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Arriving at the scheduled rendezvous, I was astounded by the sheer number of Hashers and pooches that were congregating at the Oval. After about 5 minutes of figuring out who was who (and which dog belonged to which Hasher !) it was clear that we were at the same spot as lots of the Darlingtonites who have “Doggy Playtime” as the sun starts to set ! LOVELY !

There were about 8-10 new Hashers who had mostly arrived independently after seeing the web page. They were from as far afield as Indonesia, Illawarra and Mt Helena !

So the Hare of the Day, Shagged Out, gave a short speech about there being no hills (IN DARLINGTON…..ARE YOU SERIOUS !) and all the usual spiel. We were informed that runners and walkers would never meet and a truer word was never spoken.

Walkers certainly started with a MASSIVE hill section that had a virgin walker crying out in pain of burning legs and not enough energy to continue (but she did) Runners went off into the abyss and although there were apparently short cutters and lost persons (we were not lost, just admiring the scenery ???) they all came back in one piece.

On return, we had nibblies and a few small helpings of ginger wine then the circle was called by a shrill ear shattering whistle (no problems with hearing at Hash !) We had the usual suspects having to have the punishment dished out to errant Hashers, which was yet another concoction but it was actually pleasant. So I am told  ? ( NOTE TO SELF: Must try to have UN-pleasant down-downs) VIRGINS were dragged out by Light My Fire to have their first Down-Down and were jolly good at it…Hashers in the making !

By this time, Redlight had arrived with a super Hash Nosh for us which was demolished with gusto as we had competition from the multitude of hounds on kamikaze missions to get a sniff, lick or even a feed from any unsuspecting Hashers plate !

Till next week


P B  xxx

The “LURVE” Run.

Our Valentine’s Day lingerie run was on a very pleasant warm afternoon that made the wearing of the skimpy, sexy and  saucy outfits very easy. We had a lot of good sports who donned all types of frilly, fancy and sparkly ensembles and the girls looked great too !  Also a special mention to the puppy resplendent with a giant red bow (Bow…get it …BOW WOW ?)  (Thanks everyone!) We welcomed back DOSH  as well as the return of Free Beer and Skimpy.

The run was set by Pink Bits and GPS  to maximize exposure (err….I mean just through public areas…) so went through the township of Mundaring, past the pub and then (Phew…) into bushland. Runners and walkers were on the same trail for a while before veering off in different directions. Runners sailed along some lovely lush tracks. Some may not have been technically public forest, but they kept going fast and didn’t look back. Walkers meandered through bush and then on some roads to eventually re-join with the runners to the ON HOME. Well, not everyone came back the same way so it was a little mixed up but on such a day it was ok.

Back at the circle, we had some refreshments and sexy nibbles (FOOD)

Till next week


PB  x

Sweaty Stinky Hot Trails !

This weeks run was set by a brave, intrepid and slightly wounded El Keeno in a backwoods spot in Parkerville. Surprisingly good turnout as IT WAS HOT ! When I say HOT, it really was stinky HOT ! However, everyone enjoyed the run as it was such a pleasant spot. We were promised 2 water crossings (Bliss….Lets get our feet wet !) but it was a lie and all we got was dry river beds. Not much fun for the little furry one who was getting delirious looking for a drink !

Nevertheless, although there were only 3 runners they managed to get back in good time as did the walkers. (Note: Great place for a WINTER run !) As we staggered back gasping for fluids, there was refreshingly ice cold watermelon for everyone, including the little furry one who ate tons of the stuff ! Some of us resembled the colour of the watermelon and I don’t mean green !

The circle was fairly short with only a few orange coloured down-downs for minor charges.

(As there will be nothing to stop anyone mixing interesting concoctions next week, prepare for surprises)



P B   xxx

Allo’Allo what have we here ?

This weeks run was referred to as wheelchair friendly for the walkers by Hare P Merah ! Phaff ! Some wheelchair I say, but then it was lacking in those dreadful up’s and down’s that are a trademark of P M’s runs ! Pleasant it was too with a very good turnout ! There was a new runner/visitor and a returnee.
So as we set of unperturbed into the bush, little did we know about the way the evening would unfold ! Walkers and runners were in earshot of each other with occasional crossing of paths.
On return to the circle it was quickly evident that one Hasher was missing, so in true Hash camaraderie (after a few drinks and a think!) 2 stalwart Hashers Trainwreck and Franger became the search party. All was well as the said *Lost* Hasher was not lost (or disappointed…. Just living up to his name !!)
There were many, many Down Downs due there being some *Fairy Floss* left over to be added to drinks. (Good job El Keeno was not there to witness this outrage Fear not…this is the last experiment,……….For now !) )
Now, as a responsible group, the next bit is all about venturing off for a usual meal/feed somewhere local…4 Hashers were ..ahem…stopped by the boys in blue on the way to an establishment to eat…..Two were declared “Nearly there” after blowing in a contraption, one was waved on and one ( need we say any more than he WAS disappointed… ) blew OVER a certain number ! HOWEVER, it was an error and after they uncuffed him and straightened his clothes, sent him on his way to the waiting Hashers !
Can’t wait for next weeks run !!!!!!
Pink Bits x