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The Wedding Run

Hare: Dripper
On On: Boya Oval

‘Twas a resplendent affair. Hashers donned their finest garb. There were stockings and dresses. Bosoms were pert and prominent. ┬áThe women looked fine too.

So, yes, we were gathered to celebrate the wedding of Red Light and Red Dwarf, in the most Hashingest of ways. Beginning, as always, we had our run and walk. It was fine. Although now I realise why jackets and ties are seldom worn during competitive sports.

After the run, we had to hurry things along slightly faster than planned due to the threat of rain, so we huddled around the splendidly decorated table for photos, and then it was time for the ceremony. Celebrant of the day was Dripper, and he gave a warm and very Hashlike speech. The vows were exchanged and a ring was worn (literally one ring, that joined them together–I thought it was a knuckle-duster at first). Then was the the kissing…oh, the endless kissing! The happy couple almost turned blue from posing for all the photos (well, maybe not). Petals were thrown. Bubbles were blown. Boobs came popping out, splashing everywhere.

Finally, cake, and chips and nibblies (not to forget the rocky road!) came out, also join-celebrating Tickhead’s birthday. She barely looked a day over 39 and a half. (Edit: I mean “he”…bit of a Freudian slip there…although he did look quite fetchin.)

On On,
El Keeno

P1040222 (Small)wedding

Pea and Ham

On On: MJ Morgan. Glen Forrest.
Hare: Pink Bits

Hashers are a stout lot, but today’s runs started with a rather hazardous water crossing that had the runners nervous. No one likes wet socks at the start of a run!

It was a great run through some surprising and interesting spots I’d never seen before. Only 3 runners, but we were kept together for most of the run by some devious Ts. After curling around a bit, we were led down to the bridle trail and directed on a long On Home back to MJ Morgan Reserve. Wildflowers abound. I’m told the Tiger Snakes are also out in force, but thankfully not in this area…or perhaps we were lucky enough not to step on any.

Anyway, sorry I had to nip off early. Place events form the circle and feedback of soup below!
On On
El Keeno

A run with Heart!-field park (terrible, I know)

On On: Hartfield Park, Forrestfield
Hares: Pink Bits, GPS

Twas the loveliest run I’d done all the day,
We wounded and woved in wonderful ways,
Round a lake, across sand, down a street, past a duck,
Then the trail disappeared, like the Hare gave a —

And we’ll leave it there.
Yes, we started with some nice paths in parkland, but the run quickly digressed into a nasty urban environment. No, I kid you…I was quite surprised by the little strips of creeks and park in that area. Trail was tricky in spots and a fairly decent length. I don’t think we did get an explanation for the missing several hundred metres of flour near the end of the run, but I suppose we made it home with all limbs intact, so we can’t complain.

That’s it. You got a poem. Don’t push it!
On On,
El Keeno


Swan View

Hare: Tickhead/Pickup Chick
On On: Their place, Swan View

It was a fairly straightforward run. Then we got to halfway, turned around and ran straight forward again (*drum hit!). Lame joke aside, it was just what I needed for a lazy Sunday where my arteries were feeling especially clogged. Flour was heavy and hard to miss…maybe could have been spaced out a bit more from checks, but certainly no one got lost. The circle was the usual haze of confusion and mind-numbing pain (in a good way). We were even entertained by some singing of the Hills Hash song.

There were no curbside pickups that I recall, but there was an interesting deposit on the laneway by the railway tracks, including a full drumkit (well past its prime) and a whole pile of miscellaneous matter.

On On
El Keeno