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They’ve Gone The Wrong Way ….!

This week we met in the back blocks. The Hare, Skippy, kindly waited for a short time till all the slack Hashers arrived…. so kind !

There was a trail for runners and a separate one for walkers. With the lure of a drink stop, we headed off on a sunny afternoon, it was good to be in the big outdoors. Both trails were, apparently, well marked.

At the drink stop someone hid the beverages from the runners,( no name – no pack drill !) but found them quickly….

Then the fun started, … the runners took off at the rate of knots up a BIG hill (am lying … there was much groaning …) but walkers were offered a choice *on back* or a slightly longer loop. Some chose the former and some didn’t. Now, the SHOCKING thing was that Leapfrog (never, ever follow her … ) chose the longer loop AND, chose it correctly ! Not so for others, we waited ages for them to arrive..fortunately with the keys to the beverage vehicle !!! They took the *Long Way Home* even though the Hare called them back ! Too much chatting !

Dripper, as ACTING RA, (and he wont get any Oscars for that ….) felt a lot of power that went to his head. I mean fancy DEMANDING that no-one was to EVER …Um …re-arrange the drink recepie….. I mean where is the fun in that ?

Anyway, we survived the circle, if a little ticked off, and Hash Nosh arrived with a sumptious repast.

With the night closing in we took comfort in the fire pit to keep the wolves at bay…. Hooooooowl…Hoooo Hoooo Hoooooo ! Hoooowl !

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Nameless’s Tale of 3 Schools !

Deep in the back blocks of Viveash, the Hills pack gathered at the designated spot only to have the Hare call on the phone saying that he had not yet finished setting the run …… (or was he just lost ???)

He did get back just in time for a late start (we had many tardy arrivals) and set us off for what promised to be a long run. VERY LONG IT TURNED OUT !

Walkers were told it was just up to the school and back along the river, but …. there were 3 schools and we weren’t sure which one so a bit confusing….. Never mind, it was a lovely afternoon and no hills or gravel. It was really *dog alley* so many pooches had meet and greet moments along the way. I especially liked the Hash dog meet another similar breed – one had been soaked in Napisan , one hadn’t … can you guess which one was WHITER ?

The runners went sooooooooo much further afield. I believe they passed the Woodbridge Tavern at one point, quite worried that there was no sign of a return trail. Eventually they did get back in straggly groups, some from directions that did not make any sense, some sore with tender parts, all sweaty !

In the circle, down-downs were many especially for the Hare. We had a couple of visitors who sampled our hospitality and may be back. Hope so ……

Next week we will have Nosh so bring your gear and lanterns, torches etc

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Miles and Miles To Go …. Oh Dear …. & a Belated Birthday Too !

Another beautiful Sunday afternoon had the pack mingling about in Parkerville. The Hare, Dripper, had miscalculated just a teensy – weensy bit using miles instead of kilometres on his there was a possibility it was going to be another MAMMOTH Pink Bits walk part of a few weeks ago … ! Thankfully, it wasn’t !

However, although up a few steep bits at the beginning, it was a great run/walk with scenic spots and false trails going quite a distance … Runners and walkers came in at almost the same time after about an hour. The GM convened the circle and instantly, along with the RA, charged the late comers who had driven miles across the Hills cos they went to the wrong place …. Oh, dummy spits all round for website issues etc. but still the cake arrived for the birthday 5 MONTHS OVERDUE. Very Hash …..

The down-downs were peppered (Ha Ha) with some very healthy spicy tomato juice ……. they were very popular …..(not) After, we had a multitude of snacks to finish off and some went to the Parky for a nice meal (It was freezing outside but we persevered)

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The Cul-De-Sac of Runs !

This weeks run was set from the very lofty heights of Kalamunda. The pack gathered at the end of a road which ended right there. The Hare Scooby Doo, aided and abetted by Thumper, gave directions for walkers and runners and we set of on a fabulous autumn afternoon into the local bushland. The trails were well marked and there was not much water (for a change) We wound around, up and down, down and up minding the slippy bits and the MULTITUDE of gum nuts. The views were spectacular if you dared look up from the ground ….. Occasionally we heard rustling in the bushes which indicated some runners were nearby and our paths crossed almost at the On Home !

This was a great run and, although Scooby had spent the best part of 3 1/2 hours setting it worrying the runners, it ended up being just on an hour.

In the circle, poorly conducted by Hash Vice (who had to ask for the Monks intervention to bring about some order) everyone agreed the run was good and apart from the usual charges and fines, there is nothing significant to report….NO WAIT …. YES THERE IS …..

A NAMING ….. Arianne was named …………. “SPITFIRE”  …………   (for being speedy, sporty and fiery) Congratulations !

In other business, Leapfrog has canvassed the possibility of the General Meeting held Annually to be on JULY 16th ….. A usual Sunday so please * Save the Date *    More details later  ………

We had a scrummy Hash Nosh of Spag. Bol ……. Thanks to  Red Dwarf/Redlight

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