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The Curious Incident on Roe Hwy !

Well those travelling to GPS’s house would have had a slow drive due to some incident that we didn’t see !

The run was set with the usual professionalism one expects from GPS Sadly, his assistant was less than generous with her flour (as per another club’s run report that I wrote …  “a bag of flour short of a trail !” Ha ! ) It was a fun green dress up day, it being St Patrick’s day celebration,

Runners seemed quite happy that there were no hills and were back before the walkers. We had a naming in the circle of the littlest G’Dosh who is now –  Lookout and she doused herself with her down-down (who influenced this child …!)

Then followed a super repast of Guinness and Beef stew and veggies… Thanks Redlight and Red Dwarf for a great dinner…also thanks to all and sundry for extra bits and pieces.


Till the next time we have the pleasure …


P B    x


Ominous clouds were gathering as we congregated outside Mei’s Noodles (read Hot Mama’s)  for a special “down on the flats” run ! Scooby explained that due to rain, his flour markings could have washed away but the walkers trail was ok ! He was encouraged by the pack to be a “LIVE HARE ” and he set off as did the pack. The walkers soon realized that it was “bring out your dead” week so rummaged their way around the streets of East Vic Park with some amazing finds. It was sad to find streets with nothing on the verges.

Walkers frequently mixed up with runners (who said it was like herding sheep …..?) and we heard the horn quite a few times as we started to run out of obvious trail ! It was getting harder to work out just where the Hare was marking trail as we hadn’t seen him since the start ! He was certainly living up to his name !!!

Eventually, we arrived back at the start but no sign of Scooby….. He was still out there somewhere but not lost we felt ! As it started to get dark and we were a bit hungry, he ambled back having been informed we had all returned by our own trail ….. He was a bit surprised and miffed he had gone to the trouble of setting a bit of extra trail that was never used. Never mind, we can use it another time ! The circle was called and, immediately, the Hare had a down-down. It was followed by a few more ….  and the leaners were all fined as well. There were many leaners who did not learn their lessons …..

After, we assembled in the café and got stuck into noodles, soups and rice. It  was a great end to a good run then we found our way back to the safety of the Hills….!

(WARNING …… Next week we are down on the flats again so prepare yourselves)


Yours in Hashing

P B xxx

DANGER … DANGER Will Robinson ….

Oh no …The Hares were unaware that all Water Corp. parks were closed from 4th -7th March due to hot weather. Leapfrog refused to give in (and wouldn’t the Corporation be terrified …) so all went ahead despite numerous queries from concerned Hashers…..

We managed to gather a decent number of participants, with a few overseas entrants and some from Kalgoorlie (Tee… Hee …more later) and even a motorcyclist on a brightly coloured beast who nearly ran us all down but it was only Catwalk ….

With an adjusted trail and vague arm waving,  we set off in the hope that the Weir wall would not be blocked off to us. Lo and behold !  …this week’s RA wove some magic and we were able to traverse the wall. (Donald Trump would be proud …the drop is significant ….. ) Unfortunately, where  there is down, there must be up and so ….. with red sweaty faces and bodies, we had to clamber up a million steps ….up and up and up and up … It was tough going till almost at the carpark, LEAPFROG THOUGHT THAT THE WATER CORP. HAD PUT SPRINKLERS ON TO COOL US DOWN… She was delirious of course.

As for the runners who cares…they came back in shades of plum, puce and purply red…. although some were trying to compete … you know who you are …!

The circle was great with many down-downs, particularly fun was the ** v e r y    s l o w  ** down – down by Sgt. Schultz from Kal. …  We wasn’t expectin’ that … ! The UK visitors (newly weds from Manchester ….I mean really …. ) were game and young Kelly was a star …almost put Schultzy to shame… a Hasher in the making I think.

What followed can only be described as a comedy of errors. We were having to have a BBQ at Sculpture Park in Mundaring, but when we got there I think it took 3 goes to get to the BBQ that was working moved 2 -3 times as Hashers walked left then right then left again with all the food and ONIONS …sooooooo many onions. A special mention to the cute bandicoot clearing any dropped delicacies as he eyed the pale skinned Brits for potential prey to be dragged to his lair ….

We had plenty of food and fun … OMG ….! …  get off the flying fox kids ! Freaking us out …


In some pain due to the steps, yours in Hashing,…..

P B   xxx

Wonderful Amazing Run ….. (or was it ?)

We started at the end of a dirt road that had ominous burn-out marks and some dips that nearly swallowed Franga’s car …… or so it seemed !

The Hares were keen … the group too was ready to go …and so we trotted off in a very happy mood ….oh dear … was that an omen… ?

As soon as the walkers saw the path VERTICALLY GOING UP & UP & UP &  UP we were so happy (sic)  and also we were having a meal afterwards …… and even a drink stop ! Needless to say, we had a harrowing time of it (except those privy to a short cut…. !) It was the MOST spectacular scenery (if you dared take your eyes off the rocky path …!) and we heard the distant sound of the runners horn every now and then    (mostly then … !)

Back at the circle, the Hares were suitably chastised with down-downs (which had horrid bits in them…..) and other charges were brought forth but really, Wacuda, you are not in Cocos anymore so do not try to run through bush WITHOUT MACHETE …..

DOSH provided a jolly decent meal afterwards (I think to make up for the trials and tribulations …?) so thank you… it was really lovely and we may even forgive Wacuda …eventually….

Till next week



P B  xxx