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Best RA barr NUN

What an amazing Hash NUN we have….. she managed to hold off the rain for the entire run and that was no mean feat, as we arrived in torrential rain moments with following heavy showers….

Despite ominous skies we were a reasonable group huddled under shelter. The run and walk was mostly in bushland round the extremeties of Kalamunda ! It was a great run, with the added feature of a drink stop, (including bubbles) with a view ! Both runners and walkers had separate stops (always an advantage !….) and returned with everyone intact and safe and sound !

Circle had usual charges and fines, the RA got her HASH NUN badge (treasure it !)  … more Birthdays were celebrated ( who keeps having them I ask ?) … and was reasonably short due to inclement weather having to appear after holding it in for so long ! (not dis-similar to some Hashers who needed to dash off into the bushes ……)

Great stuff ….

On On till next week !

Pink Bits   x

All Aboard the Hash Train or Darlington Pooch Paradise !

It was a lovely Sunday for a Hash run. We collected ourselves slightly off the spot the Hare thought we would meet but, nevertheless, close by. After instructions, we set off together and there was the first error……. walkers were sent the wrong way …… we had a good laugh and turned around, but then the next error (not sure whose ?) we lost the walkers trail. Due to clever deductions and a bit of local knowledge, we headed for the bridle path towards Glen Forrest and we were on trail again. After meandering through some lovely bushland and close to a swirling creek, we clambered over rocks and back on to roads. Eventually, we got back to the sart where the runners were already enjoying a refreshing beverage whilst admiring the many dogs having play dates on the oval !

The circle was called and down-downs were many especially for the Hare and assistant Hare. The runners had enjoyed their trail and no-one got lost ! I think there may have been a bit of short-cutting …?

The stand-in RA did a good job drumming up charges and, as it was a birthday event, Uphill had to wear the special new *Hat*

There was cake and it wasn’t left out in the rain …it was good ….!


Pink Bits x

Dripper’s 600th Run …or … Get a Life !

There was a very sunny, colourful Hash gathering this week to celebrate the magnificent and * awesuspicious * occasion of Dripper’s 600th run. He was presented with a fetching feather bra and a yellow flag to take on the run. Most Hashers were dressed in long frocks to help him celebrate this achievement.

Directions were given for runners and walkers with the separate trails marked very well.  The trail wound its way past numerous watering establishments, at one of which we actually needed to spend some time. It would have been longer had it not been for the doggies we had in tow … but swiftly moving along, we found ourselves back at the  start. Our outfits caused a bit of a stir in the leafy suburb of Guilford and traffic slowed to a crawl-by. (Tee – Hee)

The circle was entertainig with the new GM, RA & On-Sec being fully in control. (well almost …!) There were numerous charges and nonesense but we were anticipating a delicious dinner at the third watering hole, so it was short and sweet.

On – On


Pink Bits  x