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Runless in Seatle, or Mundaring.

A reasonable turnout for the Sculpture Park run, hastily taken over by yours truly from Passiona who was indisposed due to a condition known as “down at the cottage”. And, sadly, when the group was all aboard who was going aboard, it turned out that the only runner was, in fact, the hare.

Being a gregarious sort, the hare decided not to run all on his own but to join the pack of walkers and leave the run to it’s own devices. It was a short, but lovely walk, with Hoover having to be captured for a short lead, as this was considered politic what with being next to the dog pound.

In the circle afterwards Tickhead was congratulated for completing the 100Km walk, although he had to sit out our walk as he couldn’t. At the end of the circle a dozen of us retired to the new Indian in Mundaring, and made a meal of it.

On On,

Long bits

Hare: Uphill/Downhill
On On: Sawyers Valley

We started from beside the electrical sub-station with a few guests from other Hash clubs–always good to see.

It was not a long run, but it didn’t need to be. It’s good to have a variety of length, and treading those shady forest paths is always enjoyable. No steep ups or downs, but plenty of gentle slopes. I managed to get lost for about 50% of the duration, but found my way home in time for drinks, which is always a plus. A pony joined us today. I think the novelty is starting to wear off. Maybe if he/she started wearing a hat?

Nothing outlandish to note. A solid effort form the Hare/s. Much enjoyed.

On On
El Keeno

The flat run

On On: Greenmount
Hare: El Keeno


Hare, El Keeno Welcomed us all to his run with an unlikely blurb about “no hills, water crossings and mud”. The water crossings and mud were right, but the run had nothing flat about it. Initially heading down, before heading up to about the highest point on the scarp. Rather than use perfectly good tracks, he chose to blaze his own through the scratchy scrub. The “Hash Halt” in the middle of nowhere was somewhat disappointing, as there was no beer and not even a good view:(

The walkers, however, were treated to a close encounter with a rather large kangaroo and some lovely wild flowers. The pizza after the circle was much appreciated.