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Who put the X in Xmas?

Hare: GPS
On On: Lake Leschenaultia

Today we celebrated Christmas, but it was also GPS’s 10th anniversary with Hills Hash. So to mark the occasion he sent us off around the lake to suffer under the blazing sun.

Luckily, he let us do less of it than usual, and in short we returned to the eskis and finger foods.

Kidlets waded and paddled on the lip of the lake. Beverages were consumed and nibblies were nibbled. Being a celebratory kind of day our numbers were well stocked, and I must say it was a very pleasant afternoon there on the grass. Jolly old Saint Nic turned up, and then another smaller one as well, who–rather inexplicably–began to disrobe, revealing himself to actually be the small female child known as Jessie.

So the presents were given and dinner was splayed out–and in response we ate it. Those who had room gobbled down desserts, and then our numbers gradually dwindled as we approached the end of day. Until just Pink Bits was left, gathering up her things and hoping she still had her car keys. (I hope she did, or she is probably still there.)

A lovely day, and special thanks to everyone who helped it happen.

On On,
El Keeno

P.S. I’ll add pics as they arrive. If you have any good ones, email them to me.

P.P.S. March Flies: I hate you. One day I will train my friends the bull ants to fly, and then you’ll be in strife! Until then I will dream about the forty or fifty of you that I swatted today.

[Answer of the day: X represents the Greek letter Chi, which means Christ–or so my friend Google told me (although, sometimes my friend Google has been known to exaggerate quite a bit.]




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Worlds saddest Santa

Worlds saddest Santa

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The little engine that could

Hare: GPS
On On: Swan View Train Station

Not many trains pull into this station anymore. Which is good. Because they would probably have a hard time without rails, sliding all over that slippery gravel. And might run over a few Hashers enjoying post-exercise refreshments.

Anyway, on to the run report:

I sat this one out, having a sore back (that I will have looked at today, but I am sure some of you know that already, given I have been lead to believe there is a league of Hashers rostered to covertly monitor my actions), but feedback was of a solid run, in which Dripper managed to score near 100% in avoiding false trails.

I saw a fairly impressive bull ant nest in the carpark, which I gave a 7 on the scale of impressive bull ant nests. (The most impressive nest being in an undisclosed location in John Forrest National Park, rating a 9.5 *)

There was some confusion over whether or not this was the day of the Xmas Run.  It was not. Due to the nature of internetty things I suggest everyone double check the run details sometime on Sunday (in case of changes made throughout the week), that you be sure to refresh your browser (to be sure it is not showing old information), and that the Hares for upcoming runs ensure information on the webpage is correct and let me know of any errors I may have made. That should help ensure we all end up at the same place at the same time, ready to rock n roll (or whatever it is we do).

That’s it.
On On,
El Keeno


* El Keeno’s bull ant nest rating system:

Points are attributed based on:

  • size of nest
  • intimidation factor (is the entrance large and threatening, and not too uniform, resembling a gaping maw? Are there jaggedy sticks laying around to lend an appearance  of latent danger?)
  • nest defence (do they rush out and defend their nest in a timely and aggressive fashion? Are they quick to spot and fend off observers by rearing up and making provocation motions? Does at least one guard sneak around behind to attempt to bite the observer on the ankle?)
  • evidence of nest strength (is there a wasteland of bones and stripped carcasses in the immediate area, or is the ground humped up as if a whole cow might have been dragged into the nest for later consumption?)


Hare: El Keeno
On On: Pimelea Mycumbene, Mdg Weir Road

run report:

Walkers had TWO (count them: TWO!) trails set for them, as I worried that one was not enough. Well, it turned out one was enough after all, with walkers coming home about the same as runners (about 45 mins I am guessing). Tumbletoes was reported as the saviour of one particular group, spotting the correct direction just in time.

Runners crossed the Mdg Weir road into national park, cutting through some bush (because, when setting the trail I couldn’t  remember how I got to the track before) and heading around the usual firebeaks. March flies chased us to keep up the pace. Not much to say: the run proved a bit predictable for our experienced runners, but perhaps met the goal of the day:running that finishes at an eski full of beverages.

On On,
El Keeno


glass report:

Yes, once again some dickheads smashed our car windows and rifled through our cars. I note some damage made to my door from where a lever has been applied to break the glass, which indicates it was not kids or someone just having a go, but someone who carries a tool for the job. Hash has offered to help some of the cost of replacing the glass, which is wonderful, but I must admit I nearly had a heart attack when I started getting quotes. For the price of another side window or two I should probably just replace the whole car.

Anyway, here are updates on stuff:

Glass quotes (for my 2002 Toyota Corolla):
Instant Windscreens: $350
Kalamunda Glass: $280 (+$60 if bit around edge needs replacing)

Mdg Shire: referred me to them below. Water Corp looks after actual Weir area, and apparently they have security cameras in some of their car parks (but no such luck where we were).
Parks and Wildlife (Mdg Office): took note, and said these things happen in waves. Will let local police and rangers know.

From my car: a few gold coins, and a sunglass case (with no sunglasses inside).
Others: at least 1 phone and wallet. Not sure what else.


Did anyone with their phone stolen have a new phone with that swanky ability to see where the phone is?  That would be interesting.

The Promised Land (of drinks)

Hare: Dripper/Pink Bits
On On: MJ Morgan Reserve, Glen Forrest

There shall be drinks!” The promise served as inspiration for my every step. But the promise proved elusive, like a neighbour who borrowed a measuring cup and can’t remember where he put it.

I padded along, my thoughts growing more desperate, more insistent: Drink, drink, drink, drink? drink? drink! drink! drink! drink!!!

I became a hollowed husk of a man, a shell of sweaty, floppy skin in sweat-soaked running gear. My sole purpose: drink a drink.

And then it was there. It was in front of me, on a table. With cups nearby. And it was GREEN GINGER WINE!!!

Green Ginger Wine is NOT a drink! It is disappointment in a bottle, dashed hope trapped in glass. Green Ginger Wine is Jar Jar Binks.

Well, actually, I admit I don’t know what GGW tastes like, but the name has always been enough to put me off. Sort of like Brussel Sprouts really. (Or are they Brussel’s Sprouts? I get confused.)

The run was good.

On On!
El Keeno