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1 cup of flour

Hare: Little Weed
On On: John Forrest National Park, near the tav

Kudos to Little Weed for setting her first run (for runners).  At least, I think it was.  If not, I beg my pardon.

Flour was sparser than perhaps is usually considered optimal, lending an air of mystery to the trail, and Hounds performed admirably finding their way.  Some of us found more trail than others (scathing stare!), but all of us found our way Home, which is always a good thing.

Points of interest were:

  • the trail itself. very scenic there.
  • the German/European/possibly just Aussie family out hiking (I thought German because they kept calling me “the Hare” or ” the Herr”…it sounded a bit in between.  Also, they had babies.
  • the special notation. Numbers 2s were inscribed in flour, their special secret meaning kept secret from all but the most privileged of runners. (It meant, this is a false trail the first time you come here, but not the second time).  I got to some a third time, so I was confused, but I did what all good Hashers do…just ignored everything and ran towards beer.
  • perhaps missed by all, it was the 1700th run!  Maybe we can celebrate bigger for the 1800th?  Better start preparing.
  • Congrats perhaps also go to whoever looks after such things, for not just knocking down the dilapidated railway bridge, but actually fixing some of it up.

Ah, that’s it.
On On
El Keeno

Valentine’s Day run..Lingerie edition!

Hare: Dripper / Pink Bits
On On: Glen Forrest shopping centre


We had a good turnout of 17 Hashers for this amazing run ! ! !  Hares Dripper and Pink Bits managed to set a very acceptable run, if a bit public (Tee Hee !) There were hills and a few choice false trails ( Oh the irony of falsies ! ! !) Various Hashers were decked out in their bestest ‘night attire or just lingerie” Well done to GPS (bra and nightie in fetching pink !), P.Mera ( nice little black number with see-thru bits !) Dripper (in a BRAND NEW RED good quality boutique outfit..more on that later !), Passiona (in a black and red super concotion with a SPARKLY brassiere that so showed of his figuire although the boobs had padding ?), Tickhead (who just went with the simple but elegant silky shorts that showed where his heart lay…errr sportswise) and then there was our Skippy (wearing the nun outfit that made everyone have apoplexy ! See photos) Other gents had forgotten or just put a feather in it ! (Red Dwarf) The ladies shone in lovely jammies, bodices and skimpy ,floaty, filmy things ! Glen Forrest residents didn’t know what was going on..made a lot of dogs bark !

Short aside regarding Drippers outfit..He went to Vinnies to buy said red shift…He spoke with the helpful lady who wanted to know who it was for.. after realising it was for him, without batting an eyelid, she assisted in the choice etc. Dripper thought the item a bit expensive but as it was brand new thought fair enough ! He let the lady know he would probably bring it back in a week or two after the run. She helpfully suggested he may have a friend or someone who may want She had a strange look on her face !  As Dripper left the shop, he looked at the sign over the door to realise SHOCK HORROR Vinnies had moved and he had shopped in a nice little boutique ! ( There must be a MORAL to this but am still laughing so much cant think what it could be)

All Hashers enjoyed a really lovely meal at the Mirramar although some of the dishes were hotter than the outfits.!


Pink Bits

ValentinesHash (Medium)


Hot and bothersome

Hare: El Keeno
On On: Coles lower carpark, Mundaring

Another hot day, another awesome run.  Well, I was again lambasted for dragging the pack too far on a too hot day, with my only defence being I gave them a sip of lemonade along the way–and that we didn’t have to scale Greenmount Hill, which is probably quite a big plus, and one I was kicking myself for overlooking!

Skippy gained the advantage over the Hare by noticing a large map erected on the roadside (it being a housing estate), depicting the obvious route of that part of the run, so full points for observation.

Some walkers walked, others reclined in DOME, sipping cafe au lait, no doubt.  Tsk tsk.

The young ‘uns enjoyed the grass and playground, while Leapfrog enjoyed the affection of a blood-letting albino hound.  Xena lounged.

Event of the day: young Frodo received his very fine 100 Runs Award: a mug that he can barely lift to his mouth when full, which is a mighty good kind of mug to possess.

Close 2nd event of the day: once almost everyone had left, I remembered I had some dough nuts.  But they weren’t very good so I had another one.

On On,
El Keeno


Dodging bullets

Hare: Dripper
On On: Maida Vale Oval

First, a very brief run review:

A good run with copious false trails and one (as coined by Skippy) ridiculous trail (an extra bit of useless loop near the end of the run).

After the recent window break-ins, Leapfrog has been staying behind to guard the cars. I mentioned to Red Dwarf how I had noted broken glass at the bottom of the Zig-Zag on the way to the run. So, imagine my dismay as I drove home to see that two cars now parked there (at the bottom of the zig-zag) had their windows smashed. And between the cars was a black sports bag.

So I performed a U-turn and parked behind them. Sure enough, it was the same as with our cars. Some kind of lever had been used to smash the glass, with a rear window also being smashed on the big 4WD. Everything was strewn around inside, even worse than our cars. My main concern (and hope) was that I had just interrupted the culprits, but no such luck. I didn’t want to touch anything, so I waited about half an hour to see if the car owners would return, but presumably they were out for a walk. With the kids getting upset in the car, I checked in the black sports bag, but it was only cables and stuff–taken from one of the cars I guess.

So there is some absolute dickhead (to put it nicely) whose Sunday past-time is cruising the carparks of the hills, and smashing cars to get their contents. It is obviously not an isolated incident.

So some poor people returned home to wrecked cars full of broken glass. The only silver lining being that it wasn’t us again.

But the run was good.

On On,
El Keeno