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Franger…..the Great….. Run !

Starting out from Glen Forrest Train Park,  the pack split into 2 and went in opposite directions. Franger (run) and Pink Bits (walk) went to lots of trouble to arrange this week’s run and it was a perfect day for it too !  Sadly, many regular runners were not there but the few, committed, conscientious and cunning runners were there to participate with gusto !

Walkers had a pleasant ramble through the bush, bridle trail and leafy streets but runners were …..well…..on a long road to oblivion. Pink Bits knowing that Franger would have set a…..err…lengthy run…… timed the walk to be of a reasonable length but apparently it was not long enough. The run was of about 10 km (sweat….sweat…!)  and involved crossing the busy highway and braving the ravages of the JF National Park (with creepy animals and wiggly thing……..No……wait…that was the runners !)

Needless to say, it was a long wait for the walkers before the runners returned, a bit hot and bothered but seemingly, very happy with a G R E A T run !

In the circle, the down-downs flowed for quite a while for so many reasons that are too many to mention. Franger had many as did Trainwreck and his entourage ! The circle eventually fell into complete chaos, with neither direction or control from the *stand-in GM* or the *Monk* and ably interrupted by Skimpy (what’s new ?)

ON-ON to next week’s run which may have more discipline ???


Pink Bits xxx


REMINDER      AGM (amazing thingy) 9th July at Chatters 6.30    BYO wine only     Buy beer there    $10 per adult   ?   ?   ?  ?

GPS Was Not Disappointed !

In true form it bucketed it down during the course of the run this week ! GPS has a run from his place, in the flats, once a year and in the last 3 we have had substantial rain….. this was no exception !

We were given some chalk (flour) talk and runners set off with a blackening sky. Walkers, only a few of us, marched with umbrellas and raincoats at the ready. The trail was well marked, so well marked that even walkers having a *pod picking stop* were able to keep on trail. Again, sadly, it was a bit of a “round the burbs” meander and nothing more challenging than crossing very busy roads. Just as the walkers were within sight of on-home, the heavens opened and with a quick sprint we were undercover. Not so for a few of the runners though ! Obviously it was the blinding rain that obscured vision and so stragglers came in somewhat drenched but with mutterings of trail going off here there and everywhere except here ! Still, we thought we were all back but …no…one Hasher was prominent by missing. Being a good Hasher GPS said he was going to look for him after a few beverages !!! (and by then the rain might have stopped) Actually one community minded Hasher did go off in a car to look for him….found him…but…wouldn’t let him in the car ‘cos he was TOO WET !  HA HA HA

Eventually back at the venue, we had lots of clothes swapping, which was funny as it just goes to show that our names on jumpers is how we know who we are talking to ! ? ! There were bra’s flying and t-shirts being wrung out so really just a normal Hash run ! The circle was difficult for both the GM and Monk to keep control of the mob but the stand-out moment came when GPS (Monk) named Malany   ***  THUMPER *** So welcome to Hills Hash Thumper!

GPS cooked a lovely beef rendang which was tasty and spicy ! Thanks mate ! We all had a great night !

Till next week


Pink Bits  xxx  ?

Fire and Rain!

Well, what do you expect from a run set by Skimpy ? There was a looming sky but the Monk had done his best to keep the rain away ! We were given some random instructions by a Co-Hare, Sheep Shunter, and started off. The runners were going round in circles as were the walkers following them ! This all started to look a bit of a joke, when Lo and Behold, the Hare appeared out of nowhere and proceeded to point in the ON-ON direction ! Very funny until we hit a fence or two (no-one remembers the short legged ones ?) then staggered  around the suburban parts of Helena Valley. For what should have been a fine, Skimpy found a GIANT table and chairs on a verge being offered for free that he wanted.  Willing Hashers (the healthy, fit ones ?) could come back and help carry it the 5km back to his house, maybe ? (Phaff ! NOT LIKELY)

Anyway there was a drink stop which added some points to the very poorly marked trail.  Most of us got back ok but Maleny and Scooby Doo were very far behind and Baldrick just didn’t get far at all. The heavens opened up just as the walkers returned so we ate some lovely nosh that Light My Fire cooked up and had the circle afterwards. As the rain drummed down on the shelter we were crammed in, needless to say we could hardly be heard and the GM and Monk lost all control. The fire kept going though and actually, it was a really good night !T

Till next week….


Pink Bits    ?


PS- Remember bring back all awards ASAP

AGPU 9th July @ Chatters 6.30pm

A Virgin No More !

This weeks run was set by Pink Bits and Dripper. This venue had been where Pink Bits had set her first ever run in 2009 !

Most observant Hashers saw the ON HOME markings at the start and were bemused that we would be so obvious but we were a bit devious really! The Hares gave instructions of the usual sort but with the added embellishment that there was a drink stop and  you didn’t have to look for under bushes ! Walkers and runners set off in different directions on a pleasant and sunny afternoon. On arriving at the drink stop, (the walkers were first) there was an array of colourful cups and cocktail umbrellas with a couple of options ! Needless to say, there was a bit of muttering about leaving some splash for the runners (???) but then they departed just as the horn sounded and the runners appeared. From their appearance, they had indeed gone up a hill, down a hill and up a hill again ! Not many chances to short cut ! Refreshed (ooh I’ll have another one of those…..) the runners carried on for a bit more bush bashing. Meanwhile, walkers had progressed towards the ON HOME and arrived just a few moments before the runners.

In the circle, there were a few down-downs that were obviously deserved and the Monk complained that no-one mentioned that he had worked hard to give us such good weather !

We had a special birthday celebration **Happy Birthday Made Muffin**  complete with drinks and cake, which was a perfect end to the Hash formalities.

A bunch of us went to the Parky for dinner which was enjoyed by all except Baldrick….who came too late for a lamb shank ! (Dripper probably got the last one !)



The AGPU will be at Chatters Midland on 9th July at 6.30 Names to Pink Bits please as soon as possible. All trophies to be brought back to Pink Bits as well thanks. Please arrange to return during the week if need be.



Pink Bits    ?   ?