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Short On Trail ……

A good pack gathered at the venue, somewhat swamped by the trail bike riders also gathered at the same spot ! This was the Easter weekend so to be expected !
The Hare set the pack off and soon had runners scratching heads due to minimal trail (scarcity of flour at the shops or Easter baking requirements ?)
Walkers enjoyed a shady bush saunter …
All returned safely ….
Charges in circle were minimal and the RA is off yet again to discuss matters with druids around the world … A stand-in has been chosen …
The BIG event was the birthday of the GM …. always a cake event and this was a stunning Rocky Road creation ! (Thanks Mum !)
GM got his new car covered in tape words (as opposed to tape worms …) embarrassing – (thanks Mum ???)
On – On
Pink Bits x

North, South, East, West – Which Way Is The Best ?

The pack assembled at the lovely playground in the new Bushmead development, complete with balloons left by a group of party animals.The Hare, Free Beer, was missing as she had to re-set the trail due to some precipitation that had washed the flour away ! She had set it the day before but the heavens opened up and rained on her parade !
Nevertheless, she left good instructions with Skimpy (and Pink Bits) to send everyone off in a North-Easterly direction. WELL, ….. GPS (living up to his name) was hopelessly going the wrong way as was the rest of the pack ….blindly going in an … err … um …. other direction ??? Hands up – who can tell the points of a compass ….. Not our lot it seems ….. ! It did rain on the run but not too much and it was very pleasant meandering on level, wide paths recently constructed by the developers. Looks like its a place well worth revisiting.
Still, everyone ran or walked in the opposite direction to what had been planned but somehow managed to get back to the start.
Of course, in the circle, now that the RA was back, the there were many fines but particularly for Hashers going through DISPLAY HOMES ???? even though the trail did not point them in that direction ….
After we had sung the Hash song with gusto, we settled down to a tasty Hash Nosh feed. Thanks “Light My Fire”
Pink Bits x

The Bramble-iscious Run ! – or – What Time Does The 4pm Run Start ?

It was a small pack that gathered at the leafy car park. SNB and his off-sider Crusher, had set about giving arm waving instructions with runners and walkers on the same trail for a while, then splitting away. A drink stop was on the menu, so off we went. Most of the walkers found trail but some got a bit mixed up following false trails numerous times. This resulted in wild meanderings (with Leapfrog & no sense of direction !) and a late arrival at the drink stop …. but what an achievement to arrive virtually with the runners.
It seems that there was a special section of run designed deviously by the Hares just for Franga !The title says it all …..!
In the circle, Hash Splash was seriously charged straight off …what a stuff up … he was arriving for 5pm !
The RA has been in Melbourne doing some special communing with druids and other weirdo’s so her poor spouse got to hold court this week (again – he was not prepared ??? What is the RA teaching her lot ???)
We had nothing much else happening and the circle closed with a fine rendition of the club song !
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Pink Bits x

The Filthy, Dirty, Dusty Mile Run …

Well, that only actually applied to the arrival track ! Those who had recently spent good money having car washes, were shaking heads !
The Hare, Skippy, had us in the circle – quick smart – despite a few late arrivals. Runners and walkers started off in the same direction, soon veering apart. It was a lovely walk, with just the sound of birds twittering, Skimpy and Free Beer having a mini-domestic and the wind in the trees. Bliss …
All was well with the world except it was a down> down > down trail which meant up > up > up later, so a few walkers made a Hash executive decision and turned back. No sooner had they returned, than rest of the walkers & the runners turned up so, not an overly long run due to darkness coming in sooner ! (& no drink stop either ???)
In the circle, as the RA was again (???) absent without a note, SNB, being a relative, had the job foisted on him. He was mild mannered as he said it was a surprise and he wasn’t prepared (as if …) Skippy had to down-down for no drink stop, dreadful drive to venue and other stuff, all well deserved …
A visitor (new Hasher) Hubert was inducted into Hill Hash and, apparently, will come again !!!
On On
Pink Bits x