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Hills Hashers Cause A Stir In The Neighbourhood ……. !

As we had the usual Valentine’s Day (linger longer ….)  lingerie run, the brave Hare GPS, had a great venue with maximum exposure (Ha ! Ha !) for the world to see the madness we get up to on these runs.
It was a very well marked run/ walk !
Mostly a good walk – there and back but … (as in Fawlty Towers) – done in two very different ways ! …. DOWN the road on one side and UP the road on the other side ! Ingenious of the Hare to think of that … ?
Of course there was a delectable drink stop with all the trappings of cocktail potential and pink beer … Yes … * PINK*  beer cos it was a Valentine’s Day moment …
To be honest the boys went all out to be GORGEOUS and of course caused quite a stir on the trail, … some passersby having to take a second look and some having to truly support the boys in frocks (so to speak) I am nearly in tears thinking how we may have helped some guys to just be themselves …. but digressing …
The whole pack got back in tact !! (Har … Har) and we had a great circle ending with a prize for best dressed Harriette and Harrier ! Those see-through flares were just amazing and the sexy looking gals were super …. Well done …
On – On
Pink Bits x x x

The Run That Launched A Thousand Slips !

Well, young Skippy did splendid job setting this run. As it was in Darlington, we knew there were no hills or GRAVEL ! True to form, he set the runners off on a merry dance with the AMAZING incentive of not one but TWO drink stops ! – Not so lucky for the walkers – only one !
An early bit of advice (from the Hare) helped the blind lead the lame on a shortish-cut ( of all of 5 minutes … well I ask you … ?) Slipping and sliding was still the order of the day … mostly down hill for ages. We heard the horn a bit here and there (mostly way over there) and eventually arrived at drink stop number 1 with MAGNIFICENT views.  We really needed the refreshments as it was a hot day. Revived and refreshed, we sped on to the finish but where there is a downward spiral … there is an upward trudge … and trudge it was … up, up, and away ! The trail was soooo narrow on occasion, you’d think it was a roo trail !
Back at the start, we waited a while for the runners  (apparently, the second drink stop was worth it …. !) So,  the circle was called and all parties who had short-cutted, fallen over, skidded and slipped were duly fined. The Hare won accolades for a good run (Doh…  !) & Pink Bits was awarded a foot for 400 runs (really … get a life !) another great Hills Hash Run bites the dust …..
On – On
Pink Bits x x x

G’Day from Glen Forrest!

A fine day it was to be running from Glen Forrest, probably Hills Hash most popular location at Morgan John Morgan park. Run number 1850 (getting up there in numbers aren’t we!) The hares led us an a medley of old and new streets, trails and back alleys culminating in a drink stop under the watchful eyes of a few fenced in guard dogs. Back to the start to enjoy some cold beer accompanied with a birthday cake (Dripper at 58?). The circle welcomed new runner Suesara along  with a few On Down’s for accomplishments and misdemeanors.  On On to a BBQ


Till next week

P. Merah