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Blood On The Line ! OR A Bridge Too Far With A Leg Too Short !

Great turn out again for a lovely afternoon of Hashing. There were some new faces to welcome as the Hare, Skippy, gave us very detailed instructions of where to go !

So with enthusiastic banter, walkers and runners set off in different directions with the prospect of a drink stop (usually a challenge to find)

Really, that is where the walkers fun chat ended as after a short (get it…short !) time we were faced with the prospect of 2 GIANT pipelines to cross over and with legs the length of sausage dogs,( sorry Made Muffin  🙂 ) M M and Pink Bits were in big trouble getting a leg over ! We did manage though and eventually slipped and slid through muddy steep trail to the DS ONLY TO FIND A SIP OF WATER AND A BIT OF ORANGEY FIZZ ..Where was the splash.?….G O N E !

Wasn’t far to the end so we braved on our way. Some having spied the ablution block went a bit off trail for a sit down.

The runners had a very steep up and down muddy trail with usual false trails and checks. Catwalk managed to excel himself with a spectacular mud slide (showing off were we ? or was it the fab shoes?) and came back with a filthy, dirty looking knee ! Good job Maria was there to laugh at him ! (we are all heart at Hash)

At the circle, there were a few disgruntled walkers calling for Skippy’s blood but all he got was a down-down and a few other charges ensued from there, such as not enough drink stop splash etc. Made Muffin was presented with a goblet she had been due to have at 100 runs (better late I say…) and we had some nibbles to enjoy round the lovely fire.

ON-ON till next week


Pink Bits   X


  1. Our AGPU will be on Saturday July 9th Please keep the date free The venue is still TBA but it will be an evening to remember with dinner, awards and mayhem. (Dripper is arranging the dancing girls with Margeritas !)


What a great venue this was out in the Chidlow area with a super fire to warm us on a chilly day.We had a couple of first time runners Merlin and Daniel so they were buddied up with experienced runners for safety (DOH !) Passiona as Hare, gave us usual instructions with the added fact that there was a walkers divergence too !

In effect, this was a crazy mountain bike trail (fortunately no one was using it) but it was so well marked and of about the right length. Runners had false trails and checks and, of course, lots of shortcutting opportunities

Back at the circle and fire, there were lollies, cheese and biccies to go with the drinks.  Pink Bits gave out some fines including pregnancy not being an excuse to short cuts and other  fines……

Till next week


P B   x

The Ominous Run That Wasn’t !

Good turnout for a grim looking sky in a fairly mountainous area with possibility of bumping into goats ! Yes, we were in close proximity to the notorious Goat Farm so there WOULD be hills (and a significant prospect of water from the heavens)The hare, Dripper, assured us of all thing good, like Margaritas offered on the run and such but also indicated that due to weather, he had set a short walk/run.

Walkers set off on a W marked trail and runners had the usual d o t s. Walk was very pleasant meandering on and off bridle trails and bits of bush. The run was good as I am sure ANONYMOUS will contradict ! The heavens opened up just as we got back but the rain was short lived and brightened up quickly.


I cant remember much about the circle as I ran it but there were SCB’s with relevant down downs and other nonsense ! As it was Hash Nosh night, Redlight arrived to serve up a great beef & Guinness stew with mash. It was delicious and went down a treat !!!

Till next week



Pink Bits    🙂

The ” Mudder ” of All Runs !

A jolly good turn out,  considering everyone had some sort of mother event somewhere ! ! ! ? ? ? Oh, and those who donned frocks ….10/10 folks !

The venue was most appropriate for the day and the Monk had again worked his voodoo powers to keep the weather beautiful…..thanks.GPS ! The walk and run was considered great by everyone !

No-one was lost , which is good, so at the circle there was not much to report, except that S K I M P Y refused to wear the bucket of shame.  Not very sporting is it…?. He would not to have his down-down with the straw ! SHAME ON YOU ! Everyone is happy to do that but not him….and it caused some significant consternation for the poor Monk (Ah…with all his disappointments its not fair !) However, come to think of it…the bucket didn’t fit his head cos his head is so big..:)(OK never mind if you missed this ….lets leave it there !)

Next weeks run is HASH NOSH !




P B  xxx

I Have It On Good Authority…..

So this week’s run was fun…fun…fun…! No real good bits of gossip (despite my asking 🙁   many times) Runners and walkers were treated to one of Scarlett’s beaut runs and all returned safe and sound …so I am told ! No real SCB or significant fines (again so I am told) It was a long run in the wilds of Gidge ( everywhere in the Hills is wild but we are surfistkated at times !) but really enjoyed by all. Well done Scarlett who was resplendent on her trusty steed Bonky Bill or is that Blinky Barb ! Tee….Hee !


P B    xxx