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The Two ridges of Piesse Brook with a wet dream ending

After a weekend of rain and the possibility of a weather window brought out the Hash crowd raring to have a go at a virgin Hare’s run; Self Naming Bastard (with a little help from his friend) did not disappoint. It was On Out and On Up and Up and Up but only gently at first. Eventually we got high  enough on the ridge for the wind to add a wind chill factor for the FRB’s  who definitely found a few checks. Down, Down, Down into the valley to a nice drink stop at the bridge over Piesse Brook. For those who were foolish enough not to take the short cut home, on the road, it was On Up and Up and then steep Up to a view of Piesse brook from the opposite ridge. Finally back at the start for a well earned beer. The RA mysteriously disappeared, obviously to a private raindance which sent a downpour to cool off the hashers. The rain stopped in time for the circle which was notable for a few On Downs to reward Scarlet Runabee for 300 runs, someone had new shoes and of course the hare for getting lost at his own check. On On till next week…..P. Merah

Total Disappointment But Not That Bad !

Well, the Hills Hash House Harriers were really disappointed as there was no rain (as is usual …) on the Canning Vale run !
However, we had a lovely turn out which included a few Freo friends and other hangers-on ! We were really happy with the weather as it was glorious !
We were not so happy with the run instructions though … there were various chalk-talk descriptions that were vague or  … really vague but nevertheless, we were instructed to watch out for    ->   or    W    or other stuff and sent on our way ! Remember, this is Canning Vale and not many Hills folk had EVER seen the terrain without rain ! It is also FLAT, so flat that we were in awe of the ease of the run. !
Runners were gone for a long time … walkers not so bad … still it was good !
Back in the circle, with no losses, we had to have a stand-in RA, (again !) & young Skippy managed to don the brown garb and perform his duty ! (horn n’all)  No many real down-downs but a single VIRGIN (Immobilise Her … from Freo) and a few visitors and LONG-TIME NO-SEES ! Oh ! and a Burpday Cellerbration for Lady GaGa !  X
After the formalities, we had a smashing meal of chilli stuff that was delish ! Thanks …. Yummy … Yummy !
Pink Bits x x x

PM’s Poll Much Better Than PM’s Poll !

My goodness, after 30 bad results, (PM of OZ, I mean) he was totally out done by our very own PM. The general consensus was that albeit a long run of over 7 km’s the run was excellent. As was the walk, with a few ups and downs but nothing too drastic … as is usual … !
Gosh, such good comments had me wishing I had gone for the normal walk instead of the Leapfrog doggie trail (due to Nat. Park)
Still, as the first 4 pm start for the year, amazingly no-one forgot, we had a good turnout and no losses. We are on a roll !
The circle was short and sweet with a birthday celebration (Spitfire … 🙂 but no cake … 🙁
Otherwise …
Pink Bits x

Skippy’s Skippyfull Skillfull Skirmish !

In view of it being Easter Sunday, most Hashers donned their bunny ears to celebrate the day. Those who didn’t, had many options from Leapfrogs bargain bag ! (Best bring your own …)  We had the obligatory *photo-shoot* and once satisfying Leapfrog we got our run instructions.
Young Skippy informed us that he had set a great shortish trail (minus drink stop, which was to be held back at the circle …)
We all headed off in the same direction, runners jumped off like the wind, walkers hopped a little more sedately …
We crossed over into some most pleasant bushland that was just great to walk in … It was fairly flat and the day had been gorgeous. No real dramas to report on trail, just great !
Back in the circle we complemented ourselves on not having lost anyone, no bloodletting and managing to see some roos as a bonus.
The RA was quick with her sharp tongue to inflict lashings to the talkers (of which there were many …) but, due to the tasty down-downs provided by Mr Bailey we were not surprised ! It was a real treat ….
After the circle, we had a BBQ and socialised as the sun went down.
REMEMBER *** 4PM *** starts from now on …
Next week NO DOGS as we will be in National Park.
Pink Bits x x x