain to pass, and when it finally did (at 12:30) I was in a bit of a rush. I then managed to lose myself several times, and finally finished laying the flour by 3:20pm, leaving me just enough time to zoom home and pick up the kids. Needless to say, I was rather weary before the run had even begun.

Anyway, I received my fair share of Hare’s Delight (a term I have just patented) watching the runners falling for my false trails (*evil laugh here)…so as always, worth it in the end.

On On
El Keeno


Hare: P Merah
On On: Hubert St, Darlington


Darlington has a slim chance of being listed in any collations of flattest regions of the earth. One probable reason for this is that the word flat is entirely unknown to the local inhabitants.

Or so it seemed during our recent run. I am sure the hill we climbed must have some kind of nickname for the locals…”Widowmaker” or “Everest” or the likes. Actually, I have decided I like hills more than valleys. Climbing a hill means you just have to run down it again. Crossing a valley means going down, up a hill, and having to repeat the process to return…so twice the hills of a hill, if that makes any sense.

It was quite nice where we were running, with a few spots I had yet to experience. It must have been especially nice for GPS and Madonna, who spent more time out there than most, perhaps enjoying the sights.
No curbside pickups that I recall…

The runner formerly known as Vicky now has a Hash handle. Only, I forget what it is. Someone please post in the comments.

Hash Nosh followed…salad, potato salad ad a leg of ham! Yummo.

On On

Glen Forrest Run

Hare: Dripper
On On: Morgan J Morgan Reserve, Glen Forrest

Yes, as the title suggest, my imagination has run dry. Thankfully, you get a blow by blow description of the run, rather than my usual verbal diarah … direah … dribble.

The Hare’s description of events leading up to setting the run was worth the ticket price alone, but the run still ticked all the right boxes. We had a bit of a jaunt around Glen Forrest, zigging left and going east when I thought we might have been zigging right and heading down towards the bridle trail…so a few unexpected twists. We came home after about 36 mins, so short by some standards, but perfect by mine.

Walkers had very little of interest to report during the circle. I think they might have dozed off a bit. (or was it me?)

I snuck off early, but others stayed behind for the BBQ. Who knows what adventures were had? Certainly not I!

Ah…That’s all I’ve got.

Until next time.
On On
El Keeno.

Goodbye, Helena (Tavern)

On On: Mount Helena
Hare: SRB

We welcomed three new walkers and then set off along the forewarned awful beginning of the run. Actually, it was a rather normal beginning, being perhaps only awful in comparison to the awesome remainder of the run. The trail was tricky (tricksy, for all you LOTR fans) and interesting. Front runners were caught up a few times heading the wrong way, with last become first, and first become last–several times (which is what Hash is all about, I suppose). The only downside to the run  was that we did pass an alpaca (woeful beasts indeed). Runners caught the walkers in the final 100m or so of the run, with a quick sprint Home for some, followed by a healthy bout of floppy-limbs.

Vicky had the honour of donning the Madonna Award for the run (the nice red bra). And Madonna received it for next time for allegedly spilling some blood.

Hashers went off to the Mount Helena Tavern for a meal after, as the pub is soon shutting its doors. I didn’t go, so I have no idea what happened there, although I bet it was good.

On On
El Keeno