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Catching up

Hare: various
On Ons: various

Last couple of runs slipped by without my making comment, so here goes:

Week before last was from Mundaring, courtesy of Dripper and Pink Bits I believe, and included an excellent tour around the golf course. The question was raised: where were all the golfers? It was a perfect day, and I can only presume they were indoors watching the footy.  We had an international visitor and an awesome dinner, courtesy of the Red family.

This week:

From Pioneer Park, Mount Helena, by Scarlet Runner Bean. A nice run with straight bits and wobbly bits. By the end of it I also had a couple of wobbly bits, them being my legs.  We went quite a long way to avoid the notorious alpaca in the area, with its scathing glares and judgemental attitude. I was very glad for that.  After circle entertainment included a roadside chat from the local constabulary for me, concerning the finer details of the various movements of my speedometre needle, at the discounted rate of $100. Still, it was such a nice day it didn’t ruin the mood, and we might even get a new runner out of it.

On On,
El Keeno

Ups and downs

Hare: El Keeno
On On: Mahogany Creek

Highlights in dot points

  • Free Beer took a dive, but stayed in the game

… more to come