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The Oh My..This is Tough a Run !

Hare: GPS
On On: his place, city land

We had a small but enthusiastic group of Hashers at the horsey place in Wattle Grove ! Redlight gave a complex but interesting account of the run and set the runners off. The walkers were warned that there was no real marked run for them (Boo !) but follow the runners ! That was funny after the first 2 minutes as the runners had to follow the walkers ! Still, on on we went down roads and on and on and on and on. The runners disappeared and had a great time (so I believe !) Walkers were still on and on and on in a straight line but some dared to venture ON THE BUSH TRACKS ! Still, we managed to meet with the runners at the end of the run when we arrived back together. Or so we thought ! After what felt like an eternity, we thought that maybe we werern’t all back after all ? Sure enough, our GM, Biggles and Dripper were lagging behind but got home ok! (Biggles had a limp……not true but we won’t mention it !)

It was a good run and quite challenging ! Well done Redlight ! However, it was also a birthday run for Redlight and Red Knight HAPPY BURPDAY TO BOTH !

There was also a super NAMING EVENT for John. He will now be known forever as  ********   TRAINWRECK ******for reasons obvious to those who were at the Stirling Run ! Check it out !

Sausage sizzle followed the ceremony and a good time had by all.

Of tears and snot…..! A short report !

The word *blustery* comes to mind as we all (7) set of on the run devised by GPS. He went to a lot of trouble so we had to go ! The rain held off and the 2 runners kept together (for fear of getting lost ?) and arrived shortly before the walkers who meandered about trying to fight the windy conditions. Hence the tears and snot ! The weather was sunny but cold. We sat about thinking should we do down-downs but decided we had all been great so didn’t. Just as the circle was called while we SAT  a giant clap of thunder has us on our feet muttering that the gods do not approve of sitting in the circle ! (Oh Oh !) Then the rain bucketed down. By then we were sooo cold and wanting to sample the lovely dinner that GPS had prepared. It was a lovely feast finished off by copious amounts of Made Muffins vanilla slices Thanks



Stirling Run Part 2…..

Hares: Dripper / Pink Bits
On On: Stirling Square, Guildford

With some trepidation, Pink Bits and Dripper re-set the run that had been completely washed out a few weeks before. The Gods were with us (if not the Monk) and it was a splendid day ! We had a large turnout with some visitors from Freo and Rocky City Hash.
Runners and walkers set off in the same direction, but after a short time that involved running Hashers climbing over railway fences (oooh errrr !) we diverged to never be seen again (on the run) The runners apparently had a good run but a bit too short, whereas the walkers had a lovely look at some gorgeous homes and gardens and then had a longish walk by the river that included patting numerous dogs on walks and some great vistas of the Serengetti Plains and the …Oooops  sorry wrong views….mainly the Swan River in all its winter glory with canoes and rowers and ducks. The best bit was the scheduled pelican fly past that Pink Bits had organised as a treat ! What a sight..5 or 6 of them slowly floating over the bridge we were standing on ! Yay !

We got back just in time to have a few drinks and down downs that were for ,mostly, jumping over railway fences (jolly good show as the train came a few seconds later !) and things like GPS shortcutting both on an uphill bit and a downhill bit ! The stand in Monk had his job cut out as he was Hare, Monk and On Sec and I think all roles got mixed up ! On an important note, we presented a name badge to SIDESADDLE who had said she would return about 8 months ago and chose this run to ACTUALLY appear. Well done to her….. a true sense of time ! ! !

We then went to Alfred’s Kitchen for a super supper, but as it was VERY VERY crowded,(mostly it seemed with Japanese tourists who photographed all food as well as the menu on the wall) and the long wait for some was more than they could cope with so they had a liquid dinner instead. (Each to their own). We also chose to move from the packed Alfreds and sat round a lovely fire that our indigenous friends had earlier prepared for us ! What a great night !

Pink Bits

Not bad, for a human

Hare: Skippy
On On: Firewood Rd, Mundaing Weir


The Hare showed surprise at the size of the group, perhaps wishing he’d stashed more Skippy Brew in the bush, but (once found) it proved ample.

So a much improved pack (compared to the miserable showing of last long weekend) started off in the picturesque area near the weir.  As usual, Skippy set numerous tricky false trails. The run was about the right length for the day, in that we ended up exactly where we started.

We discovered a small fire burning just beside us, so many of us took the opportunity to gather around it while we sang happy birthday to Made Muffin and Catwalk. (I saw some cake from afar, but I couldn’t partake as I am expecting my modelling career to take off at any moment.)

On On,
El Keeno

The run that felt long and steep

Hare: El Keeno
On On: Jane Brook

First challenge of the day was determining which of the two identically-named roads was the one to gather at, but this hurdle was quickly ducked.

Only two walkers and four runners braved the day, others presumably enjoying the long weekend, so no shame shall be accounted onto those.  There was lots of steepness involved, with a bit of billy-goat blood in one’s veins perhaps being of advantage.  The run began in the last-to-be-developed section of Jane Brook, adjoining the national park and scarp.  So we had cul-de-sacs and marked lots (and a surveillance tree), but no houses yet around us (perhaps our last chance, considering the rate those things get built).

So we all scampered along a boundary fence, clambering along the hill-face, before making a sharp left turn and assailing the steep incline.  That took up the rest of the walk, leaving them with a steep decline back to Home, while runners had even more climbing to do, putting in another 3km or so as they loop up to within metres of Toodyay road, and returning to Home across the last pristine paddock (if such a term even makes sense).

So the small group enjoyed a beverage, a bit of a chat, and then buggered off to their other destinations as dark and cold fell upon them like oversized pizza bases being dropped onto nervous kittens by a mischievous child.

Awesome, On On
El Keeno