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The run after Xmas

We gathered at Redlight and Red Dwarf’s house. It was a jointly set run by Redlight (walk) and Dripper (run) There were some new people/visitors…

We ran/walked. We came back, had drinks and circle. Dripper had managed to find the ONLY hill in the area (a slight incline, I believe) so the runners had a “hill” The walk was pleasant with a park and playground included( would have been a good drinks stop ..) The GM charged people for silly things like talking and not listening to him and other nonsense. The Monk made his own family ( what a thing to do ) have some down-downs for some reason or other !

We then proceeded to have a lovely BBQ with Champers and Hibiscus flowers ( you had to be there ! ) and slowly the sunset over another great Hash run. ON ON
Pink Bits

The Xmas Run

Hare: El Keeno
On On: Greenmount

We gathered an hour early and set off in the high heat of the day. As Hare, I’d set the walkers a short jaunt around the block. For the runner, I’d planned a half hour run, but it did drag towards the 40 minute mark…thanfully we all made it back before heat stroke set in.

Well, the boring bits done it was time for eat, drink and mirth. There was food coming our of the woodwork (figuratively speaking. I think it was just ants coming out of the woodwork) and when Father Christmas turned up in his svelte, streamlined running costume, we knew we were in for a treat.

Presents were distributed, children were goaded onto Santa’s lap … it was a spectacle to behold. Quite worn out (and after testing out his special Santa-face-cover for the odd occasion he might need to remain unrecognised), poor old Santa needed a quick dip in the pool. After that jolly frolic, he disappeared as if by magic (I’m assured he didn’t drown), and the frivolities continued.

Desserts followed dinner, and the crowed eventually waned …. another fine Hash Christmas party was done.

On On,

El Keeno


you’re not kidding

Hare: Redlight
On On: Hardinge Rd, Orange Grove

The hare mentioned there would be some steep terrain…she wasn’t kidding. Just when I thought we had run out of “up”, there was much more “up” to be had. This led to a long downward stretch at the end, and a nice saunter home. I was much impressed with the area, which I must admit to not having experiencing before. The small park and playground area was nice, and–very unusually for many Perth parks–people were actually using it.

Only a few words for this week’s review. Brain strain.

On On,
El Keeno


Ghost Hare

On On: Boya quarry
Hare: Dripper

A text message, painstakingly read by GPS on his 1920s era handphone, explained that the Hare would be operating the run by remote–from his skyscraper HQ in the city. It was a novel approach that future Hare’s may consider, especially as it helps them avoid down-downs and fines in the circle. (Dripper: in your absence you were dobbed in for being Santa again this year.)

The run followed the train line all the way to the top of Scott Street, meandering back through the urban streets of Koongamia and Helena Valley. Sight of interest was the house with an assortment of human sculptures and a giant swan looming overhead.

Treat of the day was freshly topped meringues courtesy of Pickup Chick and Piping Hot, to celebrate Piping Hot’s recent birthday.

On On,
El Keeno