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Hare: El Keeno
On On: Norris Park, Stoneville

The recent bushfires provided some eye-openers as we passed the many burnt houses, properties, and the many blackened trees.  Runners headed down to the Stoneville Store (where I have fond memories of buying half-cent choc buds and freckles–although it was a very different Stoneville Store back then).  From there they coursed along Richardson Road, towards Parkerville for a spell, then cutting back up the back of Stoneville much of the way towards Hillston (not sure what it is now), and back to Home along Old Farm Lane. Total time was about 55 mins for both walkers and runners.

On On
El Keeno

It was Monkey’s friend

Hare: Redlight
On On: Wattle Grove

No…it was not Pigsie.  It was the other Monkey’s friend.  Sandy.

Yes, sand was present in vast quantities, and across it we ran and walked and trod and groaned.  Better yet, we did it in our undies.  Ladies undies too.

Being the annual Lingerie Run we were all in our best kit. Some of the menfolk were worryingly attractive. Anyway,  after carefully answering my children’s queries about all the cross-dressing going on, we actually got to running. It was fine, heading up to a little lakey thing, circling around and then heading back.  After we were treated to nosh of hamburgers.

On On
El Keeno

swim, don’t run.

Hare: Leapfrog, sort of
On On: Bilgoman pool, sort of

There was no actual run, instead we met to swim.  Bilgoman being Bilgoman, I was shivering just looking at it. Most ventured in.  I was not part of that most, having had enough of that particular pool when being thrown in by nuns in my childhood.  But enough of my personal trauma, my kidlings all jumped in for a splash, as did the rest of the Hash youngsters. There was some serious lap-swimming done, and statistically speaking at least one Hasher peed in the pool (just kidding…most probably did).

Hashers then picnickered or bbqed, and it was very much a social day.  Proceeds for the dayof $100  were donated to Wings of Love (from memory–do please correct me if I am wrong), a charity that assists people who are very ill travel to visit family (please also help me correct this, if it is not quite accurate).

On On
El Keeno

By the river

Hare: Yowie
On On: beside the river, beside Garett Rd Bridge

Quite a large pack today. Not much I can say about the run itself one as I pulled my calf 30 seconds in and had to turn around.

Good to see Dosh’s latest bub.

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On On
El Keeno