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ANTZ in Your Pantzs …. or …. She ‘Aint Heavy, … She’s My Daughter …..

It was HOT … the weather was hot, the day was hot, the teeny bit of shade was hot and the ants were aplenty ! It was a spectacular view though !
We assembled at the start and did the *Watusi* and other stamping dances while waiting for the GM & RA who had some * sparking*  issues.
When they arrived, the Hare (P M) gave us instructions, said there was a drink stop and warned that if we thought the ants were bad now, wait till we were on trail. HE WAS SO RIGHT ! They were big, so  B I G  and many ….MANY MANY …all over the place so you could not help but keep moving. As the heat was still intense at this time of day, walkers were dousing themselves with water and turning funny shades of red. The trail went up and up (gently – said the Hare) mostly without shade …but the views were good ! We loved the views … they were everywhere …just like the ants so not time to stop and admire !
Miraculously, the drink stop appeared and it was on a rock …. NOT covered with ants so the walkers sojourned a bit, mostly to drop the heart rates …no sign of runners but then rumours start to go round as to who was lost, who was lost with whom, and such. All was well though (no-one was lost …) … the runners did arrive in dribs and drabs, and sucked on the last drop of water & other fluids …
Then a mere 25 kilometres later, (a bit of an exaggeration …) we were at the end and back to the splendid view !
As most Hashers arrived back the decision was made to not remain in that area for Nosh but to travel a mere short distance to a lovely grassy area with a lake and playground for the littlies …. joy – bliss !!! no ants …….  so we could eat in comfort.
The circle called (it was getting late due to late start and all the late arrivals) the Hare quite rightly got super fined for the ANTS but commended on the splendour of the run. The RA was fined for the battery* sparky* issue, there were fines for talking, being a long time no-see, for gardening on the run (!) and, most impressively, for picking up a lady driver for a lift (You scoundrel Maddona !)
Then we ate and enjoyed the cooling breezes …… Did I mention it had been very hot …!
Thanks to chef Red Dwarf ……
Pink Bits x x x

Decadent Desserts At Birthday Bash ! or Won’t You Come Home Bill Bailey

Stop Press …… it was THE event of this year !
Ominous clouds of smoke were up in the sky due to a serious bush fire in the area, but it would not stop the Hash run going ahead. We were celebrating Leapfrog’s Birthday so, as usual, it would be a ‘Just Desserts’ theme.
The Hares promised a short run, with trails for both runners and walkers. They lived up to their promises and the trails were very well marked. We meandered around local reserves (sometimes being harassed by L A R G E  dogs ! …. or was it their owners … ?) and leafy back streets. There are no hills in the hills …..
There were a few spatters of rain but nothing could dampen our enthusiasm as we returned to the start. The circle called, we had good remarks about the run and trail (a few disgruntled runners complained a bit but were soon shot ….. shot down I meant !)
Then after some charges and amazing down – downs of G I A N T marshies and Bill’s ….. 🙂 we got on with the feasting and celebrating with a H U G E sugar overload that had Hashers going home climbing walls ! Just like kids ……..
On – On
Pink Bits x x x

NOT LOST & ON TRAIL …SO THERE ! (or Don’t Lose The RA’s Child :(

Great afternoon to have a run … a goodly group descended on Kalamunda with weather warm. The Hare’s Wacuda & DOSH had slaved setting a great run (but not too long ? ? ? ) and were excited to mention there was a drink stop !
Setting off, we were soon seeing the back end of the runners so they must have been very nimble. The trail was in shade for the greater part of the run so very nice indeed. Coming up the rear, yours truly accompanied a young Spot – On, were  directed to an alternative path that took up the trail of multitudinous W’s. Great we thought, but probably missed the drink stop. Never mind, we will get some refreshments back at the start …. All this time we were not aware that the RA was somewhat frantically searching for us as we had not appeared at the DS. Next, all the fit and healthy runners (and there were one or two …) were mobilised to send out a search party. Phone calls were made (had mine on silent ! Hmmm …..) until we appeared at the start somewhat bemused by all the fuss We had had an adventure that was not a worry to us ….. and NO we did not hear  the Hash Horn.
Parent and child re-united, the stress diffused, we had a lovely circle that had numerous down – downs and charges but they escape me ! (obviously I got one !)
Exhausted  ….. .On – On
Pink Bits xxx

New Year’s Eve News Flash

A select group of hashers gathered on New Year’s Eve at Helena Valley Rd. to draw a line through 2017. The Hare, Teflon Toddler, was apparently enjoying an afternoon nap which required Dripper to sail forth and set a trail with the help Skimpy. No sure what help he was as later on during the run he had no idea where the trail went. We were obliged to follow white micro-dots of flour placed on white sand through the bushland of Cedar Woods new property development. As you can imagine it was slow going! All made it back safe and sound and thirsty for some New Year’s Eve refreshments. We welcomed a new family of runners and walkers Andy & Oliver, Nerrida & Saffron from Parkerville and hope they will return soon. There was a welcome back for Biggus Dickus and Hawkeye from Pattaya. Rock Bottom & Crusher were charged for drinking their own champagne instead of hash piss. A fitting end to year 2017 and hopefully everyone’s New Year resolution is to run more Hills Hash Runs and set more vigorous trails.

On On  P. Merah