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Run report for 22/11/15

A highly select (read, a small number) of Hashers plus a beagle gathered for this run.

The extreme heat probably had something to do with it. Co-Hares were Dripper and Pink Bits. The latter had set the walk trail when the temperature was 38 degrees

Dripper was later arriving than originally planned. This came from him realising whilst partway to the start that he had only a pair of thongs for footwear. The full story was a bit hard to follow but also involved knocking over a bottle of wine at lunch. This may or may not have been in conjunction with his co-hare.

The Grand Master and the Religous Adviser were both no shows having delegated their roles to the 2 hares

“Rusty Nuts” turned up wearing a Hills Hash shirt. A sort of cosmic balance occurred with someone else (Leapfrog ?) wearing a “Rusty Nuts” T shirt.

The runners ran, the walkers walked and everyone got back at much the same time so it was all good. The trails passed by a rather idiosyncratic display of home grown sculpture involving a house with dolphins and a giant black swan.

Given the temperature, everyone felt better after a few drinks. This proved that the maladies ended but the thong remains.


Walk/Run on the Wildside

A reasonably large group of Hashers assembled on the edge of the Regional Park. The Hares, Scarlett RB and Little Weed, gave out instructions for everyone and indicated that there was a DRINK STOP ! Always an incentive….so we all set off in slightly different directions into the forest. Alas, !!!  2 walkers had omitted to bring their walking poles so went right back. They then rejoined the walkers who had by then reached the drink stop ! Great timing continued as the runners fronted by Franger !! ( Its not a competition ! ) also arrived at about the same time. It was a lovely spot with plenty of shade, champagne and chatter….!

Back at the circle, there were the usual complaints about not enough checks and short-cutting bastards (poor GPS with all his disapointments got a down down for that !) Rockstar finally got to join us this week so got a down down for NOT being with us last week as well as for returning with Pole Dancer for poles.

Things did degenerate a bit as both the GM and Monk lost total control of proceedings but then we had Redlight with NOSH to get on with !

That being so, we had a great ham and salad dinner out in the wilds of Mt. Helena. Great !

Till next week

ON ON   ?    ??    ?   ?

Pink Bits    ?

* El Keeno’s Magnificent Adventure *

A small but select group of Hashers gathered at the designated address AT 5 PM  (That is a message for ROCKSTAR !!! Fancy turning up at 4PM ?)

The Hare, El Keeno gave us some directions and we set off in Greenmount with no hills to be seen ! Hmmmm ! Runners scampered off with wild joy and abandon followed closely by walkers who meandered around a bit (Huff….Puff….. Grnnm….bloody hills) Two found an unexpected  drinks stop (UNAUTHORISED) which was bound to lead to trouble !

On the safe return to the circle, after a few refreshing beverages and tasty snacks, there was a critique of El Keeno’s effort and a few down downs were inflicted on all and sundry ! Particularily, on the wayward drink stop Hashers. Mmmmmm, the new combinations of down down’s is truly a punishment. Well done….
We also welcomed the newest member of the group, Karri Woodward who promptly enjoyed sniffing, licking, biting and generally behaving just like a Hasher. (Eating sheep poo was a bit off though !)


Pink Bits

Hash15_11_08 Ipadius1 Ipadius2 ShaggedOut

Hallowhorse…think about it !

Wonderful turnout for Hills Hashers who embraced the themes of Halloween and Melboune Cup ! Most had a lovely costume or embellishments and really got into the fun of it all !

Then we had the run ! ! !… WELL !… the run was set by Dripper so it was a kind of regulation style but Redlight (WHO WAS THE HARE ! ? ? ? ) seconded Pink Bits (or did she offer ? Hmmmm …) to set the walk !

As Redlight was busy preparing snaggers etc the runners and walkers set off on their designated trails (or not ) with rickety bridges for the walkers (shame on you Redlight for saying there were rails to hold on… there was only you ! ! ! )

However we all managed to get back in one piece and have a great circle. !

Notable costumes were …….the Trainwreck family especially iPadius ..HORSEHEAD ! Tee ! Hee ! but it was a great look !  We then had an early Melbourne Cup sweepstake and the WIINNER WAS : Yeah yeah ! one of the Hashers came first (not usually accepted… ) and then two more came after (much better ) and even an end runner  who came last (give them a prize ….oh! we did ! )

Sausages,bacon,onions, Made Muffins killer Chilli slice and other extras were waiting for us with a drop or two of champers to finish off the night

Lovely…..Thanks Red Family/Made Muffin  xxx