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The complainiest run ever

Hare: GPS
On On: Jorgensen Park, Kalamunda

It is a nice park, so in true Hash fashion we abandoned it as soon as possible, heading up the nearest, steepest hill. There was some pleasant running of bush track before we entered Kalamunda suburbia and trotted around.  For some reason, it felt like the longest run ever, and runners moaned vocally in all directions, venting their displeasure (me included).  The last section of run was ignored by most (except me!) as Home was whiffed, and the lure of beer was just too much.

It was about 65 minutes in all, so not actually much longer than usual.  It just felt weirdly difficult.  Maybe we missed Passiona and Leapfrog.

So, a solid run with some good (tricky) checks and unexpected turns.

Congrats to Little Weed and her mysterious teleporting ability, somehow mysteriously always appearing in front of me despite her only walking.  (or was she!!!?)

On On,
El Keeno

Anty the bush kangaroo

Hare: P Merah
On On: Victor Rd, Darlington

A solid run at about 55 minutes (for me).  A broad range of landscapes, including river crossings (a bit dusty), road crossings (we look both ways), double crossings (I knew I shouldn’t have trusted Black Bart!–no just joking about this last one).  There was a stony creek bed to follow, a hill to climb, a precipice to overcome.  And even a mascot: Anty the kangaroo, waiting faithfully for us all to pass. We love you, Anty.

Poor Sirius looked a bit stuffed by the time he returned.  That’ll teach him to  be a horse!

We welcomed Bush Dozer and Janice, and said good bye to Handbrake after enjoying his company for the last few weeks.

It was only a couple of minutes shy of being dark by the time we finished, perhaps a timely reminder that we are nearly back to 4pm times again, from next month I believe.

That be that.
On On,
El Keeno


Hare: Handbrake  / Passiona
On On: Parkerville Primary

Twas sure to be sure to be good run, given it was (roundabout) Saint Patrick’s Day.  Many were donned in green.

Runners sped about the bush at all velocities ranging from flat out to not at all.  Walkers marvelled at the sights, many of which were not even on the walk.

Afterwards, Guinness, the drink of champions (and one of the few beverages you have to chew), flowed freely down numerous dry gullets.

Hash Nosh followed, but I had vanished by then.  I do trust it was enjoyed by all.

On On,
El Keeno

GreenRun (Medium)


P.S. Just a special note for a hound that will be missed.  There will always be a honkeynut by my foot that is just not being fetched enough.

When is run not a run?

When it’s a swim.

This week we traded running shoes for either bare feet or very wet running shoes, as we swam, waded, splashed, dived, bombied, annoyed small children in Bilgoman swimming pool. It was the 1700th run, and here is a photo to prove it:

PoolHash (Medium)


I ate three hamburgers.
On On,
El Keeno

Milligan Park

On On: Milligan Park, Stoneville
Hare: El Keeno

A slightly smaller pack gathered on the long weekend to witness the marvels of running around.  Milligan park seems much smaller now than when I was ten years old.  I’m going to assume it has shrunk.  But there was sufficient room for us to wind around a bit before heading onto the road and nipping around a few little parks and spaces in the area. finally sending the runners for a long meander up Milligan Road, with about a 1.5km return along the railway reserve.  I think I saw a fairy at one spot, or it could have been a dead mystery animal: not sure if a fox or kangaroo or wallaby.  It was rather pancakey.  I’m going to call it a floxley.

That’s all,

On On
El Keeno.