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For Australia!

Hare: P Merah
On On: MJ Morgan Reserve, Glen Forrest

A small pack with big hearts took on P Merah’s mammoth assault course, encountering gravel, roads, hills (both the up and down kinds), clay (dry), the ever-hazardous honky nuts, and crossing water courses.

But we made it back alive.

It was longer than led to believe with runners and walkers coming home just after the hour mark. The closing circle was its most casual. No fines or down-downs were dished out, although I would have given the following:

P Merah: too many things to mention…but the false trails I fell for are reason enough.
GPS: for being too good and not giving me any reason to fine him.
Sheep Shunter: for turning up in an un-roadworthy vehicle.
Light My Fire: for not lighting any fires.
Frodo: for skipping around too much.
Me: well, I can’t fine myself, but someone would have probably fined me for just being too nice, or something like that.

On On,
El Keeno

P.S. Everyone who didn’t turn up on the glorious Australia Day weekend is fined in absentia, for being absent.


On On: Farrell Grove
Hare: Skippy

A cooler day made running pleasant. A cup of champagne halfway along took all that away and made it horrible again. There is probably a reason why competition-level athletes don’t often say, “Hang on, I’m about to do some really hard work with my body; I’d better chug a beer to help things along.” Or maybe they do. I don’t know any.

Not having been around the grove for a while, I did notice more bike paths.  This is good. More paths = more variety and more places to run. More of that please, Mr Bike Trail Government Person.

Skippy’s trail was varied and interesting, but could not stand against the unstoppable juggernaut of Pasiona, who guessed nearly every trail.

The sloped, bike corner bits were lots of fun, and at least one Hasher was heard doing a bit of “weeeeee” around the bends.

Nosh was yum.

On On,
El Keeno

Much mention of a Hobbit

On On: Ward Avenue, Greenmount
Hare: El Keeno

So the run was not quite as short and flat as I promised. Indeed, when setting the run I had to stop halfway up a particular hill to have a bit of a stagger and a dry retch. I was far too deprived of moisture to eject any. I must have coughed out a few dusty clouds.

Anyway, that sets the delightful scene for the run. GPS could be heard muttering curses just looking at the hill. It was the steep face of Greenmount, starting from the Goat Hill (which we’d just climbed) and terminating at the top end of Padbury Rd. There was some nice meandering beside the dry creekbed at the bottom before that, and the homeward descent following were not too bad. It was just that bastard in the middle that made things difficult.

Special thanks go to the person on Dryandra Crescent who had just turned on their sprinklers; I think every runner had a much needed and appreciated shower on the way past.

Walkers managed to cross the highway there and back again and had a bit of a gentler time in comparison, with a positive report of having a good stickybeak around the Goat Farm.

Circle matters:

GPS brought some cake along for a recent birthday. I won’t say he is over the hill, but today he went over the hill. That’s all I’m saying…not insinuating anything that is not historical fact.

It was Dosh’s last run with us for a while. She is off for an island getaway for a couple of years. She’ll be back.

Here is a short poem to mark the occasion:

We knew her long,
We knew her not,
Her grazed right cheek
won’t be forgot.

She’s gone away,
Her right bum too,
She took it there
to some place new.

She packed her bags,
Prepared her cases
and left behind
our sorry faces.

So come back Dosh,
We’ll miss you true,
Not just that cheek,
The left one too.

(“Dosh’s right bum”)

And I supposed I better write one for GPS too, or he’ll feel left out. Here goes:

He saw the hill,
He shook his fist,
He hurled a curse,
And promptly missed.

He climbed the rocks,
He scaled a boulder ,
He staggered Home,
And now he’s older.

(“GPS goes over the hill”)

On On,
El Keeno

DSCN4666 (Medium) DSCN4665 (Medium)

Two for the price of one

On On: Leapfrog and Passiona’s place, Sawyers Valley
Hares: as above

It takes bribes to assemble the pack at Leapfrog’s place. Soup, desserts, chocolates, prizes, open of phoneboxes/moongates/what-have-yous…whatever it takes. This time it was desserts (and chocolate prizes). It was also Leapfrog’s birthday.

It was a bloody scorcher of a day, and after a promised short run, we received a long run (compared to a short run, so it was probably normal). Runners and walkers were tasked with bringing back things that started with their name, so there were sticks, and steel, and strike plates, bits and bobs of all kinds. Desserts filled every cheek and threatened every gob to burst. And it was rather yum.

Bonus report:

The week before was set by SRB at Red Hill. Turn-out was low, with about 10 in total.  I wasn’t actually there, but I imagine runners started by running firstly down a gentle slope, then up a curving gravel trail and turning to the left. They would have been damn hot, and sweating. Probably breathless and swearing (as Hashers are oft to be). Somewhere in the middle was a steep hill. And at the end there was a surprise. Maybe a dragon.

Anyway, that’s my guess. If you know better and can be bothered, feel free to correct me.

On On,
El Keeno