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The Short-cut Flour Run

After some traffic control directions from Little Weed, a jolly big group of Hashers gathered under the magnificent oak tree at Jacoby Park on a most perfect afternoon. The Hare gave some obscure details for the runners who set off and disappeared. The walkers were kept back to be given alternative instructions but this was all to no avail. Runners soon mingled with walkers, who knew where they were going  (for the moment) as the trail stopped or went round in circles ! This confusion really upset Franger who just wanted to get away from the walkers but the whole jumble was watched on by the Hare and his hench-woman with great big smiles on their faces. (Shame on you)   ?

As t turned out, the trail for everyone was very low on flour so walkers felt unsure where they were going and thought potentially they were on the runners trail. The runners were everywhere including, possibly, on the trail Skippy set some time ago ? ? ?

Despite everything, it was a lovely run and had a spectacular outlook along the way. As a bonus (and extra points…) there was a smashing drinks stop  ?

After a long time we got back, some of us a bit later but all safe and sound. Due to Hash On-Sec  AND Hash Hacker error there was some confusion around dates, venues  and BBQ opportunity….but this will be sorted… Won’t it ?

The down-downs went down very well but the dark started to come so the really keen stayed for the BBQ while others went for a curry or a movie !



Pink Bits     ?


As we congregated at the scheduled venue, it started to become apparent that we were rather short on Hashers ! Not too unusual as the night before had been the AGPU so maybe a few sore heads but …really…only so few ? The GM blew his horn but there was no answer. We then trotted off around the place and Lo ! and Behold !…there were two venues. We quickly amalgamated but we started off a bit late and with a bit of consternation as Hash Splash had not arrived….GULP!… With the prospect of a thirsty run, walkers and runners set off in opposite directions and really never saw each other until the end. The walk was a pleasant saunter through leafy streets and Effluent suburb ! The run went somewhere else and was L O N G Thanks to P.M. for setting a great challenge for runners. They came back from all sorts of directions !

Back at the circle, the Splash had arrived (some useless excuse about having another life …) so there was no shortage of down-downs and some yummy cake and snacks.

Hope everyone enjoyed the dinner the night before and managed to get enough T/A food for a few more nights ! ? !

Till next week


Pink Bits    xxx

P.S.    A naming occurred this week which was so very special……*SPOT ON* got her name as she was so …err…spot on…in finding trail for a long time now… Well done Miss and we hope you enjoy your new Hash name !

The Run That Was The Last One For This Year !

What a jolly turn out…! We were all crammed in the Helena Valley PS carpark in anticipation of a great run. The weather was fine, the Hare was with-it with instructions so what could go wrong ?  🙂 Obviously everything….but to begin with……we went off in opposite directions which pleased us walkers as we went downhill a fair way before walking up into the glorious up-hill bit that gave us views and broken ankles with all the rocks ! Hey wasn’t that bad…we had a lovely there and back walk without incidents. (if you don’t count Lady Gaga and Pick Up Chick jumping out of the bushes to scare us ! BLAH !)  Of course, the runners came back with a bit of a mutter about stuff I really can’t remember, but in-tact and enjoying a beverage or 10. THEN the poop hit the fan as out expectant Mum was missing…With visions of “giving birth in the bush naturally” GULP ! yours truly and Dad-to-be, took off in the car to search for her ! Two other Hashers sauntered down the lane in a casual way (DID YOU THINK TO TAKE TOWELS, HOT WATER AND FLUFFY BUNNY RUGS ? HUH ?)   but all ended well as there she was having done the whole run in a slow and steady way ! (PHEW !)

Back in the circle, we were entertained by the GM and Monk at their last HURRAH ! Down-downs were plenty and charges were all over the place.

Looking forward to the dinner on Saturday night and ON-ON next Sunday with a brand new (old) Committee ! Could be some surprises….. !


Pink Bits   xxx    ?    ?    ?    ?    ? (not specifically in that order)