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BEST {left} ….. Run Report 1

Stunning, amazing, spectacular, outstanding, award-winning & classy are NOT words to describe this run ….. However, memorable is a good word… ! What was the Hare thinking ? That a rogaining/orienteering run was appropriate for Hashers ??? Don’t think so … neither did most of the pack …
However, we still enjoyed a splendid walk/run (albeit under difficult circumstances) As one Hasher put it ….”The sparse amount of flour must have been due to someone baking a cake instead …! (Can I also add …too many cooks ….?)
Runners found that they all returned to the start from different directions as the trail was intermittently marked & confusing … Walkers just made it up and came back anyway … On a positive note … there was a drink stop ….
The stand-in, stand-in GM, Passiona (him of many years experience as a Hasher)  lost complete control in the circle which was funny to see … and the stand-in RA … GPS (now there is a good story to tell … keep reading !) tried to find some unwary Hashers to charge but had to resort to charges from the circle, and as they were far and few, just gave up ! There was a birthday celebration ( so a cake HAD been baked …) then another reasonable rendition of the club song rounded off the run.
Run Report Part 2 …..
After nearly everyone left, GPS (bless him … he was sooooo disappointed …) realised he had MISLAID his car keys ! I use the word “mislaid” loosely as he admitted to having put them under a rock …. are you cracking up now … we were ! (cracking … get it … rock ! Oh ! Dear )
We spent quite some time searching for the said keys (and relevant rock …) and,  after the SAS, SES, Mounted Police, RAC Helicopter and other Search and Rescue Teams had been summoned, (read – Free Beer ) the keys were found in a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT location to where he thought they would be ……
THIS WILL BE A SIGNIFICANT CHARGE NEXT WEEK …. Almost a highlight of the year …
This cannot be discounted or forgotten !
Still laughing …
Pink Bits xxx

The Very Important Run – Pack On Heat …

In view of criticism, I will refrain from mentioning anything about the ACTUAL  Run number of this “special” run … which was special … Fortunately, Dripper had his 666 moment and Passiona had his 1500 (show off – get a life) run.
The Hare (bless them – xxx) informed us that the walkers trail was reasonably short as it was 40+ degrees and they felt a short walk was the reasonable thing to do ……. HOWEVER, no such promise was provided to the runners … No …..No …. (see later)
I must say the walk was beautifully marked and you could not possibly get lost at all … but the clever Hares had made it quite circuitous with many twirls and roundabouts just to get to the drink stop – The drink stop was very, very welcome as the heat had got to most of us – we were almost delirious ….
It was just a short return for the walkers back to the start … but a bit of a wait before the runners materialised from the trail …Yes, they had a good 6.5 km’s to run and came back for the first time EVER craving WATER …H2O .. before any other beverage ! Even they were shocked (told you …delirious …)
Charges were thrown about in the circle for all sorts of reasons including a few lame ducks and short cutters. All special awardee’s were presented with various memento’s and awards. Mainly it was too hot to bother to keep up the charges so we ended with a ripper version of the song (no … I lie) and then we descended on to the Hare’s property to party and celebrate the special occasion – BBQ & lovely salads at the ready – we ate and drank in true Hash style.
Pink Bits xxx   ?

The Curious Case of PM’s FLAT ANT Run !

It is not often that PM sets a flat run so that was a change but in keeping with past history, we had ANTS ….. lots of them  !
We assembled in Guildford, near the Lilac Hill cricket ground where it was clear we needed to move on quickly …ants….
The Hare pointed off into the distance and sent the runners off, followed by the walkers who strolled past the river, took photos of ducks and other aquatic birds, and generally circumnavigated a giant paddock whilst avoiding ants !
We eventually stumbled on the drink stop (with not too many ants) and refreshed a bit. The runners were no-where to be seen, just occasionally heard, so we left some splash for them to enjoy.
Nearly back at the start, a few of us did not take note of the BIG W that encouraged us to continue for another 50 mtrs or so and cross back into the car park in a dignified way …… Oh no … a select few chose (with a level of difficulty !) to climb over the large gate. A stunned PM said that was silly had we followed trail (FAIL) we would have been fine.
In the circle, there was some mention of the competition (wipe my mouth out with soap !) between Sheep Shunter’s run and PM’s but the runners could not really decide …other than both were LONG – there were mutterings of 10km’s or thereabouts ….. I think the gauntlet has been laid down !
Charges by the RA were dished out along with charges from the circle, but it had been a great run and evening so nothing could spoil it !
Till next week and the SPECIAL reverse Run 1600, Drippers 666, Passionas’s big number (?) and a few Birthdays event !
Pink Bits x

Carrying On In Karragullen

Was this a great run or what ???  We had shade (nearly all the way..)
We had not many hills
( well, if the runners did, there was not a lot of mention …)
The drink stop was sensational… ! ?
The venue was lovely … ?
The company was amazing … 35 Hashers came to the run … come on … to a Hills run a L O N G  way from HOME … well done folks … !
We had a few virgins and visitors in the circle … some have gone now so we can talk about them … Hee … Hee ! VIVA BRAZIL   !!!
Charges in the circle by the RA were very unfair ( I mean, fancy charging someone for mistaking VODKA for GIN … by accident ? )
Still, in the scheme of things, this was a grand day out and worthy of a   nomination of *Run of the Year* …  ( steady on … its just a thort !)
On-On to the next stagger of the year !
Pink Bitsy … Hic … xxx

Sheep Shunter Shepherded Us Successfully !

Meeting on the banks of the river on the posh polo ground in Guildford, we were quite a large pack for a holiday weekend ….. As the New Year approaches but still full from Christmas over-eating, the pack was keen to get off and lose a few kilos. The Hare’s instructions were quick and concise, with a drink stop  ….runners and walkers took off in slightly opposite directions.
The trail was (apparently) marked with chalk, flour & loo roll ???
The walk was a delight to traverse vast expanses of grassland on the edge of the river with NO HILLS (for a change), following great trail marking. The horn could be heard every now and then, so we knew the runners were not too far away. The Hare was always around, gathering up any stragglers … woof !
Arriving at the drink stop, we were welcomed with some celebratory bubbly and then on-on back to the polo ground past some of the best houses in Guildford.  (Wonder if its worth seeing if any for sale ?)
Once everyone arrived back, we formed a large circle & welcomed some virgins, long-time no-see’s and visitors. The Hare was charged for lack of loo paper (or at least only visible on hands and knees (not going there … what was he thinking ?)The RA was absent so we had GPS as the very capable stand in (although he was a bit disappointed that Franga was not present so he could charge him …… however the pack said … NO … DO IT … so…  2 very obliging Hashers with similar chrome domes took the down-down on his behalf) Otherwise not too many charges, more accolades – the ones who had attended the Combined Hash in Crawley AND sang the club song, again lead in the singing !  We are getting the hang of it !
See you next year
On-On to 2019
Pink Bits x