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Steepy steepo

On On: Glen Rd, Darlington
Hare: P Merah

(Yes, I was desperate for a name for this one.)

Considering the starting point at the very top of Charles Road, surrounded by nothing but massive drops, we were always going to be in for some hills.  The Hare was not shy in taking us up or down steep country, nor in cutting through thick bush, crossing rivers, descending treacherous drops on our bottoms…you get the picture.  Not that I’m trying to sound disparaging.  Quite the opposite. It was a solid run and very enjoyable.  Biggles even had a swim mid way. (We did question the Hare about all the beer bottles dropped along the route of the run, but he assured us the empties were already there.)

The only problem we had was that we had to wait several minutes to open our drinks, as we beat the walkers Home.  It was tough, but we persevered.

On On
El Keeno

Just a note: please notice we have now switched to 4pm starts for winter.


Hare: El Keeno
On On: Charles Rd, Mahogany Creek

Thankfully, I didn’t get nearly as lost setting the run this time, so I managed to finish it well in good time to actually begin.  From the end of Charles Road we scooted up to O’Connor Road, down the steep gravel, and back east from there. Not much to say really, except new runner Simon managed to find just about every false trail.  Meanwhile, Sam was racing along like a rocket.

We came back to home along the skirts of the tip.  I’d added an extra 10 minute loop at the end, worried the run/walk might both be too short, but we came Home at 50 mins to an hour, so it wasn’t needed.

Highlight (lowlights?) in the Circle included:

  • accusations of vomity pants,
  • sticky hair,
  • a fine for giving out super-secret Hash knowledge to new runners,
  • seemingly friendly unknown dog striking with stealth pee, and
  • no jokes from Pink Bits

On On,
El Keeno



Run without a run (or: Saint Pat’s lament)

On On: Hardgine Park, Orange Grove
Hare: El Keeno

[including photos below, courtesy of Biggus Dickus]

I was a late sub to act as Hare, and there began an afternoon of unfortunate mishaps.  Five minutes into setting the trail I ran out of path and decided to go bush a bit.  What started out as a slight deviation turned into a battle with nature, with nature coming out on top. After 1.5 hrs I was stuck on a hill surrounded by impenetrable gullies of thick prickles.  The last straw was when I went to open my 3rd and final bag of flour (yes, I’d used two bloody bags of flour tramping around in circles!) only to discover my last bag of flour was actually a bag of sugar (damn you, black and gold!!!!) So I laid about 50 metres of trail before the sugar ran out and was still miles from home, with an unfinished trail and 1/2 an hour until the run actually started.  From there I pushed straight through the bush and found my way home, quite happy to be back.  Checking my GPS, I’d covered a total of 3kms, including all the backtracking and a few false trails I’d set at the start–so all in all: a dismal failure.

So when the opening circle began, everyone took the news of there being no set run quite well.  Runners took off along the road leading into parkland, walkers followed.  40 minutes or so we were back, and were greeted to a delightful treat of Guiness Pie, followed by Guiness cake.  (Did I mention it was a St. Patrick’s day run and we were all dolled up in green?)

We also welcomed a few new runners, and enjoyed the company of guests from Pattaya: Biggus-Dickus and Hawkeye.

So, in typical Hash fashion, the run was a bit of a stuff-up, which everyone took very well.

That’s it.
On On,
El Keeno

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Cruel and unusual punishment

Hares: Effigy and Mrs Wobbly
On On: Parkerville

I have to say it was a very enjoyable trail.  The Hares got up to their usual tricks, absolutely confounding the pack, to such a degree that Leapfrog was front-walking the runners for a brief spell.  It was good for me too as I was a bit limpy, but still managed to get to the front a few times, what with the front-runners off on all those false trails (sometimes never to return!).  We discovered the super-secret Parkerville playground, hidden away where townies will never find it, and all those little snickets* between the houses are quite delightful.

The circle was its usual chaotic hodgepodge of this, that and the other.  I really don’t pay attention any more, unless there is some mention of food (which there was only briefly). Pinkbit’s joke was surprisingly funny (or so I recall, even though I cannot now remember what it was)…the cheese platter was delicious.

On On
El Keeno

* snicket: a little laneway/passageway between houses (thanks Leapfrog for the term).  Urban Dictionary also states that it should be partially vegetated, dimly lit and have bollards at both ends.

Dave: Where’s the pub, mate?
Kev: Down’t road, first snicket on’t right, pas’t badger and on’t left.

Who was this Glen Forrest person anyway?

Hare: Dripper
On On: Morgan J Morgan Reserve, Glen Forrest

So Glen Forrest is named after John Forrest.  It was originally Smiths Mill, but whoever Smith was, he must have upset someone and the area was thus renamed…but I still have no idea who Glen is.  John’s nephew?

I was rather shocked to be in the “train playground”–as my kids call it–in hot weather.  For some reason I associate the area with puddles and splashing and kids sopping wet (and dog’s competing in various games).  Anyway, so runners and walkers set off uphill, heading west. Walkers split off rejoin the bridle path and head home (after negotiating a tricky gravel slope of which we were forewarned), while runners wizzy-wigged the top end of the district to arrive back Home via Hardey Road.

Skimpy did some special orienteering work near the end, forging his own path Home.

A delightful BBQ followed, with some great salad supplied by Made Muffin, and home-baked bread from Leapfrog.

On On
El Keeno