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Hare: SRB
On On: opp Chidlow tav

Not a write-up, but just getting in early to say: For God’s sake, and for the sake of your internal organs, NEVER drink whatever foul stuff is offered in the circle unless you are witness to its making.

Run, hide, wire your jaw shut or just shake your head vigorously. I was nauseous and had the taste of fairy floss in my mouth for 24 hrs. SO JUST DONT!


But the run was good.
On On,
El Keeno


And now for Pink Bits:


The Run that was Last Week ! (PSST… there was a horse too…)


Scarlett Runner Bean and her trusty…err…dog Biggles set the spectacular run/walk this week ! (It was Scarlett’s Birthday run too !)

At the circle briefing, she said it was a short run for runners and walkers alike ! This was not true and I am finding this a disturbing pattern…

However, after a good bit of confusion, eventually, we all came back safe, if not sound, due to us being of unsound mind anyway.

What a great run…there was little flour but we managed to get back and no-one was mislaid.

Due to the *stand-in* Hash Splash Dripper, there were no down-down cups,(INSERT: Bucket of shame) but this did not deter the usual person, to produce a devastatingly tasty beverage in various containers of varying proportions ! ( Fairy Floss is great) * Please see El Keeno’s special message*

There was a souper naming ceremony, *DOG WHISPERER* who endured the usual champagne/beer dousing and then some of us went to the Tavern for a great dinner.

Till next time,


PB   xxx

The L O N G and the short.

17 Jan from M J Morgan Reserve, Glen Forrest


The run was short and heavy going by the look of the runners who were red and sweaty on their return…but the walk was long, much longer than expected but nevertheless, after a couple of uphill bits, quite a pleasant saunter.
We had posh nosh after, consuming Angus Beef snaggers which was yummy. !
PB x

Leapfrog’s Cherry spit !

The run was from the property of Leapfrog and Passiona. This was a very well attended run and everyone brought some sort of dessert as it was a celebration of Leapfrogs…Just Desserts  !

We were advised that this was a short run but, on reflection, it was not ! The walk wound its way round some quiet streets, orchards and pleasant shady bushland. The run went somewhere else that kept the runners busy with false trails and checks. Walkers could hear the horn on occasion and glimpsed the runners now and then. One amusing moment was when Pickup Chick drove up to some walkers and deposited her 2 children with them then drove off.

On return and after refreshing beverages, we consumed copious quantities of sweet, luscious, decadent desserts.(Oh and a bit of cheese!) Feeling quite full, we then had the circle that was poorly conducted by the stand-in Monk, Pink Bits. She had no control over the Hashers but then it made her think of a lot of unruly, hyper kids after sugary lollies…Hmmm…normal ! So many Down-Downs were administered to errant folk.  During the circle, Leapfrog proceeded to lay out a plastic tablecloth on the ground that had us quite worried but it was for the great cherry spit-off ! It was conducted with gusto and won by err…Red Dwarf..or someone else !

Till next time





A warm summers evening had Hashers gathering at the edge of JF National Park. Hare, Sheep Shunter gave some run instructions and runners and walkers set off in anticipation of some challenges (flat and no hills Ha! Ha!) Walkers soon discovered that they were heading directly into the Swan View tunnel…..the runners didn’t and just wished and wished for the cool, dark and slightly eerie experience. Pink BIts found the going tough even with her torch, but then realized she still had her sunnies on ! (DoH ! Down Down coming up….).Runners were seen and heard going up hill and down dale then up again then….oh! just on and on ! We returned for the beverages a bit hot and bothered but intact with no missing persons.

The circle was reasonably orderly with lots of charges and the Monk wore his summer hat but no robes due to the heat ! (CLARIFICATION: He was dressed….No children were frightened) The down downs were another experiment in mixing but not as bad as the sarsparella concoction !  However, ultimately, they should be a punishment ! So the sun set on another fine run…




Pink Bits x