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Hills Trek, where no one has gone before, at least, not today.

Passiona, having been dragged unwillingly from slumber by the ever organized Leapfrog (yes Uphill and Downhill I spelled that with a “z”, it’s the kind of devil may care rebel I am) then discovered the cancellation of the much awaited “Trek-the-Trail” and found himself messaging other Hashers to inform them of our trailessness (and now I’m making words up).

Meanwhile, just on the lower slopes of the Scarp, Pink Bits, Maid Muffin and Dripper made plans for a Trek of their own. Passiona and Leapfrog decided to go for a wander around Sawyers Valley, and the three of the more vertically challenged abodes, decided to strike a brave path along the wilds of the Parkerville Bridle Trail. Throwing caution to the wind (of which, it turns out, there was a reasonable amount) they headed down the hill from Main Muffins domicile, turning Eastward to who knows where.

After a time the brave trio stopped to look at an owner built house, climbing a treacherous rocky path in order to see the sign reading…

“owner builder”.

Then they went home. Or, at least attempted to do so when the rain and storm started in earnest. Which is when they made the fateful decision to stop at By The Brooke, have a jolly nice brekky with some lovely coffee and let Maid Muffins Lieutenant (can everyone please pronounce “Leff-tenant ” in their head just there?) came to pick us up.

Everyone will be happy to know we did a down-down and sang the Hash Song, right before they tossed us out…

On On,

I was sent for a long weight

Well, the first thing we noticed about the run was that the Parky has become a bit more popular on a Sunday Arvo than it used to be. Having negotiated the one or two parking spots available the assembled group were ready and waiting for my pearls of wisdom.

Now, long before (although in the same Galaxy, more or less) I had been informed by various of “Team Hash” that (a) some could not help with the walk and (b) I shouldn’t set a walk. So, with some trepidation, I left the walkers in the care of Leapfrog, who promised that the falls she wanted to see “weren’t that far”.

Shortly before the hare had been busted trying to cross private property, so the run, rather than being a shade long, was actually a bit short. Suffice it to say that the runners had plenty of time for a couple of cartons of beer and a surfing holiday to Bali whilst we waited for the return of the final walkers. We amused ourselves watching Pink Bits waving frantically from the verandah of the Parky Pub.

After the circle (consisting largely of observations of how dark it was) a group retired to the Pub, meeting a long time lost Two Stroke.

Everyone agreed they had had a really really long time.

On On,


On On: Owen Rd, Parkerville
Hare: Dripper

Only four runners plus hare, and me recovering from a recent bout of laziness (and a bit of a cold) that had me walking most of the time.

Walkers set out on an epic adventure to get to Hovea Falls. Two made it and none died trying, but it took them yonks. Photos were displayed to prove the feat, but most of the hounds had disbanded by the time the triumphant pair returned, so it will live in history as a nebulous myth wrapped in rumour, speculation and a teaspoon of honey.

I don’t know what words mean anymore.
On On,
El Keeno


Run Report: Tanks for the memories

The Hash gathered at Tank Hill Road for the Father’s Day run. The challenge to dress like a Father was risen to by 3 brave hashers. Pink Bits was in flat hat and braces and Dad Shirt.  Passiona was resplendent in a brown cardigan ( needed a pipe really to complete the outfit) and Leapfrog went authentic with her Dad’s coat and historical hat.  The GM (me) picked the winner at the end. I will leave you in suspense. The Hare for the day (again, me) had set a fantabulous run and walk which went in completely the opposite direction that everyone expected.  One Hasher turned up on a pony (me …again).

The runners (and Binky the pony plus human attachment) headed back around the electricity substation and across the highway, striking East, hung a left at Old Sawyers Road, left back down the pipeline and then west, crossing back over the highway by Mundaring industrial estate. The walkers did similar but without the easterly diversion.  GPS had sore calves. Good to see Skippy in the pack. The person on the pony (still me) managed not to run anyone down so a good time was had by all.

We were all back just a shade over the hour. I arrived last having circled back to look for GPS who actually did not need looking for after all.

The circle was unusual.

It consisted of everyone standing in the back of GPS’s big van, and me sitting on Binky standing at the doors looking in.  Strictly speaking i should be fined for sitting in the circle i guess. Due to inclement weather and general laziness we did not have any down-down splash. But we did have a basket of apples, so Passiona ended up getting ‘the song’ – no idea what for now – and then had to speed eat an apple to a confused chorus of “down down’ and ‘nom nom’.

Binky got the apple cores.

Photographic evidence was taken.

On On ! SRB

Run-report Without An Interesting Name

Hare: El Keeno
On On: Bailey Rd, Glen Forrest

Walkers reported positively on their experience, with Hunny Bunny returning with an awesome lamp base, and GDOSH2 or 3 bearing a rather impressive rock and stick. A few wildflowers were out, and there were some nice piles of dumped garbage along the trails.

Runners were not fond of the start of the run, but said it got a bit better later on, perhaps after they had finished and had a nibble of cheese.

As Hare, I left the runners to their own devices about 2/3 of the way through the run as I went out to find a lost Frodo, who was not at all lost bu smugly already Home.

Circle business:

  • some confusion of names
  • runners fined for not shortcutting
  • presentation of aforementioned stick, rock, lamp piece
  • chastisement of adults who followed child into wilderness
  • new shoes debate
  • general disarray, followed by some scattered hubbub
  • reminder of Hashaway

On On
El Keeno