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Sawyers Valley Run/Walk !

It was hot.. it was soooo uphill… and the drink stop for the walkers was WITHOUT ALCOHOL !  ?

Apart from that, it was a pleasant sojourn in the Hills set by Passiona and Leapfrog ! That is, apart from the 4 wheel drivers who thought it was their track ! (HMPH ! Check with us next time….. !)

We all managed to get back to the start where lovely nibblies awaited us (and dancing girls and cocktails and… Sorry, went a bit delirious from the heat…)

There was an amusing moment when Catwalk assisted Sirius ( NOTE Spelling) into his palatial travelling willberry ! !    No one was hurt in the process but it did look funny !  ?

The circle had a few Hashers doing down-downs which were beginning to look like fun for participants ! ? (Tsk Tsk Trainwreck and family and Catwalk and friend )  Come on GPS Monk …get with the program and make it more un-pleasant ! Notable was the return of Rambing, who said he had been in Sweden ( we thought he just got lost in IKEA for 6 months,,,easy to do )

So till next week…AT 5PM NOTE TO iPADIUS … is everyone paying attention ! ? !

Pink Bits xxx


There were no cats evident on the run but there was a furry horse and a sleek dog !

There were also some soiled and damp Hashers on the glorious day in Chidlow. Without the On-Sec, we had to resort to bits of paper to sign on and of course there was no money box ? ? ?

Pink Bits was the stand in GM (groan) as Skippy was busy ! We gathered under the pleasant gazebo, dry for a few minutes, before departing on the wet birthday run set by Dripper (whose birthday it wasn’t)  and Pink Bits.

There were only 4 walkers (6 if you count Syrius and Biggles) and as the joint Hare was also walking, couldn’t possibly get lost ! OR COULD THEY ? …… Twisting and turning in some bushland was interesting, and Cyrius loved his dust bath but …Lo ! and behold, the runners just kept on popping up here and there. Pity Leapfrog did not join us as we walked past POBBLEBONK FARM !  After a decent hour, we returned to see the runners had also made it back wet and bedraggled (walkers had brolly’s) The circle had Monk GPS trying rather too hard to justify the need for the rain and dishing out some well deserved fines. Surprisingly, yay, very surprisingly, Skimpy (bless him) declared this the worst set run by Hills ever ! That was because he ACTUALLY did the run in the proper manner ie. not coming from another direction from somewhere else !

We then had a BYO BBQ undercover and enjoyed some Birthday cakes and other such niceties.

To all the Hills Hashers who didn’t want to venture out in the rain….Booo ! Hisss ! to the lot of you wimps !

NOTE: No cats were harmed in the writing of this report !

Pink Bits

Shagadelic Run

This weeks run was set by Trainwreck aided or hindered by iPadius.

The instructions were that it was a long run, so on such a hot day, a few weak and wobbly runners stayed to do the walk instead.As the Hare said in the circle, runners and walkers never saw each other at all. The walk was pleasant, meandering, creek crossing and trail blazing. The run was……welll from all accounts …quite heavy going (except for Skippy and Franga) and , indeed L O N G  ! Skimpy appeared from his own direction.

Once the circle was called the whole thing degenerated into charges and dog choosing stories from returnee Leapfrog !

However, due to a chance comment by Alison (this is a family Hash so we won’t mention exactly what she said )  she was given a name. WELCOME  to ***SHAGGED OUT*** !

We then removed ourselves to the Train park and had BBQ dinner and some wine and stuff.

Till next week…..ON ON

Pink Bits x

Pink Bits says:

We eventually gathered in a secret location far from the madding crowd (or just in deepest darkest Parkerville) and set off on another of El Keeno’s cleverly set run that was not really that clever BUT WAS GOOD ! Everyone returned safely, although a few walkers were a bit slow and straggly….. We had a short circle and then a lovely Thai dinner thanks to Light My Fire !!! It was delicious !


PB  x