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Another Christmas Party … ?

Yes well, Hills Hash love a party so on Christmas Eve, those who need to get a life,  got together for a run and shindig !
There weren’t many of us (boutique !) but it was scalding hot so we all hoped for a short trail. Some of us could not manage it, some strolled and some actually ran. Trail was well marked by P M, of course, and had everyone back fairly quickly. We had a few refreshing beverages and a good deal of friendship.
We even had a delicious meal of traditional Christmas Chilli-con-Carne, nice and spicy on this hot day ! Thanks P M for your hospitality ……
Happy New Year to everyone  ?  ?
Pink Bits x x x

Parties, Movies, Everything ….. !

Parties, Movies, Everything ….. !

Let it rain, Let it rain, Let it rain ?   ? ?  ? was definately the theme of the day. So, only a small brave bunch of Hashers fronted up for our grand Christmas Party. This was to be a celebration of Hashing, feasting and movie-going. The ever vigilant R A ?  (had been doing her *Dance of 7 Raincoats* but sadly,  in the wrong order !  (put them ON not OFF)
Still, the run went very well with only a couple of showers to dampen down runners and walkers. As promised, it was a short trail so we were all back, quickly putting Plan B into place and not a moment too soon ! We scuttled over to a lovely sheltered spot close by and commenced the festivities. Not daunted by the ominous sky (oh.. look ! a bit of blue sky over there –> !) we got stuck into a feast of goodies with a warm glow (well there was not much else warm ….) of cameraderie. By now, there were a few Hashers who had called it quits and the pack was dwindling down to a mere 7 (similar to the 7 raincoats DOSH !?) It was with a heavy heart we had to speak with the movie man and state the obvious …. there were not many who wanted to sit through the movie in the rain/storm/hurricane winds (except the R A, still defiant at the weather ….)
So, as the shelter resembled Noah’s Ark with the water rising alarmingly and surrounding us, we packed up our bats and balls and went home ! We were fully fed-up and replete …it had been good …. we was happy (hic)
On – On
Pink Bits xxxxx  ?

Train-ing Excercise …….

So, huddling closely in tiny carpark and surround, we managed to accommodate quite a decent group for this week’s run.
The Hare’s, Skippy and Pink Bits, indicated that there were many, many hills in this part of Hazelmere and that we needed to take heed of cars, buses and trains. Both runners and walkers set off in the same direction ( however, not to meet again till the drink stop !)
It was a hot day and therefore the run/walk was long (obviously) and had a few nearly expiring but everyone got to the drink stop for a few refreshing beverages and sweeties.
It cannot be said that everyone got back at the same time as, (sigh) Team Leapfrog had a bit of a loose-lip problem and  *EVENTUALLY*  (keep that word in mind !) came from the wrong direction.
In the circle, ther were some fines from the stand-in RA but thankfully not too many. Once the formalities were over, we had a bit of a wait for the fish n’chip supper but, lets face it, it did  EVENTUALLY arrive in vast quantities and no-one went home hungry. In fact, there were chip parcels avaiable for OXFAM if required, and I think they are still in transit !
Can’t win ’em all ! ?
On – On

Another Boutique (with Gourmet Overtones) Run …..

A select group of keen Hashers congregated ouside a well known establishment in Chidlow to partake of a ramble/scramble in the back-blocks ! Hare’s Dripper and Pink Bits were worried that it would be a very hot day so went early to set the moderate length  trails. As it turned out, it was overcast and not that hot after all.
Both the run and walk were not too long or arduous so we had everyone back in under an hour. The drink stop was at the end and was refreshing.
In the circle, the RA could not think of any charges so it was left up to the pack to suggest a few…. Nothing too significant as we were looking forward to a BBQ. Once the barbie was hot we cooked and cooked and ate and ate.
Twas good … and very gourmet ……. !
On – On
Pink Bits xxx