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A to B

Hare: El Keeno
On On: my place, Greenmount

I’d been hoping for a slightly cooler day. It wasn’t too bad, but the humidity was high so I was worried I might lose some participants along the wayside.  Everyone made it home intact, although Effigy tried to get out of the run early by throwing his head against the underside of our house.

The run last about an hour, threading through Swan View and into the nature reserve beside the cemetery, ending at the Stratton shops…so about 7.5 km. Keeping that in mind, the runners kept up an  impressive pace.  Hot Mama arrived in the Tarago and zipped us all home. Luckily, being the svelte bunch we are, we all fit comfortably and there was probably room for 2 or 3 more in the car.

Walker’s had a tough hill to overcome in the form of Stirling Street…so pats on backs for all making it up there.

After we enjoyed a selection of dishes while waiting for the Australia Day fireworks. They were visible and audible…just…and of course we enjoyed the great selection of classic Aussie hits courtesy of 94.5.

On On
El Keeno

Hot hot hot!

Hares: Dripper, Pint Bits
On On: Garvey Park, Ascot

Another hot summer day…another Hash. We absconded from the hills for the flats and started beside the river. It was hot.

Enthusiasm was high for most of the run, but once we got the whiff of home it suddenly became a good day for a stroll, and most runners ambled along the return stretch, pausing at a sprinkler to recover some much needed moisture. A bit of a sea breeze had come in by then, and it was much welcome.

Following the run was a great Nosh…snags and salad.

On On
El Keeno

GPS’ B’day run

On On: Glen Forrest shops
Hare: GPS

Oh!  the Heat !

It was a VERY hot day and quite sombre due to the terrible Stoneville fire !  Various Hashers stayed home to keep an eye on ther properties.  Still it was GPS’s Big Birthday Bash and as Hare, he didn’t want to lose anyone so made the run/walk shortish ! A small but keen group headed off running and walking on the same trail.

The walk was quite pleasant and quite a bit in the shade. There was a mix of bush, road and bridle path. (INSERT DRIPPERS BIT HERE) We gathered back for drinks and a slice of Birthday cake. The Birthday Boy was photographed and had a down down. All the celebrations went to his head and as stand in monk, he doled out down downs to all and sundry.

Afterwards,10 of us went to the Chinese restaurant and carried on the birthday celebrations !!! Thanks for a great meal GPS !
Pink Bits

Round the bridge(s)

On On: South Perth foreshore
Hares: Mucky Drawers and Zimmerman

We gathered far from our normal haunts for a run on the very lovely foreshore. Twas also the last time we’d see our Hares, as they are returning to their native shores in Grenada.

Walkers were escorted westwards towards the South Perth jetty and back, while runners were directed east and left to our own devices. The thought of rounding both bridges was a bit too much for us, so we modified the run on the go, and ran around Herrison Island (sp?) instead, which was just about spot on with regards to length.

Following, we were treated to some brilliant curry puffs and other things that I cannot now recall…but they were also splendid, so the Hares went well and truly beyond the call of duty this time.
A great day and a fantastic run.

On On
El Keeno

Boxer shorts run…

Hare: Dripper/Red Dwarf
On On: End of Helena Valley Rd

Red Dwarf set the walker’s trail while Dripper organised for the runners to tackle the south face of a nearby mountain–or so it seemed. There was quite a bit of walking to be done up the awful, awful incline…but somehow all that awful combined to make a solid and enjoyable run. I remember fondly the cool breeze that caressed my back as I stumbled into Home.

The circle seemed to drag on for ages…probably because I was standing opposite a delectable looking chocolate cake, brought for the purpose of celebrating Red Dwarf’s birthday.

Also, Redlight: I think I still have a glass bowl of yours. I’ll bring it next week.

On On
El Keeno