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Blood Letting In The Wild …….

It was a good turnout on a warmish Sunday and a great run/walk in the Weir catchment area set by P Merah. As usual, it was really long and a bit arduous as was witnessed by everyone who came back with scratches, grazes, cuts, rips and  gravel burn ! It wouldn’t have been a Hash run without ! The lucky recipient of the Lame Duck award was Free Beer but the competition was stiff ….. !




PB  xxx


It was the best of runs, it was the worst of runs….or so I am led to believe.

With the mercury still hovering on 36 degrees, scared Hashers were ushered on to the trails that were very, very long. The only saving grace was the great drink stop … so I am told.

Dripper was fined twice (not nearly enough ….I mean give the man a small Haberdash job and he stuffs that up too …!) and Hunny Bunny was fined for RACING …….Hunny Bunny …? What kind of edumacation is your Mum Dosh providing ?

On a sad note Gaylord the Pony was injured but not seriously …Phew….( Vet insurance not included in Hashing )

Orange cake and Pavlova were the desserts of choice for celebrating the lousy Haberdash stand-in’s birthday. ! Then it was off for fish n’chips (in that order…Gagging …) and the sun sets on another wonderful Hills Hash event.



P B  xxx

Fan -Taz -Tic Run !

Well, it was a “virgin” run set by Navigator and what a good effort it was too !

We gathered in secret Sawyers Valley location and a good turn out it was too. The Hare gave an outstanding set of directions (as he is tall) and off we ventured into quite thick bush. The trail was very well marked but we could not see the runners much. We did hear the horn every now and then, occasionally very faintly, but nevertheless, we had a great run.

There was a great deal of pipeline which was where we were meant to have a drink (As a drinks stop…..= FAIL) I have to admit I thought we may have had another disastrous set of “losses” but …what a surprise when walkers and most runners returned back at about the same time. Of course a few missing persons did turn up about 5 – 10 minutes later but that was not enough time to notice they were missing !

The charges in the circle were mostly around the fact that the run was ‘SO STRAIGHT ! ‘ (Did I mention the pipeline ?) plus a few other random fines. Oh, and YES for all the Franger watchers….he got a down-down this week.

Till next week….


P B x


Also: received this email:


G’day Hashers,

As one of the 5 survivors of all Aussie Nash Hashes I was asked to write a history of it.

That was about 5 years ago.

I have just finished it and it is now on the web.


As a contact for your club I’m sending you the U.R.L.

It would be very much appreciated if you could forward it on to the other members of your club.


Many thanks,




Brand New Year Run !

So, on a lovely New Years Day, we had a good turn – out with apparently not many hangovers. We assembled at Skimpy’s (who set the run with co-hare Dripper)  and were given convoluted instructions (of course…) eventually working out which way to go. Weather being favourable, it was a nice walk but not so for the runners, who had many extra km’s to complete the circuit. Flour and markings were far and few between so there was a bit more confusion for all, but we managed to get to the gorgeous drink stop at almost the same time.

I think everyone took a different way home, (just to add to the madness…) but when the circle was called, there were no lost Hashers……great way to start the year !

Charges were inflicted on a few undeserving Hashers ( I mean ….leaning !? ….) and all the usual nonsense ensued. It was a great run all up and nibbles were offered (as a means of deflecting from Skimpy’s rantings…..)

Till next week….


P B xxx