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Franger’s Fabulous Fancy *Feet* … !

The Hare was quite stressed before  the run as he was trying to work out how to satisfy runners and walkers with a drink stop. Alas, as he is but one man (yes – really …) and there were 2 distinct trails, it was a big ask.
Nevertheless, after his chalk talk (man of few words) he was seen carrying a jolly heavy (he ‘aint heavy, he’s my drink stop !) back-pack to cater to all. I actually feel he was just wanting to carry a heavy pack for training purposes.
So we all set off in the same direction, but with a bit of directing, the Hare managed to give the walkers an official short-cut whilst the runners did their first 3 Km loop !
This set the scene for the run and as the runners ran off into the distance, the walkers promenaded around and over a lovely creek with a few crossing challenges, but oh ! … so shady and pleasant. Did I say L O N G … ? …well it was longish.
Eventually, walkers regrouped at the start (with splash keys, I might add) Good job we could get refreshments as it was a L  O  N  G  E  R wait for runners. Quite a while after we had returned, the first of the runners came in to view .. Is that you PM ? Not normally a front running B … but he had given up … Then slowly the rest of the pack came back, a little puffed but nevertheless, satisfied by the gallant Hare ! It had been a good 8 Km run and rated as great by most !
Once again the drink -stop controversy came up with Franger saying he waited for the walkers but had to go on to catch up with runners (some favouritism suspected – he was charged) Then, he was charged again for having set the run with a view to the following day and his *Masters of the Universe – West Coast Hash* The cheek of it – well deserved charge we thought. A few other charges were awarded then the circle concluded, the song was sung & the splash flowed on a very pleasant evening.
We ended the night with a great Hash Nosh prepared by our super Light-My-Fire,with plenty of take-home meals as well.
On On
Pink Bits xxx

Out Of Africa … Or Beyond !

Delightful spot for a Hash run on a Sunday afternoon.We assembled in the lovely park/playground on the banks of the Swan. The Hare, Free Beer, was keen to get the pack off but warned us that her off-sider, Skimpy, may not remember where he was meant to set up the drink stop !
Still, we had a well marked trail that could have followed the river but, instead, meandered its way up the one hill in Woodbridge, through stubbly grass that left spiky bits in your socks, while making you sprain your ankles in the invisible ruts here and there ! The runners were having some trials and tribulations finding trail but the Hare kept a sharp lookout for them so she didn’t lose them.
Looking around, I was instantly reminded of the African landscape, expecting to come across a pride of lions, or a herd of antelopes majestically sweeping across the plains, but instead we came across Skimpy – (bitter disappointment) although this was at the drink stop ! (Yes … he found it !) Refreshing ourselves with juniper juice and a tonic, we headed back to the start, this time along the river. Very nice …
In the circle, we had charges administered by the RA for the usual sins but the Hare got an accolade for managing to set the run in a proper Hash manner, UNHINDERED by Skimpy !
It was a good end to the Hash run ….
P B x

By the way, just a reminder that it is the annual Valentine’s Day LINGERIE run this week and Franger is looking forward to it … Wear something alluring or Leapfrog will kit you out in some crazy number you may regret !

Sweet Treats = Hashers Bouncing Off the Ceilings !

A luscious bunch of Hashers descended on the Hare’s property armed with some amazing goodies ! There was quite a large group considering it has been hot, but the evening was perfect.
The SOLO Hare, Leapfrog, directed everyone to the On-On and so we set off, with the promise of a drink stop …
The trail was great, very well marked and runners and walkers were soon a fair distance from each other. We had plenty of shade on the run and suddenly came upon the designated drink stop. Welcoming us was the slack b*****d (Passiona) who had some minor injury/ailment/fever/delirium/runny nose …..
Anyway, after a couple of sips of sweet bubbly and juice, (& one measly beer) we were ready to keep going, back to the *overdose* of sweetness !
The circle was quite short as we were eyeing off the massed array of cakes, chocolates, flans, rocky road and even fruit covered Blue Cheese (Yum …) I cant remember if the charges really measured up as the RA had been on grandson-sitting duties so had to rely on here-say and gossip !?
We demolished the sweet treats in a nanosecond but it seemed to have been a popular *Just Desserts* run … again ….. (no-one was sick )
P B x