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Bush block

Hare: El Keeno
On On: Strettle Rd, Mahogany Creek

With the threat of rain, I laid the flour thick (going through four bags, which is a personal record), but the weather ended up remaining fine.  Most of the run was kept within the Strettle Road Reserve, which is a nice bit of bush with some narrow winding paths, as well as some broader fire breaks.  Runners basically ran all four sides of the block (it’s not really very big), with a bit of zigzagging in the middle.  Runners and walkers alike popped out onto a short section of road just shy of Don and Annie’s Mahogany Creek Store (I know it has a new name now…but I can’t quite recall it–the second-hand place).

In the short stretch that we ran along the bridle trail, someone decided to help us by kicking away much of the flour, but thankfully it didn’t cause any problems on that straight section.  There were lots of cyclists and walkers out that day, which is always good to see.

I have to admit to providing vague directions Home for the walkers, and a few managed to wander in the wrong direction.  So I will be sure to include a bit more flour next time.  (My legs are still aching from that extra run around the block look for them, so that has learned me!)

That’s it.  On On
El Keeno

Brekky Run

On On: Lake Leschenaultia
Hare: Passiona/Leapfrog

I am not a morning person.  I’ve long know that fact.  My body knows it too.  When forced to run at 9:30am it does so grumpily.  My eyes provide only a weak,  milky tunnel vision.  My muscles contract stubbornly, as if saying “oh, all right then, but we won’t make this easy!”  My lungs don’t really expand and contract, but rather just sag and flop sadly about, absorbing any air that happens to collide with them without so much as a hint of enthusiasm.  Oxygen molecules aren’t so much drawn into my chest, but wander down my windpipe like nightwatchmen checking a darkened laneway after hearing a strange, strained gurgling noise.

Sorry, getting slightly carried away.

So, we had a breakfast run for Easter.  The run was wisely set at about 30 mins.  We ran and remembered how much we like afternoons.  Walkers rounded the lake.  Numbers were low due to  the long weekend, but that only made the bacon and sausages spread further.  Yes, we had our photo taken in our splendid sleepwear (which I forgot to mention we ran in).

Easter checked off for another year.

On On
El Keeno

Life on Neptune (street)

Hare: SRB
On On: Neptune Street, Mt Helena

A Tight Pack and a Stray Dog !

Apparently it was a great run, marred only by an interloper ! Pablo who interloped… It was his dog that got lost as well, Oh, and apparently GPS got lost but it was deemed more mislaid ! ! !

The walk was superb in nice bushland.. Well done Scarlett !

Short but sweet this week

Pink Bits ( and I wasn’t even there ! )