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Talbot Trials and Tribulations

Talbot Trials and Tribulations


Most members drove to the start location in raining weather and were probably thinking…why I am doing this? Nevertheless the RA prevailed and the clouds cleared for the start of the run in Talbot reserve. The route more or less circumvented the park with the Hare making sure that large quantities of sand underfoot were encountered. After a quick 20 minutes of flower viewing the drink stop was reached. The hare, Sheepshunter, was dishing out German Beer; alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Did this have anything to do with the German election being held that Sunday? Methinks all those who went for the non-alcoholic beer should have been relegated to an East German prison camp for their sins. It soon became obvious that the FRB’s led us astray and missed a portion of the run which meant that after the drink stop we headed out again to do the missing bits; well some of us did….where were you GPS? The circle was well placed adjacent to the heavy traffic on Talbot road. Welcome backs to the Tickhead family who were getting too much sunshine in Karratha and were in need of a dose of Perth winter weather. New runner Jessica promised to return next week. There were, some other charges, a birthday cake and plenty of Aussie beer to wash it down. On On till next week in Darlington….


  1. Merah

The Jacobite Uprising !

The Jacobite Uprising !
After a little bit of a mix up, we congregated at the lovely Jacoby park to listen to run instructions from the joint Hares. As the runners set off, walkers were instructed that there was a significant hill which may be a challenge for some, so an alternative route was offered. There was a parting of the ways but it seems that the *hill* turned out to be quite reasonable and was not too much of an uprising ! We could not hear the runners horn as it in a desperate disrepair …it could be terminal …Any spare horns out there ? Apparently it is not easily fixable.
Back at the circle that was short and sweet with the run getting a thumbs up, there were the usual suspects getting charges and down downs.
We were delighted to see Nosh arriving so went to enjoy a scrumptious curry ….a variety even … Thanks to the Red family as usual.
Till next time …
On – On
Pink Bits x

Run #1830

Twenty nine hashmen and harriettes squeezed their cars into the intersection of Park road and Great Eastern highway opposite Bilgoman pool for a romp in John Forrest National Park. The park ranger promptly closed the park gates at 4 pm so what were we waiting for to start the run? Dripper?? The walkers proceeded along a nice bush trail with abundant purple flowers to view. The trail ended at the viewpoint of the Perth skyline on Park road. Runners followed a more circuitous route. A long stretch down through trail-less bush coming out on a firebreak road that wound its way up over a hill an eventually down to the old railroad at the entrance to the tunnel. A flat stretch along the old railroad then a grueling uphill slog back to Park road and an easy On In to the drink coolers.  Notable welcome backs were the Marsot family. Don’t wait so long till your next return! Short cutting special of the night went to Shagged Out who was shagged out after the first hill. On On till next week…..P. Merah

How To Lose Your Father In One Easy Lesson !

Fathers Day turn-out was really good and we all found our way to the Red Hill location which had a gorgeous view over the city …… Ahh ! but … that is where we can stop musing on pleasantries and get back to the business of Hashing

So, arriving fashionably late as usual, the GM only just made it for the start. We were given run instructions by Skippy, who had obviously done his homework and set a bush trek !

Well, what a great run this was … well at least the walkers were very pleased with the interesting flowering bush. It was a real treat. The runners went off into the blue and, although we did not see them, the Horn was blowing at regular times. There was a drink stop so, we were anticipating it for quite some time, instead we kept coming across very *secret* campers (bit like Picnic at Hanging Rock….spooky cos there was no-one there …..keep that thought !) as we came out into grassy glades.

Eventually, after much tramping, we emerged into a lovely glade, made lovlier by the warming beverage enjoyed by all. Just couldn’t quite figure out what was amiss but among the mirth someone’s Dad was missing ??? Well you do have another parent so … not too bad … * HOWEVER*  could this mean that the said person may have been SHORTCUTTING ?   (and got lost)    Tee Hee !

After a short run back to the start we were relieved (maybe) to see the Dad, who was making all sorts of excuses as to his disappearance ! Think back to the *Picnic at Hanging Rock* and insert that spooky ooo ooo oo oo ooo oo music ! (Oh just imagine it then …)

Alls well that ends well so ….. the GM was fined big time for assuming some sort of *royal*  priviledge by arriving whenever. This incurred the wrath of the RA and the “Bucket of Shame” was used ….. The errant Dad was fined for being lost & son of Dad fined for managing to lose him (on Fathers Day !)  plus other fines that escape me at the moment.

Great run overall … with snacks and things at the finish

Till next time


On On

Pink Bits  x


Celebration To The Max ….or…..The Curious Incident of the Water In Face !

Magic moments folks …and this was one of them …

We celebrated a special !st birthday of baby Max who will now be known as * The Teflon Kid *  !

We assembled at the home of Skimpy and family with promises of bonfire, jolly boating, canoeing and swimming ! Not a great deal of these were EVER going to happen but the bonfire did & was good !

Anyway, we were given instructions by Free Beer (interpreting for Teflon Kid who was the offiicial Hare …) and some vague extra stuff from Skimpy …. HOWEVER, he ommitted quite a lot,  as many Hashers were not totally familiar with 4H signs ….  Hence the walkers were led on a completely random meander around the ‘burb …. with the promise of a drink stop …(what milk and cookies  …?) YES it did magically appear, and we had bubbly stuff and still brown nectar … YUM … Then it was back to the start which was an interesting walk with Skimpy waving arms around in relevant direction … (did I mention he kept going the wrong way most of the walk cos he *knew knot where he was* ….Groan)

Oh …and so it went but eventually runners and walkers were back and we had some nibblies and Birthday Cake !

Young Max got his name and had a lot of help from Mum in blowing out his candles ! (Of course the incident of having a cup of water thrown into his face will haunt him for a long time …!) Too much enthusiasm methinks …!

The runners were reasonably happy with the trail but walkers were not as it was erratically marked …What would you expect from a 1 year old crawling the whole trail ? …

After the circle we had a bit of a warm up round the bonfire before going home for a nice glass of milk and a nap !



P B xxx