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Rain Stopped Play ….. !

Well, not exactly but it was a ferocious weather day and P M Had some significant challenges all day whilst (good old fashioned word … !) setting the run, Lets face it, when you go to the effort of setting a run and the rain wrecks your work,  it is a bit annoying. Still, with cheerful snigger, PM set the pack off in various directions, assuring all that it was a short run. Yeah ……. right ……. It is PM we are talking about !
Walkers went up a GENTLE slope, while runners JUST WENT UP A BIG BLOODY HILL ….. didn’t they Franger ? No drink stop and 40 minutes later we were all back (or so we thought ….. )
A message from the Safety Committee : PLEEZE contact someone (usually Pink Bits … self appointed Health and Safety Occifer) then we knows – you is safe an all that ! Taking photos of fab fluffy ferns is OK but  …. lets have a call to alert us of your quirks !
Needless to say, (but I will)  everyone was back in the normal 24 hours (!) and it was a great run, despite the hurdles.
Also, added bonus, was Light My Fire’s great Hash Nosh – Thai Green curry and Pink Bits version of Birthday cake (chocolates)
On – On
P B x

A Very Hashy Breakfast !

In a departure from the usual Hash run, we met at the Weir Rose Garden for a breakfast eggstravaganza ! Slightly dazed and confused, as it was morning, the usual suspects assembled in raincoats and all manner of wet weather gear as it was, lets say, damp, wet & windy as heck !
In a brief moment of sunshine (*its picking up*  says Leapfrog !?) we were given run instructions.  Of course the trail had been well and truly washed away but being the confident Hare’s that they are, Leapfrog/Passiona  set us off …..Go that way >>>>>>>>> sort of ……..
So the runners, grimacing as it started to drizzle, set of at the usual cracking pace (run fast in rain = less wet)  while walkers tramped up the slight hill and disappeared !
Meanwhile, the grand breakfast preparations were going full steam ahead…. well when I say full steam, I mean half steam as only one of the BBQ plates were working. Drat ! …… Then the invasion of the body(bun) snatchers…..oops I mean …magpies, parrots and ravens began in earnest ! Keeping them away was a full time job. Jousting with umbrellas worked for a while …
When the pack returned, we decided to have a progressive breakfast, moving from one set of BBQ’s to another. This in itself was quite hazardous (Hashing is dangerous !) as Passiona would confirm .. bun in beak of maggie ! It was a funny moment … seriously !
We decided to hold over the circle & charges till next week even though the illustrious RA had returned from her secret RA business. Too cold/damp/wet
No-one went home hungry at least ! There was even hot coffee …..
On – On
Pink Bits x

The Messing of the Dogs …….

Hashers were congregating on Darlington Oval’s “doggie paradise” patch. The weather was good, the company was jovial and the dogs were ….everywhere !
The hares, Trainwreck & Shagged Out, went to a lot of trouble to make sure we would be entertained and could follow a well marked trail.
Runners and walkers set off in opposite directions and soon enjoyed a bush track with wildflowers aplenty. Being in D’ton, we were soon aware that there were a few hills (?) but nothing too complicated for walkers at least ! It is getting a little warmer so those uphill treks are starting to bring on a light sweat but what about the flies … they were about in force (was it something to do with the dogs ?) and sticky.
Back at the start (walkers came back first) some of us investigated the *doggie memorial*  stump across the oval. Ahhh !
Once the runners staggered back on wobbly legs and had partaken of some refreshment, the circle was called and the charges flew thick and fast. As the RA is still absent (at a special retreat for RA’s …. nudge nudge … wink wink…) the stand-in, Dripper,  inflicted down-downs, some well deserved and some not so well deserved to all and sundry (what about those pesky other dogs I say …. charge their owners for too much fun …)
All in all, it was a great run with care and attention to detail. Just missing a drink stop ….
On – On
Pink Bits  x

The Unimaginably Non-Confusing and Potentially Almost Run !

To start with, this was Skimpy’s run and he was only a Co-Hare as other valiant Hashers stepped in to *normalise* the trail.
We gathered just down the road from the abode of the Skipsters and soon found we were many. (not everyone gets nervous when Skimpy is Hare)
Instructions, (Oh Heavens above …) were actually from the trail setters so we had a decent idea of where we were going and what sort of trail to look for, as opposed the windmill arm actions of Skimpy !
Runners and walkers set off in opposite directions but into some delightful bush complete with wildflowers and BIG roos (one flashed across our walk and was almost chased by a few Hash dogs !) It was a great walk but, so I heard, not so fantastic a run … a bit of a shemozzle to be exact with false trails being false and checks being circles …..
Meanwhile we all met at the drink stop, which was a moving feast, stopping  like an ice-cream van … whenever you waved.
Most of the pack followed the runners back so there was a log crossing and some obstacles, but we all ended up back at the start with no losses.
Once the circle was called,  the charges were thick and fast for the Hares, moving on to Virgin Runner (welcome … both of you !) long time no-sees and returnees. It was a lot of work for the Monk who had to charge himself at one point as did Trainwreck, who was just missing out !
Great day followed by a beacon lit to alert low flying aircraft that could have almost melted the fuselage. Certainly warmed the cockles of the Hashers who stood too close.
P. B. x

Every Which Way …… ? (with 2 drink stops !)

This was a seriously beautiful day to have our first ever run in Whiteman Park that encompassed some lovely scenery and bushland.
OK … it was a bit flat (but so are Guildford runs  … ?) but it was very pleasant.
Hares Dripper & Pink Bits gave a few instructions (like to mind out for trains, trams, wayward Kubota’s, cattle, wildlife and water … lots of water !)
Runners and walkers set off in opposite directions … walkers were following blue poles (the Jackson Pollock walk ?) and runners went off in some random circling direction virtually covering a lot of the park. A few false trails fooled a few (Ha Ha) but not to confusing.
All the pack miraculously combined, at the same time, at the great LOOKOUT high up (just so we could say there was a climb …) overlooking the swamp with bird life. This was also the first drink stop with a tablecloth and fancy cocktail glasses ……
Then on to the bird hide just a few metres ahead for a *bird eye view* over the swamp (and strategically positioned ducks ….well done Pink Bits )
Here was drink stop 2 (without tablecloth or cocktail glasses ….)
We all got back within the hour so there were nibblies and a quick circle. As the RA was absent, the stand-in RA (Dripper) had to fine himself for the run which by all accounts was good. Otherwise a few charges were doled out and we departed the park well before the closing time.
Whiteman Park Wonderful……
Pink Bits  x