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Chalk and no cheese

Hare: Rusty
On On: Skimpy’s place, Helena Valley

Rusty set a cracker of a run, starting with some curly shenanigans around Skimpy’s block,  followed by some curious creeping through some bushes alongside the road, and then off and over into bushland.  With all the back and forwards, the walkers managed to keep up with–and sometimes overtake–us. (Special mention to Jessie (aged 4) and Tumbletoes (6), who led the pack for a good twenty metres.)

There was some challenge in following the toilet paper markers, once we got to what was essentially a tip, with rubbish strewn all around.  Then, somewhere along the line we got ourselves turned around and came out of a false trail the wrong way.  Somehow, I mistakenly took a few shortcuts here and there– at times I have a terrible sense of direction!

BBQ followed, as well as promised fire, which was much appreciated on the cold night. Dosh’s apple pie was okay…I’d force myself to eat it again. 😛

On On,
El Keeno

Whose dog did that?

Hare: Pablo
On On: Coolgardie St, Mundaring

Once upon a day so dreary
Hashers Hashed back Home unweary
because, as I must now report:
the run was done, the run was short.

The Hare did fret we’d all complain,
if caught out running in the rain.
Perhaps the Hare forgot that day:
we’d keep complaining anyway.

Report: so yes, a slightly short run, designed in case of rain, but still enjoyed.  Some nice false trails that caused us to track back a few times.  Somehow both the Hare and the pack managed to run in the wrong place on several occasions, as they sure weren’t where I was, and I was fairly sure I was in the right spot. (Perhaps they were slightly more “on trail” than me, but that is just a minor point.)

Walkers all came back alive, so full points there.

Note: AGM soon, so bring back any trophies, awards ASAP.  Bring back any lame duck, Madonna’s pointy bra or whatever paraphernalia might still be with you.


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Hare: P Merah
On On: Hubert St, Darlington

Runs in this locale are sure to involve some “ups and downs!” but it seemed like we were on an inspection tour of each and every calf-destroying and knee-knackering hill to be found-and I’m sure we did a couple twice!  After last week I was kind of hoping for a flatter run…which I did NOT receive at all (two black marks in my book).  Added to that was the signature P Merah shortcut across scrub (one black mark for that).  However, I have to add four smiley stamps for it being a good dose of exercise and a well-set, well-marked run…so a very positive result overall.

Walkers reported back that they had an ace time.

Nosh was two kinds of curry: chicken and tomato.  The chicken was delightful.  I heard the tomato was even better, but due to my belief in not being cruel to vegetables, I did not partake in the heartless practice of devouring them.

Guest of the day was the very-keen neighbour’s dog. (Oh, and welcome to the new walkers as well.)

On On,
El Keeno

Photos ( of us all standing around looking very cold) courtesy of Passiona:

Hash140615-3 Hash140615-4 Hash140615-1 Hash140615-2

Any stort in a porm

Hare: Dripper and Pink Bits
On On: Joshua Mews, Millendon

It started badly with a long false trail at the top of a tall hill…and only went downhill from there–except when we were following other false trails up other hills…in these instances it went uphill again.

I counted four such nasty events.  There may have been more, but after the bribery of imbibery (of the alcoholic kind), the false trails were becoming a bit of a blur.  Yes, we were served with port, lemonade, and far too much “T”.

Actually, we met the walkers with perfect timing by the Hares to enjoy our drinks at about the halfway mark.  It was a steep tract of land, and the Hare of runners had to do his best to give us a workout in the confined space.  Mission successful. I think we received our full year’s quota of “steep”.

Thankfully the forecast rain held off, with just a couple of light sprinkles.  We had cheese.

That’s it,
On On.
El Keeno.

Run of the mill

Hare: Passiona
On On: Forsyth Mill, Chidlow

A big turnout considering it was a long weekend.  Run was a tad short, not in time or length, but in that we arrived back before the walkers…and thus had no access to beer.  A very unfortunate situation.  Still, we survived.

Cedric became “Baldric”…down-downs were given for such sins as “showing up”, and “bringing your family”.  Passiona liked the place so much he came back for another look, and Little Weed could barely bring herself to leave.
Hoover rolled in something stinky.  I stood too close to the crisps (and ate too many).
That’s it.

On On
El Keeno