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Flattest run in Darlington

Hare: P Merah
On On: Hubert St, Darlington

We started out the back gate of P Merah’s house (not heading immediately down a massive hill in Darlington is always a good start) and shot east towards Glen Forrest. Checks were sparse, but there were false trails aplenty, which kept the pack tight at the start of the run. Two runners almost fell over a precipice (well, not really, but it sounds more dramatic than “two runners checked down a steep hill”) while the newly crowned breakaway leaders snuck down a side path.

We weaved through some of the Glen Forrest back streets until coming to the primary school, carefully skirting around it, and heading back towards Home along the creek/stream/sometimes-wet-thing.

Fines in the post-run circle abound, including:

  • Scarlet Runner Bean: for turning up late, and all sorts of self-confessed shenanigans.
  • Dosh and P Merah: for matching dodgy knees.
  • Justin: for being good at running (the nerve!)
  • Dripper: new shoes
  • Rambler: weird shoes (again, from memory. I think those shoes must attract a fine at every showing)
  • …and several more, but my memory has now fallen flat.

Ah… that’s it.
On On,
El Keeno

And then we all retired to the Pub…

After a few hours getting a bit wet, Pink Bits and Dripper awaited the arrival of the pack. As it turned out, what arrived was a six pack. Yes 5 walkers and 3 runners (including 2 hares). Dripper was quite chuffed that, with 1 exception, all of the false trails were run in full. Curiously enough when 2 runners are zipping down a false trail, and there is no one else, the hare has to run the falsies too.

The circle was somewhat informal and quite sweet, as we tucked into something that sounds like sad Japanese soup, but tasted wonderful, in order to celebrate Pink Bits twenty first birthday since 1993.

We then retired gracefully into the Chidlow Tavern for dinner. A 100% turnout! The day was actually fairly hot, considering the weather, and we did get a bit rained on. So that made us all warm, wet and willing.

On On

Marsupials are better than lions and things that bite your head off.

Hare: Skippy
On On: EHSHS, Mt Helena

There was much introduction to the run, but it turned out all we needed to know was to stop halfway for a quick quaff, and not to trip over the echidna.

Walkers reported an extremely well laid track, complete with short and long options.  Runners had an enjoyable but bipolar affair. The first half of the run was a complex maze of zig-zagging trails. After the (much appreciated) drink stop the Hare sent us directly away from home in a straight line as if intent on getting us somewhere really far away and interesting.  That intent was only partly realised, until we ran out of flour and were directed Home along a parallel track. It was there that the cunning echidna lay in wait, it’s head completely invisible beneath a few leaves, with it’s body sticking out on the track for all to ogle, kind of like a battleship trying to hide under a hanky . If not for that chance (or cunningly devised?) encounter with this marvellous monotreme I might have been slightly disappointed with the last section of run, but now I am all glad and stuff. (Just kidding, it was a good run…except for the crap parts.  No just kidding about that, too. It was fine.)

Second surprise delight of the day was fish and chips! Yippee!

On On,
El Keeno

Weir all right

Hare: El Keeno
On On: Mdg Weir

Beautiful weather. Lovely flat terrain. A spring in our strides. All was perfect for a Sunday afternoon stroll slash run.

Joined by Joe Ching (I am certain I have the spelling wrong, so apologies, Joe), a fellow Hasher and visitor from China, runners started to the top of the Weir, peeled right and off along the Bubbleman track. It was all uphill until the Golden View Lookout (the view was a bit more green and brown than golden) at South Ledge, and then a steep decent to join the Helena River and follow it back up to the start, coming home at 45 mins more or less on the mark.

Walkers were left to their own devices to follow beside the Helena river beneath the weir. There was plenty of water about (some of it falling from the sky) and the greenery is still mighty green, so reports were of an enjoyable stroll.

On On
El Keeno

And best of all, there’s only ONE hill…

After a trek of a few hundred kilometres, 9 stops, bacon and egg sandwiches, op shops and a winery Pink Bits and Maid Muffin arrived at Tanglewood cottage for the much anticipated “Hash Away”. Joined a short time later by yours truly after brief stops at a few wineries and a long stop at another, with Little Weed and Double D bringing up the rear. Our hosts, Leapfrog and Paasiona already being in residence.

Saturday was spent watching the rain and the football, with various wanders around the estate and much discussion of the next days “run” at Bluff Knoll, with Leapfrog and Dripper determined to make the attempt, whether the weather was only fit for a wether or not (see what I did there?).

In the event it was a glorious day, full of cloud and cool breezes with very little rain, and just the sort of day one imagined Edmund Hillary would have enjoyed for his quick romp up Everest. With a song in our hearts we started the climb up Bluff Knoll (after a quick 2.5 hour drive) only to be confused that the first part of the trail was on down!! Dripper bounded ahead, due to exuberance and something young in tight jeans and then managed to misread a perfectly adequate triangle, following a false trail up beside a waterfall until the trail got too steep to attempt without ropes. Returning, he did eventually find both the stairs and the pack.

At the top we were treated to a magnificent view and regular buzzing by the local gliding club who were flying their magnificent silent beasts of the sky, not far above the summit.

We retired to Mount Barker where, after walking around the town for several hundred years, we found Leapfrogs pie shop, which we were beginning to think was a joke the locals played on visitors. Leapfrog managed to bait the local boganry into putting more than three words into a sentence, a truly sterling effort.

All were agreed ’twas a magic time and retired reinvigorated for the journey home.

On On,


And now here is the true story, as told by Leapfrog:


A small group of hashers headed to Tanglewood Cottage to enjoy a long weekend at Passiona and Leapfrog’s holiday home near Pemberton.

Leapfrog had promised a fun weekend with the usual feasting, drinking and amusing activities. This year it included a duck race and a BIG hill hash run on the Sunday.

Saturday started with most of the hashers heading to the Quinni Pub to watch the grand final. It poured with rain most of the day so the Inaugural Tanglewood Duck Race was postponed until late afternoon. The flotilla of 17 little rubber ducks all had hash names and the wind was meant to blow them across the lake to the finish line. The problem was we had no wind , Robo duck (Passiona) decide to fly across the lake so he was immediately disqualified and the rest enjoyed playing in the reeds until dark.

Sunday dawned fine and at 6:00AM the alarms went off and gongs broke the morning silence. After a quick breakfast we loaded into two cars and headed to the Stirling Ranges. Pink Bits stayed at the cottage on ‘Duck Watch’ But in fact disappeared off on a winery tour.

Most of us had climbed Bluff Knoll in our younger days and had forgotten the path went straight up. In fact it was 3Km of uneven steps with some sheer drop off’s for added interest. Halfway up Dripper took a false trail up the sheer rock face of a waterfall – I think he wanted to try out his new waterproof outfit.

Luckily the weather on the mountain was perfect and our wet weather gear was not needed. The mountain views were spectacular, the wild flowers glorious and the climb exhilarating, especially as we had gliders gracefully circling the peak.

To celebrate our achievement we headed to Mt Barker for a stop at the famous bakery to sample their award winning pies.

Leapfrog will now go down in hash history for organising the highest hash run – 1080 meters  and the longest, approximately 4 hours (including photo and chocolate stops).

Well done all out Bluff Knoll climbers – Passiona, Dripper, Little weed, Double D, Made Muffin (alias Gadget Gran) and Leapfrog.

And that duck race – well it became a duck chuck. The ‘Plucky Duck Cup’ was won by Leapfrog’s little green duck that landed with a duck-in-one on her first throw.

At the top

At the top